29 November 2017

HUGE MAKEUP HAUL (Pinoy Makeup Brands!)

Hey, dolls! So, today's video is SO EXCITING because I'm featuring ALL-NATURAL and CRUELTY-FREE makeup! Best part is, its so affordable and local! Yes ...

hey guys what's up my name is Jamie and

welcome back to my youtube channel so in today's video I'm going to show you guys the things that I got from the guilt box weekly fair I know a lot of you guys really really really enjoy haul videos and this is quite exciting because this is not only about guilt box but also about all natural products that are homegrown or made in the Philippines if you guys are interested to know more about vegan and cruelty-free makeup brands then I have a few recommendations for you so without further ado let's get started if you have been on my channel for a while you've probably seen one of my videos a few months back we're in a featured in guilt box so the minute that I entered this event I was actually given the chance to create my own guilt box that was kind of like a beauty buffet from their premium partner brands and you basically have to choose five sample sizes and you can also choose the design of your own box this is the box that I chose I chose it because of course I love the pink color there's blue there's yellow I'm not sure about the other one but I chose this because it's pink so she gets the inside I

mostly got benefit products so I have the 3d brow tones I think this is the regular size not just a mini and this is a mini size of the precisely my brow pencil I got two sample sizes of lip and cheek tint from benefit which is the benefit and then we have the new gogoat in the last item in the box is from VMV hyper allergenic switch is a hair and body milk shampoo I'm not sure how much this premium guilt box would cost I definitely get a lot more from what you actually pay for they always have ongoing promo so I think that it's a good idea to follow them on their facebook page or Instagram to stay updated every time that they have a promo there was a benefit booth there and they were actually offering free brow services for their customers for like the entire day but the line was so long that I don't even bother to go ahead and try it out so they just gave me these samples so they gave me the professional and then this the new concealer which is the boy boy if I'm not mistaken okay so now we are going to move on to the good stuff which is all the locally made products let me just start by saying that I am so

honestly so impressed with all these brands because they did a lot of work they did a lot of research not just with making the products itself but also to do their market thing to do their logo and I really liked their PR approach to bloggers a lot of them are so generous and they really could not thank you enough for the samples that they gave me for free and also a lot of them made me try a lot of their stuff so that was really really nice let's start off with a brand naked glory and I was actually so impressed with the backstory of this brand so I actually bought the spaceman because I really like this set and they were also giving free lipsticks with every purchase I think those are for their first 20 customers and I kinda came in early to the event so I was able to get that freebie but when they found out that I was a blogger and I was going to do a video about it or like a feature they also gave me some stuff to try and these are the full size of their products the first thing that they gave me for free is the makeup brush cleaner and the next is the beeswax candle so these two items I was actually eyeing them but it kind of doesn't fit my

budget on that day so thank you so much naked glory for giving this to me to try it out for free so when I was looking at the brush cleaner the owner of the brand that should be told me that she started it because she had some skin problems and she wanted to go all natural with the things that she used on her skin so I think that's a pretty good advocacy especially since our air is pretty polluted in Manila and we are pretty sensitive to that so a lot of people do have skin problems I occasionally have skin problems like maybe once or twice a year I do get very bad and dry skin and I develop rashes on my face so at that period of the year I kind of stay away from a lot of makeup products and skin care items which are not all natural or not really concentrated on all natural ingredients I think that that really stands out the most about this brand is that even though it is sealed like everything is sealed like you can smell it and it smells really good if you guys really know me for me scent is really everything I never really buy something that's stinky and normally with all natural products you compromise the scent or the look of

something just because you're using all-natural ingredients but for naked glory they were able to work with a scent and also the packaging and the look of the product so that's definitely an A plus let me just put everything back in the bag so at this point of the video if you guys have been wondering what is the color of my lipstick or what brand I'm using for my lips it's actually a brand called Hannah story this is also a locally made product and this is a brand that is pretty young I think they've been around for about a year or two years now and when I did some research about them their story is mostly in shop II but I think you can also order from their Instagram so I managed to purchase this lip and cheek paint which comes in a cushion light container and I really like the color of this you basically have to pump the product out of the cushion you saying the back part you click it like a pen and it will disperse on the sponge so far I've been liking this product because it has a really matte finish but it's not drying and it's very lightweight on the skin I also like it because unlike a lip and cheek tint it

doesn't really leave that gap or hole in inside your lips or maybe outside the color doesn't concentrate on the inside but it is evenly distributed I guess because of the consistency of the product itself and also because of the applicator a product like this would normally cost a lot like I think it would be pegged at around 400 to 500 pesos but I was surprised this was actually only 200 or 250 pesos the packaging is really cute guys I think this is a very competitive brand and also the product itself the quality pretty good so I'm excited to learn more about how the story and I actually hope that they release more kinds of makeup products a lot of their products are more focused on skincare but I'm hoping that they would venture more into makeup next item is from a brand called serene and this is a gift set that I got probably I would give it to books I probably give this to one of my friends because to be honest I bought quite a lot from this event and I don't want to keep it all to myself so I'm definitely gonna give some of this to one of my best friends or dude my mom or maybe my cousins I got this efface mess and they

like it it has a peppermint feel to it so it also smells really good and with a gift set they also have this peppermint lip balm so you have a peppermint spray for your face and a peppermint lip balm for your lips to give you that fresh feeling so if you have a friend who is stressed I think that this is the best gift to give to her the next product is a lip and cheek tint from the brand exceptional cosmetics lip and cheek beds are so on trend right now they're actually very easy to sell so I think what they compete the most with now is the packaging the color the consistency the pigment the end of flavor if they have flavor I haven't tried this yet but they did give me the sample for free this is in the shade seduction which is more on the red side the feature of this lip and cheek tint that I think differs from the others is that this has a moisturizer so it's not gonna leave your lips chapped or dry looking or pademelon Babolat Masha which happens to me all the time every time I use this kind of product I hope that this will really live up to its claims so I can't wait to try it next I got two samples from doom

essentials this is a hand sanitizer which is in lavender peppermint I tried it right away after coming from the event because of course when I'm at the event ice watch a lot of lipsticks and then it touched a lot of products so my hands can get really dirty what I like about this hand sanitizer is that it's not sticky at all it's very rare for me to enjoy using hands Dicers I actually choose alcohol more than hand sanitizer but this is an exception because it smells good the set is not annoying and I really like that it's not sticky at all they also made me choose a room spray and they got that in the scent bamboo I've tried this in my room and it smells so good the scent is so concentrated and using this compared to Febreze it just makes the scent disperse inside your room it's not entirely focused on one area which I really like so now I would polemic haul video next is a face Misun toner from VN cosmetics so they gave me the sample size to try out and feature in the vlog and I quite like it I like it it's very handy and I have actually use quite a bit of it

because I'm constantly on the go and sometimes I need a pick-me-up so this is what they use it has a very nice scent to it there's no sticky feeling when you spray it on your face the last product is actually quite cute because it's a coffee bean shaped soap and it doesn't just look like a coffee bean it actually smells like cappuccino they were selling these soaps from Bath Bruce they have few flavors which is Americana and cappuccino cappuccino one actually has some coffee grounds which is good for exfoliating and I really like how it smells I love coffee my blood is coffee so I will definitely enjoy this product I actually bought this as a gift but when I tried to smell it again when I got home so abandoned eco Apogee lon I think I'm gonna keep this and the very last product that I got is from ponds which is the firm and lift each miracle cream I got these sachets and they give it up for free if you take their skin best basically the skin test is like putting your face into this machine and they take pictures of your face and they scan it and they determine your skin age based on the wrinkles the acne and the

dryness of your skin I'm 27 years old but I'm so happy to say that my skin age is actually 24 so who rejoice toppled and then huh also I dropped by the Tresemme booth I don't have the shampoo now because I brought it down to my bathroom so my memory card is full so I had to replace it but anyway what I stopped with is the Tresemme booth so after the pons booth I went to the Tresemme booth and they gave me a sample size will not sample size they actually gave me a bottle of their newest product which is the damage repair a thing probably seen it a lot in the TV commercials basically it's their latest product I don't have it now so I can't show it on camera because it's already in my bathroom I really wanted to try it out so now puesto nasha done so that's it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope that you take the time to check out these local products I'll have your Instagram or Facebook page linked in the description box down below so definitely check them out and I think it's time for us to try and support locally made goods or homegrown brands the Philippines is definitely

getting a lot more competitive with that in terms of the quality and definitely the presentation or packaging so they are worth getting a shot I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel I try to upload videos every week and as always I will see you guys in the next video bye