13 March 2019

HUGE $200 ZAFUL TRY ON HAUL | Affordable Clothing

HUGE ZAFUL HAUL!!! Dresses, crop tops, skirts, bikinis and accessories! Grab your 8 Week Guide now - https://www.brittneywishart.com/ Come join our ...

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

so today I'm filming a very exciting video it is actually a duffle Tryon hole I love the company's Apple and they kindly reached out to me and send me a bunch of clothes to try out for you guys I did do a bikini hole a couple of months ago if you have or haven't seen that I will link it down below as well and up in the cards but I absolutely loved every bikini that they sent me so I'm super excited to try out their actual like clothing items as well it did actually get sent to me like a month ago but I've been so busy the past month starting my course and everything that I haven't actually had the chance to try these clothes so you may have seen me already wearing some of these stuff on Instagram but yeah I'm absolutely obsessed with everything I got so I'm very excited to show you guys also if you are new to my channel please don't forget to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe it down below to join our family and if you do want to see what I picked up from supple then just keep watching so I'm going to start off with the accessory items that I did pick up from it duffel I did get a makeup brush set this is so cute it's like rose gold

well maybe it's just gold out of dirt but I did pick up this brush set and I love them they're actually super super soft like ridiculously soft and I'm pretty sure this was like $12 maybe for the whole set so I definitely recommend picking this up if you're after some new eye brushes a couple of them are face brushes like the fan one to do highlight off this one does blush but most of them are mostly most of are mostly well most of them are eye brushes I am not filmed a youtube video and so long I forget how to film but I love these super soft super affordable and they look cute in your little makeup collection so definitely recommend picking up the brush set the next two accessories I got were actually belt stuff this belt which has a circular emblem on it I actually love the look of just like these belts because I feel like they make an outfit look casual but I also feel like it makes it look dressed up if that makes sense whatsoever and it honestly just kind of reminds me of like the Gucci looking about so I thought I'd pick this one up and then also picked up this little brown belt it's a lot thinner than a usual belt that I would wear but

I thought I would just get something different because I earned a couple of black belts but I don't actually earn any brown ones so I picked this one up I really like the detail on it it's just like a gold like snakeskin almost kind of looking emblem yeah I really like the look of these cute little ones I'm yet to wear this just because it is thinner I'm like what do I wear it with I think when I wear like a cute dress or something I could wear this around my waist but these are like five bucks each so you really can't go wrong with adding a new belt to your collection and the last thing I picked up before I get onto like the clothing items is another bikini and if I didn't already have enough south pole bikinis but I just picked up a plain but a plain black pant just standard bottoms I actually went on a family holiday with my New Zealand family when they come to visit and I really wanted a black like a standard bikini that didn't show too much skin the only thing I found with the others awful bikinis that I ordered we're all like more Brazilian looking style and I didn't really want to have my bubble display in front of my family so I did

buy the simple black pair but yeah we didn't end up actually going swimming so it didn't really matter but I do like to wear this to the beach sometimes if I want to cover up a little bit more and not show the world my bottom and now let's go down to the exciting clothes bit so the first thing that I'm absolutely loving is this top I wore it last night to an event actually and I'm just obsessed with it I think it looks so cute so I'm wearing tricky pants don't mind my bottoms but it's just like a halter neck it's all cinched and then the same with the bottom so it cinches up and I'll show you a little clip of me trying it on but it actually has an open back depending on how tight you actually make it but I absolutely just love this color like I don't own anything of this color I think it's so cute and it's that kind of material that I feel like you can dress it up but it's also chill if you want to wear it with like a pair of denim shorts or something but this is probably my favorite or maybe my second favorite thing that I bought from is Apple I love it so much so I did pick up this navy and white

striped off the shoulder a little cropped up I think this is so cute it just reminds me of like a sailor kind of outfit but this looks really cute with high-waisted denim shorts in my opinion anyway blue on blue yeah it's so cute and I'll show you guys the Tryon section of it I also really liked the ruffled sleeves and the ruffled neckline I just think it adds such a cute little touch to it and yeah I've been obsessed with it it's actually really nice material as well and then picked up this bright yellow off the shoulder basically the exact same thing but bright yellow I did not expect this to be as yellow as it was I thought it was like a mustardy color so I actually haven't worn this yet just because I don't know I just I feel like it'd be too flurry to wear out in about I don't want to be the center of attention now I have another off the shoulder and strapless crop top this one is so cute I just feel like he reminds me of like when I was like 10 years old and you just wear these like a little boob tube tops but this one looks super cute with denim shorts as well so I absolutely love this it has like a

ruffled top and a ruffled bottom I just love the color and a little like white polka dots they're not actually like polka dots so they're kind of like little splats and the little white buttons on the front I just love it I think it's so cute although when I do write in public I almost think that I was like 12 years old but that's okay I feel like I already look 12 years old so what can you do and then picked up another crop top if you can't tell I'm obsessed with little crops but it is summer so I feel like you can get away with wearing like a million different crops and just wearing the same like a couple of pairs of shorts so I would rather pick up little crop tops so this one's just like a little red tie around thing you can wear it loose or you can tie it like however your life by just put it in a little butter this material is very similar to the one of the blue Navy top it's just like the top you would get from cotton or something but it's really cute I love the color red all right let's go on to a cute little set so I picked up this like burnt orange crop top with a pair of shorts so it's got white stripes on it

and actually is white and black I'm not sure if the camera is picking up on it but it's not like full white blocks it's like white blocks with like black in the center so it doesn't look as like choppy if that makes sense but this is actually a really really comfortable set cinches at the waist and it also has a little tie around if you guys can see it'll be so much easier for me to just show you what it looks like but I just think it looks super cute like I really like it the top also has adjustable straps which is really nice if it's too big or too small for you you can adjust it and the back is a type of elastic material as well so I feel like it's gonna suit so I feel like it's gonna fit like a lot of different body types rather than just being like a standard top so yeah I do think that this is a really good buy if you're not short on sizes also because this one is elastic as well I feel like it could fit a lot of different body types so yeah everything like this so the next thing I picked up is this really cute green dress which I'm utterly obsessed with because I don't think I earn anything that's green and I just didn't think green would really be

like a color that would suit me I feel like green suit people with brown hair but anyway I think this is the cutest dress ever it's got little tie ups as the strap so I think that's really good too because it doesn't matter how like tall or short you are you can really just tie it off you know tied up if you're really sure and then you can loosen it up if you're really tall so I really like that about it it's got a zip at the back to do it up and it also has that type of elastic material at the back so I just feel like it gives you that little bit of extra room if you need it in the bust area and I don't know I'm just absolutely obsessed with that I think it's the cutest dress ever it is a perfect fit like it just sits so nicely on me it's not too short not too long and yeah I'm obsessed with that thing I picked up is this little off-the-shoulder white cropped up as well it's kind of a similar to this one like it's inches at the waist and also is like elastic and kind of cinch it on the top area and II hates the hips who pretends that he likes if every time I wear he's like I don't know it does kind of give me the kind of like tablecloth

okay look I don't know but I think it's really cute when it's on because it does cinch up the wrist as well so like it's a little tight but baggy at the same time I like it so I don't care what he says but yeah I feel like this is a very you you hate it or you love it kind of talk but I really like it it is see-through so you definitely have to wear white bra with it yeah the next thing I picked up was this what this is not why oh my god this red dress this is so cute I wish I had this at Christmas time so I could wear it on Christmas Day because as you guys know I Australia is hot at Christmas which I love so yeah but this one is so cute it is I don't know how to describe it I guess you'll see it on but the bottom is H high around one of those like side skirts I feel like they're very popular at the moment the little like you pull one side over to the other and tie it off on the side and it has a cute little bar I've seen a lot of girls wearing them so yeah but I picked this one up and I'm absolutely obsessed with it so yeah you guys will see it on but I love it it's just cute it's summery I feel like you could dress it up with

like black booties and a leather jacket if you didn't want to but you can also just wear like thumbs and a denim jacket if you were trying to dress it down so I really like that I think it's super cute and I don't have any of those tie around things so I feel fashionable and cool the next thing I picked up was this denim skirt and as you'll see on the train this actually was too big for me so that's unfortunate so I'm super excited to pick up a denim skirt but yeah it's actually really good like material it feels like any other denim skirt earn the only thing I don't like about this skirt is the fact that all the stitching is bright yellow not a fan came up sometimes do they do that with they're cheaper jeans instead of being like a black or white stitching it's like this weed orange color not a fan each sir I though but yeah I do actually really like the material I wish this fit me because I was so keen to buy a denim skirt and then picked up another skirt which i was super excited for because I own nothing like this it's a burnt orange like Cowboys caramely Brown type color and it's a little

button up skirt the only problem I have with this is that it's really weird material and it kind of just like sticks to your body it's almost like when you get a balloon and you like rub it on your skin and the clothes or like whatever it is just like stick and feel static here that's wrong about this skirt those unfortunately I was super keen to wear it but it just it kind of just looks weird on them I don't know if I'd recommend getting this one just because it is kind of an odd one to wear and then have another view but actually forgot about this one but it's white with little red stripes and it's just your standard boob tube I honestly feel 12 wearing boob trips again because I feel like this is the type of thing I wore in primary school but I really love the look of them now and I just think it looks so cute with high-waisted shorts or a high-waisted skirt so yeah this one is super cute it's very elastic so I feel like again it can fit a lot of different body types and yeah super cute we then have a matching little set I'm not sure where I would wear this or if I ever will but when I saw it I was like I just have to get something that I

wouldn't ever usually by myself and it's this hint a jumpsuit which I think it's super cute so it has an elastic band at the pant and it's just long straight cut kind of like a clown ish look to it and then it has a little crop top with and it has a little tie as well I just thought it was really cute and just something different for my wardrobe and the last three items I have to show you are definitely my favorite you guys have probably seen me wear this a couple of times on Instagram I'm pretty sure I wore today and then I worked when engagement party a couple of weeks ago as well it's just my favorite and I love the look of it so first of all is this off-the-shoulder crop top that is literally all I bought in this hole but I love it I love this material and I just love this top it's super cute and it goes perfect with my favorite thing ever which also a lot of people seem to love as well so this a leopard print skirt it's a silky material so I think it is perfect for dressing up if you wanted to but also you can just like wear thongs

and stuff with it and dress it down but I love it it doesn't have like elastic or anything it's literally just a zip but it fits me perfectly yeah I really love this it has a little side slit in the middle so you get to show a little bit of leg but not too much leg and it's really long at the back I just love it I think it's so cute I'm pretty sure this was like 20 or maybe thirty dollars but definitely worth it and definitely my favorite piece in the entire hole so that is all I picked up from zeph all this has been like a 20 minute video but let me know below what your favorite item is and if you're going to pick up anything rooms Apple or if you've ever tried Apple before and absolutely love them and I cannot wait to pick some stuff up when it's winter and also I really want to do it active well with them as well because they do have active well on their website so keep an eye out and maybe I'll do some more sappal hauls if you guys like them if you do like this video please get a thumbs up so that I know and yeah I guess have a great day and I'll see you guys in my next one bye