27 September 2016

HUGE 10K MAKEUP GIVEAWAY!!!! Kylie Cosmetics, Tarte, Morphe & more!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER ⇢ https://gleam.io/ASLnZ/huge-10k-subscriber-giveaway The winner of the giveaway is: Essence Christman Please don't be ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today's a video is a very exciting one and a very long overdue one it is my 10,000 subscribers giveaway video and I don't think I've ever been so excited to film a video first I just want to say a huge thank you to you guys I don't think that I do that enough on my channel and it's not intentional I feel like I come across a lot more serious in my videos that I really am in person and I don't ever want any of your comments and your constant love and support to ever go unnoticed with me I notice everything I read every single one of your comments and I do my best to reply to all of them that is one thing that I always try my best to do unless it's like an annoying spam comment I really hate those but anyway yeah I honestly would not be able to do this without your guys support and ten thousand was a huge milestone for me I didn't think that I would ever make it to 10,000 and I've been doing YouTube like on and off for the past like two years I think and it has been so much fun and i just love interacting with you guys and I love doing YouTube and i just want to show my appreciation to you guys and do a giveaway so i've been collecting a few things over the past

month or so and i bought everything with my own money none of this was stuff that I got sent to me or anything so yeah I just wanted to show you guys some appreciation and do this giveaway for you guys so I'm going to list all the rules down below and i think i'm going to use like a form that you guys can fill out I feel like that's just easier than just like randomly picking somebody so it's really fair and that's how I think I'm gonna do it I'm not really sure what the rules are going to be probably just that you're a loyal subscriber of mine and I know a lot of people come to these videos to just enter giveaways even though they don't even know who I am and this is the first video they're seeing of mine so I am hoping that some way I can figure out whether or not they have been a loyal subscriber of mine I don't know how I'm going to be able to figure that out but just make sure your subscriber and that you follow me i'm like instagram i guess but i'm going to put more of the details down below in the description box and there's going to be one winner I think this giveaway is going to be open for like two or three weeks I'll let you

guys know down below I should have prepared for this video more but yeah so let me show you some of the stuff that one of you lucky winners is going to win so the first thing is this morphe palette and i still literally have it in the packaging I don't want to take it out I don't want to mess with it because it's not mine but this is the 350 palette I will put a picture of it somewhere in this video but this is a really popular and really gorgeous palette from morphe it has really beautiful orange really like warm tones that you can create tons of makeup looks with so I thought I would start with that next thing I got is this sculpt and blend 10 piece brush set from bhcosmetics i love these brushes I use them every single day when I do my makeup specifically to apply foundation and concealer they are synthetic brushes and I wanted to include that because i love these brushes and i've never really talked about them on my channel but these are some of my all-time favorite brushes and a houston every single time I do my makeup so the next thing is this palette by char and it is the styled by her uche palette this is limited edition

and I know this came out recently I actually don't own this myself so I can't really tell you guys a lot about it but I saw it online when I was shopping and I thought i would put this in there for you guys since it's limited edition but from the swatches and everything online it looks really pretty next thing is this tart contour palette and again this is something that i don't own so one of you a lucky winners is going to get to try this out and this is like just their standard um contour palette so hopefully whoever wins this can tell me how it is and I've heard a lot of great reviews on it though so yeah excited to give that away the next two things are from Kylie cosmetics this first one is the Kylie lip kit in exposed this is her favorite nude color so I love nude so i thought i'd throw this in there and this is the lipstick with the lip liner and then i thought i had ordered a lip kit but i guess i didn't my you came in the mail I was like I thought I got the lip kit by I just ordered the single liquid lipstick and this is in coke okay this is my absolute favorite liquid lipstick from the Kylie cosmedix collection is

probably one of my favorite liquid lipstick colors it's like a gorgeous newly pink color so I wanted to put that in there because it is one of my favorites the next thing is this betty lou manizer highlighter from the bomb this has been a favorite of mine for years I've been using this for a really long time and I know Jacqueline Hill the queen of highlights loves this and I think she had it in one of her recent favorite video so i thought i would throw that in there it's a gorgeous like champagne e highlight so had to add that in there and then i am putting in some of my favorite lip liners this one is from essence it is called in the nude if you guys watch my makeup tutorials you know i use this a lot this is a really pretty color and I know it's hard to find so when I saw it an Ulta I grabbed one the next one you guys know this is my absolute hands down holy grail favorite liner this is the LA girl semi-permanent auto lipliner in natural love this I guess since i didn't get coke okay in the lip kit you've got plenty of lip liners to use to go with it so and the last one is by NYX and this is the natural lip liner this used

to be my favorite before i discovered the LA girl 1 but great lip liner and these are really pretty like neutral tones that go with any new or like new d pink lipstick next thing that I'm putting in this giveaway are my favorite pair of lashes these are the cocoa lashes and goddess I used to wear these and almost every single one of my makeup tutorial so i thought i would throw in a pair for one of you the next thing is this real techniques blending sponge i use this and i also use the Beauty Blender and this honestly is a very very comparable dupe to it it works just as well so thought i would put that in there i also put in a tart uh what is this a finishing powder i got this as a sample it's actually like a pretty big sample size in my tart order so i thought i would throw that in there for you guys and then the last thing is this really cute makeup bag that i found in Harmons the other day it says on a bad day there's always lipstick and it's just like really pretty look faux leather bag it's actually like pretty big I should have gotten one of these for myself because I really like this and yeah so you could

put all your makeup that you win in this so yeah that is everything again i will put all the rules and everything listed down below i'm not sure how long this is going to go on for a probably like two or three weeks but yeah good luck to everybody and again i just want to say thank you so much to all your constant support I can't even express that enough how grateful I am for all of you guys so I just wanted to show you guys how grateful I am with this giveaway so yeah good luck to everybody and don't forget to subscribe if you aren't a subscriber fine what you should be but yeah I will see you guys in my next video