06 May 2019

HUGE $1000+ Makeup Collection Clean-Out- KonMari Method

Hi guys! I hope you like this makeup collection clean up! I finally got rid of so much of my old/expired make up and I thought it would be fun to show you what/why ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel a

couple months ago I moved into this new apartment with my boyfriend and I have my own little area in the back of the apartment that I call my beauty nook which is this little area that you're in right now and at the time probably about 2 or 3 months ago I filmed myself throwing away a bunch of products because I was basically going through like a quarter life crisis and I needed to purge my makeup collection because a lot of stuff was expired and a lot of stuff was just taking up way too much room I personally enjoy videos where people go through and throw away and purge a lot of stuff so I've been waiting to just get the time to sit down and make a video all about all the stuff that I threw out so you guys are gonna see what everything looks like before and then I'm gonna go through the products I threw away and yeah let's just go ahead and jump into this video oh it's really cool about my apartment is that I have this little hallway down here where I get my own little beauty nook which is really fun it's my doggy in here hi this is what he does all day long he just likes to sit on bed on the bed and he likes to

stretch out like the long little noodle that he is and then he looks my hand whenever I come to bed him but anyway it's back to the Nook this is my absolute favorite part about the apartment that we just moved into because even though we live in a studio I get this really nice little area right by our bedroom where I can have my beauty supply set up I can have my little vanity I also have my dresser Matt's drawer dresser of drawers is over here so anyways it's not where I want it to be at all because it's literally just a hot mess and I have so much stuff in it then I need to get rid of um I also have a bunch of stuff that's just expired and I have got a new little dog and he's you're gonna help me oh look at that tail okay so this is the after after cleaning out my collection you can see that everything's much more organized I also did a little bit of decorating I think everything has come together quite nicely so so let's go on over to my bedroom which now yes I do have a main pet and it actually looks good for once um Matt and I have a theme of red and blue because of these two x-files caricatures that we have up and

on top of our bed because that's supposed to be me and that supposed to be him I have the red hair so it works I'm actually gonna lay down a towel because okay so this is everything dumped out let's see what we got rid of here okay so I first thing I got rid of is this arch of beauty cream contour kit that I got from TJ Maxx literally years ago it's dried up I would never use this on my face because I have standards now and this is way too greasy for me and also the colors are not a good undertone for my skin so gotta get over that I really like this back in the day but at this point the packaging takes up way too much space and I don't reach for it often enough so it's just not worth it so this is my the bomb the bomb shelter tinted moisturizer I love this stuff absolutely amazing I don't know if they still make it but this is used up so this is this is going in the trash this is an SD edit highlighter this brand doesn't exist anymore so I don't use it and there's no point in having it so goodbye this is a josie maran cheek blush stick thing it's dried up I don't use it

mmm goodbye still remember this smashbox sent me this for my 17th birthday and i absolutely loved it at the time it's a eyeliner palette I love this thing except for the eyeliners were more of like a face rather than an eyeliner they were not waterproof enough and also it's been like six years since I got it so gotta go in the trash this is an le splash a highlight that it's dried up so this is going away an LA girl BB cream that I loved but it's gone now so it is time to go bye bye this is a Smashbox 24-hour concealer that they don't make anymore but I loved it so much but at this point it is gone bad so this is going in the trash more Smashbox this makes me so sad I love that Smashbox this is just a color that I don't reach for anymore they don't make it anymore there's no point in me having it so goodbye this is an LA girl priming stick that I just did not like it's way too dry it does not help your shadow stay on so not a fan so this is going in the trash Mac Studio sculpt foundation I love this stuff but these are expired so they're going in the trash this is a used-up magic lumi foundation so this is welcome cash it is an Oprah concealer

wheel that I got a long time ago everything's dried up I don't I don't match me these colors so this is going in the trash I'll squash that I don't reach for anymore Clinique blush that I got it's a free sample years ago don't reach it to that anymore this is a SPS powder that I've had for a long time and SPF actually dissipates and goes bad after only about a year or two so this is going in the trash another SD edit product I just did not like I thought it was cool that there was a highlighter in the cap and then the rest was just a primer it's a cool concept but I just did not like it more Mac Foundation is blowing away this is a liquid bronzer from Revlon but I just don't use anymore I have a whole bunch of lipsticks from Sicily and YSL that were given to me as testers as gratis and I mean like I'm just not gonna use a lipstick that doesn't have like a real cap so these are going in the trash this is a YSL mascara that's dried up so it's going to go in the trash same with this clinic one this is a sample size at smashbox primary that i'm going to throw out cuz i don't need it and more here

are two colour-pop liquid lipsticks that are definitely expired they smell horrible and they do not work anymore so they're gonna go in the trash I have these two sample size eyeliners this one is from Tarte and that's used up and this is one from it cosmetics that it's very dry so there's no point in keeping these I have this Aiko brow marker that I love but it's dried up same with this josie maran double-ended eyeshadow and eyeliner loved it but it's dry Wow I'm really glad I did this because this is a Norse pencil that I love and I don't know how it ended up in here so this is going back in my question I am absolutely shocked that it's in here I've been looking for that for tester lipsticks from Sicily again like beautiful beautiful colors but I I really just can't use a lipstick that doesn't have a proper cap to it because that will fall off in my purse I have a few of smaller products that are definitely just dried up and used up so I have a little from Clarins shape tape sample eye primer from lorac and then this NYX eye brow pomade a tiny little urban decay liner that is too small to sharpen anymore I have these Aiko

hydrogel patches that I never use and I'm sure that they're expired by now so these these are gonna go just have some random packaging like I have this Kat Von D in this RMS box so those are definitely definitely trash same with this little pouch that my milk makeup sponge came in so this is gonna go in the trash as well more packaging this is from venti a [Applause] random lip and eye moisturizer a bunch of brushes I got rid of so many brushes and I feel like I have more to get rid of so I and just learning that I like luck see and I like morphe and I don't really like anything else so these are just a bunch of random brushes I'm getting rid of did not mean to get rid of this don't know how that ended up here this is a Maybelline brow fiber gel that I really loved but it's dried up so he's getting rid of that this is the matte blush that I have two of cuz I got it for gratis and I'm actually not gonna throw this out I'm gonna give it to my sister so that's actually gonna go over there sample size mascara that's dried up la girl lipsticks that I just don't like more

pencils that are just at this point dried out an old old old old NYX eye pencil I'm sure that this would like blind me if I use this another brush honestly I have so many of these Anastacio double-ended brushes that I only need one at this point I don't need all of them another one at that la girl matte lipsticks I have two of these old Smashbox cream pots that they don't make anymore I love them I would honestly still use these today if I could but I feel like they are definitely past their shelf life so these have gotta go I'm realizing exactly how much Smashbox I'm getting rid of so this is another special box item this is a Smashbox a lipgloss that I used to love and again I just feel like it's gotta be past its shelf life and there's no point in keeping it a used-up nixed primary that I'm done with so that's going in the trash an old Clinique blush I think this was moldy I'm not even gonna look at it it's disgusting this is a covergirl primer that I hate I absolutely hate this primer this primer is the worst primer in the world if you primarily don't tell your friends not to buy it it is discussing it as awful it

is this is an old michelle phan eyeliner that is white I love using this back in the day but yeah this is like one of the best examples of why I wanted to this video is that like same brands just rebranded their stop seeing how they evolved I love Michelle Phan I'm so happy that she has her makeup lines and that she's evolving them love it begin which here's another Michelle Phan a product this is a eyeliner that I loved this color and I'm sure it's all yeah that's pretty dried out except for now it's working wait hold on I might I'm gonna keep using this hold on hold on that's going back in the yes pile there another brand that was an indie brand when I started and this was something that they sent me for gratis this is the it cosmetics a shiny sequa lip balm this is the old packaging see it's it's used up but I love this stuff more s 'edit going in the trash Michelle Phan lipstick I'm pretty sure this one's moldy maybe no I don't know it's definitely sweating and it's definitely past it's due date this is a lipstick those sent to me by a Asian beauty brand a very long time ago I don't recognize this brand but I really liked this

lipstick I just don't think the color I liked the formula though but so this is gonna go cuz this one's definitely old I'm getting rid of these georgeanna lip tints that I loved I really love this color I literally wore this color every single weekend in college I literally loved it I'm getting rid of my billion-dollar brow brow powder because I have so many brow products at this point and this one's broken so there's no point in keeping it and I really don't feel like fixing it I love this stuff back in the day but I feel like it's pretty old they're two single eyeshadows one from Jordana and one from LA girl I just don't wear them so there's no point in keeping them per sample of the Too Faced lip injection that I've used up what's going out this is a Victoria Secret lipstick from a long time ago I think this is almost completely used up if you're noticing all the wood shavings in here I threw away my wood shavings from sharpening up my eyeliner pencil one time in one of these bags for some reason because I think I was just like oh it's trash I'll throw the trash in the trash without remembering I was

gonna do this video so that's what all that is a clinic sample lipstick that I don't wear a pixie blush that I don't wear random glitter that I got from a company a long time ago a NYX blush that I just don't like this I'm getting rid of because it makes me mad there's nothing wrong with this in fact I got it a few months ago but this makes me mad this is supposed to be a a bronzer no I can't even get my brush in there I refuse this is a mixed corrector that I hate it settles in your creases it's it's horrible and this is a Tom Ford lipstick that I got for gratis that I just can smell it's expired so I'm not even gonna mess with that and this is a Shiseido essence sample that I'm getting rid of and we're almost there we're almost there guys this is an Eiko brow gel that I absolutely love but it is dried up at this point and the last thing is an elf full coverage concealer that is horrible I don't think they sell this anymore and yeah this is going in the trash honestly this bag makes me upset because I think about my footprint on the earth and how much plastic and how many chemicals and just like the amount of

waste that went into creating these products and just the amount of waste that goes into just the entire lifecycle of cosmetics and the life cycle of all of our commodity products and I even though I'm a total beauty lover and I love love love love getting new makeup and trying things out and everything it just makes me so angry to think that this is literally able to sit in a landfill and the chemicals are gonna you know wash off but I guess that's life and honestly I wish I could change if you have any sustainability advice for people like me who love to collect makeup but at the same time are really trying to be more conscious about their footprint their carbon footprint go ahead and leave some advice down below ever since I've tried starting to be a little bit more of a minimalist I've really gotten into accounts dedicated to like project pan or empty accounts so if you are also into those leave me your favorite accounts down below and yeah if you like this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you're new to my channel I hope that you like this video and I'm gonna go put this in the trash and wash my hands clean of it

that's it for this video I hope that you guys like it and I will see you in my next one bye guys