30 January 2019


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hi everyone it scares you over here from King's corner and welcome to my channel if you need to my channel hi my name is Kenya and I'm so happy that you found my channel and I hope you can stay if you like what you see today's video is going to be a makeup tutorial and I look that I had on in the what I got for Christmas 2018 video a lot of you said that you want to see it so I'm gonna recreate this hopefully if the problems are same we never know so if it doesn't come in important things that the shades I use when I created that look the palettes I used was this one right here it's from Hoonah Beauty it is the new nude eyeshadow palette I had yeah so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you wanna see more the press subscribe and yeah thank you so much for subscribing to my channel and if you know what I missed a video of mine then you can simply press the notification belly button and it will notify you every single time I post a video okay let's get started because it's going to be a long one I think so yeah it's got my cat ears on let's do it okay so now just open the planet so I show you a palette so it comes in like a

transparent case and like this and if yours just gorgeous this is the palette this is like a palette which is sort of on the pricier side sorry and it also it always comes like with a picture like this to sort of cover the shadows and protect them and then this is the palette and then you get a mirror and then these are the shirts it's so pretty you also get a concealer shade which I'm going to be using to set my lids people are saying that like I've heard like lots of people say that it's not good blah blah blah but I think it is oh so I am going to apply this makeup on a bare base because it does have fall out so I would recommend that you first do your eyes I love that it comes with a mirror so let's talk shall we I think I'm just gonna start by dipping my finger into the concealer shade which is this one right here and okay I'm going to just put it on my lids yeah you are seeing my bare naked face I'm going to basically just set my face my face my eyes with this shade right here it's play and I'm just going to use that as like the setting shade for my eyelid so I'm just going to place that

all over my lids so the first thing I'm going to be using is this one right here it's called love bite so and you're gonna see me do something which I don't really usually do um so I basically I'm just going to start building the shade around my crease like this and I'm not going to blend it because we'll blend it with some other shades but I see that this technique sort of helps for the crease shade to be more sort of vibrant I guess you could say and more shocking rather than if you were to blend it immediately this is fine and there you go that's the makeup look I hope you like this nail we don't stop there my friends oh by the way this was the shade the brush I used was the luxe petit crease in justice as well so now I'm gonna start using the shade tickle which is sort of this cute nude pink shade right here and I'm taking the person I used before to sort of set my concealer and I'm just going to start blending in love bite so I'm just going to start yet blending it in and as you can see it just blends into a nice pink purplish shade which i think is gorgeous so yeah and then taking the shade called lace which is like a lilac

shade fun fact I actually used love lilac my room was actually painted a lilac first oh yeah I'm just I'm doing the same exact thing um I'm just blending in those shades Norah's going to take another brush which is like a bigger fluffier brush which is the lux of the finer two to seven objects and I'm just going to blend out the shades even more I'm going to take the shade secret which is like another nude pink shade and it's going to apply this with this brush on the very top so like so you see there's like a sort of blend shades or I hope that there is a blend hop shade okay and now I'm taking the same brush I used for love by I'm just taking love by it again and I'm just going to again just build up that crease shade a little bit I'm just taking the love bite again I'm just going to place it in the outer corner just pack it on and then just slowly blend it upwards so make more sense ah there's my de gently gently gently blend [Music] okay so this crease came good but this one that I kept going further down but what I did was I built up a love bite color on the outer corner to try and

hide away the fact that I kept going when I was about to ravish stop stop so if it's a bit wonky it's that's the reason why yeah so we have our cut crease done I'm just going to apply this shade right here which is called crave so this shade right here which is called crepe yeah like that works a bit more and then I'm gonna take this shade which is called fantasy which is this one right here and I'm just going to do the same thing with the same brush and I'll put it in the middle this I remember is not as intense as the other shade so I'm just going to see how right intense it is on the finger so I'm just going to do it with my finger yeah spits of more intense with a finger so I'm just going to use this one which is infatuated so I'm going to use this glitter glue from essence and we're just going to put a little bit on the brush and you're just going to apply it where you're gonna apply the glitter glue which would be here and then I'm going to apply a saturated infatuated sorry the glitter shades you have to be very patient and like gentle with them because yeah they are annoying to work with it but once you get the hang of

them they're actually very like okay and they're so pretty as well now I'm just going to put on some eyeliner and some lashes and I'll do my face and we'll just finish off the eye look when I come on so you don't see me like doing the same exact things I could tell you which lectures I'm going to use so I'm gonna use these ones from honey cosmetics they are the sugar plum lashes these ones are the lashes from imagination she's an amazing youtuber and if you don't subscribe to her you should and she's so genuine and so sweet and I just use the eyeliner which one I'm going to use I think I love bitsy so yeah I'll be using this one the pixie times waiting young basically collaboration and I'll be using the felt tip liner to create my eyeliner so yeah I'll be right back and I'll do my face makeup and I can if you want I just leave the things that I used down below and then we'll finish together like bronzer and highlight together on camera so yeah hey so I just did my eyeliner lashes face brows so now we're just going to finish off our under eyes so basically what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take I think I'm gonna I'm gonna take this one this looks

really nice it's called spank and I'm just going to put it on the UM lower lash line I guess you could say so there's no take spanked I think I'm gonna take a love bite again I'm just going to put it on the outer carts to sort of connect I want to take this shade bear right here you see if that's okay is it onions so there's Nemo she just jumped the window I'm just going to put it on the rabbit I like a beer highlight I guess you could say and ask for a highlight for the inner corner I don't think that there's like a shade for that so we're just using our highlight so for bronzer i'm using the essence luminous map from the same powder I just love these poems are it is so natural create a very natural bronze defect if you know what I mean and for blush I'm using the Rimmel Moxie blush and the shade exposed I just love the splash I think it's as gorgeous pink um baby pink shade very subtle like it's not too much it's just right okay add for highlights I decided on using the Nicole Guerrero Anasazi Beverly Hills highlight I love this I still do and okay for my inner corner as well as for my highlight I'm

actually gonna use this shade right here which is called no actually Forever Young I'm going to use forever young I'm just going to put Forever Young on my inner corner and I'm going to use Forever Young as well as my highlight my nose and on my Cupid's bow for a lips I'm gonna date kind of pulp Aquarius and just pop this on my - I forgot what lipstick I had to use that day okay and that is basically do you look we have for today or finally I can take off my bag because it was hurting me so I think this is the finished look but it's that's basically like what I did to create the look that I had on for what I got for Christmas thousand in 18 I'd really love in creating it for you again and I loved creating it for you in a video so yeah I hope you like this um yeah it had glitter it had lashes it had lots of things which I don't usually use on a regular basis but um 2019 I am hoping to use more lashes what do you guys think of this look let me know in the comments down below and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you're to see more than press subscribe and thank you so much for watching bye [Music]