23 November 2017

How to use it /E1/ Makeup brushes 101

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favorite Vani so in other words thank

you for looking on this video but no welcome to the very first episode of how to use it this right here is a series on simply makeup brushes how to use them whether matte form how do you hold them set it up is that laughs and everything you know all that stuff I'll be fun technical stuff and I'm going like way out okay so you know but anyways okay Monday's video was like obviously saying make it look same dress except for I change the background and change my hair obviously I only own - okay then I'm so glad you think so that's what it holds my mail anyways so with that being said let's go ahead and start on everybody's number one question which makeup brush do I use for my eyes well technically you can use a lot of makeup brushes for your eyes there is tons of brushes in every single shape style length form that you can use for your eyes but now for basics of a like starting line I mean it's a basic because that's not the case and everything but what I'm saying is is like starting line like where do I start at honestly I would probably start with probably the most simplest I have this

right here the most simplest that I would probably be able to say is probably something like this this right here is basically a short-haired rounded I brush so basically this right here fits perfectly into the actual crease of the eye and this right here allows you to get like really nice tight contour in the crease of the eye now here's the thing though a lot of people would ask why why do you want to technically like contour that Pacific area that I like why is it such like a big deal to contour that area the eye well as somebody that has studied the female face for a very long time being trans and also being a female entertainer a performer you need to be able to replicate and bring that illusion of being a woman to life on stage or whether it be in real life so with that being said it's kind of like you know for me when it comes down to doing makeup like the t-zone is very important so you want to brighten those areas so basically darker makes things more hollow like the cheekbones or the sides of the nose or even the eye are the sides of the forehead and the underneath the jaw line or underneath

the neck so by contouring here that takes away and can extend the length of your neck it can to make it appear longer by contouring your cheekbones differently so like if I contour my cheekbones ear it's gonna make this area seem more pronounced you see what I'm saying but only if only if it's like even so like basically in other words what I'm saying is is I have a piece of hair in my eyes amar so in other words what I'm saying is it's like if it's darker here it needs to be lighter here so basically think of it this way if you're an artist somebody that paints or draws you know what I'm talking about you're talking about shading and everything which is basically contouring and shading same thing goes for makeup same thing goes for painting same things it was for arts and crafts and everything is shading depth warmth all different kinds of stuff so whenever it comes to brushes and depending on how you use them you can create multiple things and you can create thousands of different looks they're absolutely outstanding so with that being said this right here brush and everything first starter is amazing

but this right here brush can do more than one thing this brush right here can contour the nose it can also take and highlight the center points of the lips with like a shimmer you can also use it for a detail highlighting like the nose the forehead the brow you can also use it for the top parts like the highest points of the cheekbone you can use it for the chin you can use it for a lot of things now whenever it comes to eyes whenever I'm contouring the eye I like to make sure that I do like a V which is from here up and so whenever I'm doing that I'm using the brush at the very end because that way there's going to allow me to put down a light amount of product before I really get into blending and whenever I get into blending that's when I go from this to here holding it like a pencil almost except for I'm not actually holding it like pencil but like an extended pencil and this right here helps me put down a little bit more pressure in the crease of the eye so that way I can take and get that crease built in and then I scoot down just a little bit on the end of the brush and that's whenever I start blending it and

buffing it upwards into the eye and that helps tremendously now of course if you want you can have multiple different brushes like this one right here is definitely one of my favorites it is a long-haired domed like I brush so basically this one eye here has longer brush bristles than this one over here and so this one right here is going to allow you to fan out eyes shadow tremendously which is what I love to do which is extend the actual eye shadow because it's just it's just amazing that way and then of course with the same techniques for the handle you'll notice that the handle is actually longer than the other one and so this one right here is definitely one of my favorites not only because it looks like you know a Harry Potter wand but it's also because of the fact that you can do like some of the most amazing stuff with this one right here brush and if you ever find into the brush like this please let me know because I don't know like my grandmother gave this to me because she got it and like if see I think and I was just like so and I tried it and I fell in love so but a long haired one is is incredible

so I mean you're not gonna get as in-depth eye contour and like the crease of the eye like you would with this one now if you really wanted in-depth eye contour this one right here which is extremely extremely I'm gonna put this one right here back extremely shorter than the other one which makes this one a tight eye brush okay so this one right here is perfect for underneath the eye so that way we all you know we don't look like we've not been sleeping for days like this one right here is like perfect for underneath the eyes it's just it's amazing for that this one right here is also amazing for like doing really really really tight eye contour especially if you want to do like a halo effect halo effect is amazing especially whenever it comes to like here and then working like working oh my god I'm trying to okay working on the inside of the eye and then working on the outside of the eye so that way you don't accidentally over blow your lines so that way whenever you you at the end the middle portion of your eyelid is lighter than the rest then that right there outer and inner portion of the crease is extremely dark compare

that so it gives it a really in depth the detailed look and then of course you also have your flat brush and everything flat brushes are amazing for cream cream eyeshadows they're amazing for cream eyeshadows one of the things that I love the flat brushes for is like cream eyeliners especially cream eyeliners that you can blend out which is where you know blending out a cream eyeliner a brush like this is definitely a maybe because if you're blending out cream eyeliners a lot can go wrong a lot can go wrong like if you blend me on a cream eyeliner you've never done it before you can ruin an entire look I would never say if it's your first time doing it I would never ever ever say if you're going out on a date night don't try it that night don't do it don't do that I would say I would say do it like on a practice run and then try it a couple more times after that because doing cream eyeliners no cream I liners can be the death of any makeup look if you're not experienced with cream eyeliners and trying to blend them out into like an eye shadow especially if you want to do like a solid black and brown smokey eye and you want that black to be like

extremely dark you want to be really experienced with cream eyeliners especially whenever it comes to black track fluid line because that stuff will spread for days okay and light a little bit goes a very very long ways okay so fan brushes never really understood the point of these I mean I totally understand why because you know you want to highlight or you want to like contour the sides of your nose but honestly I've had this brush for a very long time and I've never used it never I've been doing makeup for 12 years really what's the point that's okay like you know I'll just like fan myself like does that guy like to me I'm just like there's no point in this brush like am i the only person out there that feels the same way I feel like there's no point to this brush like I remember when they were popular because everybody was getting into like highlighting the face and so everybody loved him because they were like oh you can just you know run it into the pan and then you can just you know do that I'm just like really no so other than that moving on

okay so brushes like this it is a thick angled dome I brush hundreds of uses okay so this right here I love to use this for creams so like whenever I have a cream on the back of my hand and I'm using it on the center of my lid like I did with this makeup look this past Monday um taking and using this I took dab that and then I would dab it on or like I did with the pastel goth makeup tutorial I would use this to Pat on the cream to get an even cohesive layer to stick the eyeshadow on to and then I would clean this brush off and then speaking of which we're gonna start talking about cleaning up pretty soon I would use that to take and clean the brush and then after I would clean it then I would take and use it to apply the eyeshadow and this is amazing for padding and that's another thing that a lot of people forget is in you know swiping and circular motions so I'm gonna demonstrate with this brush right here this brush right here is actually a highlighting brush for this the cheeks and stuff but I actually use this to do my eyes with as well because it's like multi-purpose table so like he's got but with this brush like if I'm doing the

eye I want to swipe back and forth and into the eye like for the crease and then if I need to I will do little swirls like this towards the brow bone moving upwards and or anything are I will do swiping motions but then as I'm doing swiping motions like this is in the crease that's in the crease and then I will angle the brush this moving it up towards the actual problem so that way it like spreads it out now other than that whenever it comes down to like the actual blending technique that is something that you actually have to sit and practice and practice on I get a lot of messages from you all and everything talking about eyeliner or how to blend eyes shadow and really honestly the only thing I can say is it takes practice but other than that I will do everything that I can in my power through the magical wonder video to show you guys as much as possible on how to take and do that and so with that being said that were there secludes our very first episode of how to do it so anyways I love you guys and I will talk to you guys later if you haven't please like and subscribe become a part of the

angel group and I will talk to you later bye [Music]