11 October 2018

How to Use Flashcards Effectively | College Study Tips

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hi everyone in today's video I will be

showing you a five different ways that you can effectively use flashcards to study for your exams now I'm sure you are all familiar with this Oh G revision method but do you actually know why it works flashcards help us learn by making us self reflect on the correctness or accuracy of our answers actively interact with the material by extracting key words and concepts and finally by making us engage a mental faculty called active recall side note if you want to know more about why active recall is so important for students I will link a study called the critical importance of retrieval for learning down in the description box for you but in a nutshell it was found that and I quote students who used active recall were able to remember about 80% you heard it right of the new terms compared to only 34% for the control group who passively went back through a series of cards until they learned everything again now then here are a few simple yet effective ways that you can use flashcards to ace your upcoming midterms and finals number one term / definition an oldie but a goodie this method involves you writing down a keyword term or concept on one

side of the card and a short definition on the other a fun way to use this approach is to have a competition with a friend or simply by yourself and see who can answer the most cards correctly in the shortest amount of time my record was 38 cards in one minute the question then becomes can you beat my score come at me bro number 2 drawing / answer this method help me get them straight A's in all my biology and anatomy classes I've already spoke about this in a previous video but your brain things in images and so what better way to help it memorize than use pictures when reviewing for an exam if your drawing skills are as poverty scoop is mine Kanye the F are you thinking about that song row you can always print out pictures to stick to the cards point at the part you want to name and voila artwork number three question / answer another straightforward method is the Q&A card meaning you have a question on one side and the answer on the back a pro tip I do have for you however is to make up your own questions instead of passively copying them from your text books also opt for explain describe compare or link

type of questions instead of the straightforward what is this what is that this will help you test your understanding of the material which should always be your end goal when studying let's be real number four match up game this game was particularly useful to me when I was just starting to learn about psychology I had such a hard time remembering all the theories and approaches and most importantly who they belonged to if you find yourself in a similar situation here's what to do create master cards of different colors with the name of let's say a psychologist on one side and a list of their theories on the other then make individual theory cards with a short explanation on the back as well as the color that represents the psychologist it belongs to mix the cards up and then try to match the theories with their respective owners to find out how well you did simply flip the cards over and check the colors you would be surprised how effective this game is at seriously boosting your memory it only took me 3 to 4 times of playing this to have a strong vivid visual representation of

exactly what cards go where in my head at all times especially when the exams came and finally number 5 sketch game aka pictionary this in my opinion is by far the funniest way to study for exams in a group if you've ever played pictionary then you already know the rules get into teams of two and take turns trying to draw a keyword concept or person you want your friends on the other team to recall a name the more ridiculous and funnier in images the more likely your brain is to remember it you try to draw the it Eagle and the super-ego or like cognitive dissidence wasn't easy but oh my god was it ever hilarious to see how each person sketched it and tried to guess it so with that being said thank you so much for watching please don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and found it helpful and subscribe to me if you like what you see because a more study slash school slash awesome videos are coming your way bye guys [Music]