21 May 2018

✅ How To Use elf Brow Comb and Brush Combo Review

How To Use elf Brow Comb and Brush Combo Review Price Check: https://amzn.to/2MvdipL ___ Try Cash App using my code and we'll each get $5! SFGQXGB ...


hi guys so today I will be talking about the elf brow comb and brush combo this one is like I said it is the common one so it's connected at the top with a comb and a brush and then it just has this silver part right here and then the bottom part is just white and then right here on what it says but this one was actually a dollar you can find this on Amazon and Walmart literally anywhere that they sell elf products you can find it at this one was actually I'm gonna tell you guys actually how I did find out about this but this one has actually lasted me for six months and like I said this is an elf product so for everybody out there saying like oh my goodnes like any time IL while i was here the baddest Sigma's about off but i am in college and i am in a budget and I do love elf and I won't repeatedly say that again and again always but I was in Walmart and the one that I had premium previously so this one was actually a better brand I ended up paying $14 for the one I had before this one and this part on my other one ended up falling out off so I was literally just using this part and like holding the little nozzle right there so I ended up trying

to go to the store to try to replace this product and I was like you know what like that one I really try to find another brand like I really do just because like I it's just something that I can't literally keep holding by the edges like I want to be able to hold a handle when I'm doing my eyebrows so I was at Walmart and then I was like you know what like let me go look at the elf products because like I always like to look over there I ended up looking into elf products and I ended up picking up this one for $1 like I stated before and it's lasted me something that I really do love about this product is the combining of the comb and the brush I do use this when before I put on my brow pomade and then after I do put on my eye brow pomade it's just literally something that like has become so routine to me it's honestly lasting me for so long at this point that like if this does end up breaking I won't even be mad just because I've only spent a dollar on it and then also I have no one problem no problem going back and reinvesting in it and even if there's like two dollars three dollars I have no problem going

back in like reinvesting in this product just because of the sturdiness and how long it's lasted before and another thing that I love about this product too is the softness on the bristles on the brush I've had eyebrow brushes that literally have became softer over time and this one as you guys can see is still firm like it's so strong and literally like it it's going and like literally the eyebrow brush itself and I'll say this like mug again and again I've had it for a while and it still asked me like it's still put together something else that I really do enjoy about this product is usually when I use a brow pomade I'll get like the eye brow pomade stuck in between the comb sometimes I'll get it stuck in between the brush even sometimes like it'll get spilled for some reason like my old one I used to get stuck on this part or like I went this whole part would be black and every time I use it I would have to try to wipe it off because when I held it like I would get the POW made on it or even like down here would just be so bad but as you guys can see it is clean this part is clean and there is no brow pomade in the comb or barely in the

brush there's probably someone this part as you guys can see but none anywhere else and I really do love that about this product as well too just because when I clean my brushes I usually clean them once every two weeks just because I do apply makeup every day and I don't like it for for my makeup brushes as they dirty and I honestly don't clean this every two weeks I will clean this probably like every three weeks or as needed and when I do clean it as needed it barely is as needed like I won't even have to clean it that much and that's how much I do really enjoy this product enjoy this product when it comes to like the sense of the clinic cleanliness and I feel like it just hasn't been a product that I've had that many problems with something else that I can really say that is very very nice about this product as well as two is the size of it I can travel with it it's not something that it's like do I have to debate whether I should bring it or not if isn't gonna take up space or not it's not even a product like that it I literally just put it in my bag and go I end up actually if you guys want to know

a super funny story I ended up buying a second one of these just because I thought I can have one at home and then when I am like on the go in my makeup bag in my purse I do keep one in there too as well just because you never know like what's gonna happen throughout the day I do dance and I take dance classes and when I do apply my eyebrows sometimes I'm like literally I'm not even paying attention and I'll be trying to wipe sweat up my forehead and end up wiping off a little bit of my eyebrows so I will go back in with this product and kind of fix up my eyebrows and then also like sometimes like I say you never know during the summer this was very funny but it was really hot outside I was sweating and I had a hat on I apply my eyebrows I lifted on my hat like my eyebrows were so bad like they were going in like every single direction and I literally like this was the biggest lifesaver I ended up like going to get a little brow pomade for my one of my sister's houses and then I ended up going and I had this with me and I don't know if I'm the only person that feels this way but like when it comes to like makeup brushes and stuff I don't like to

use anybody else's and I would like nobody else usually it usually uses mind just because of the sensitivity of the nature like it's your getting applied to your face and like your face is sensitive when you honestly don't know about like what's on other people's brushes or how often do they clean them so I did have this with me and I used a little bit of her pomade with this and it worked honestly so well and this has just been saving my life ever since I have purchased it so like I said before guys this is just the elf combo brush and comb set and it is such a good investment it might be a little bit more expensive now from a dollar but I purchased it for a dollar and it's honestly so worth it [Music]