30 September 2018

How to Start an Etsy Store & Make Your First Sale

Today I'm telling you all my best tips and the things I wish I knew before starting and Etsy store. I'll walk you through how to start your Etsy business and how to ...

hey guys it's Kristin nice to see you

nice to meet if you're new here I'm so glad you found your way to my channel thank you for watching and I hope you will decide to stick around if you like this I am a college lifestyle blogger over on my website Kristin Chang comm and for the past year you know I've also been reading my own Etsy store today we're going to be talking about how to start your own Etsy store and how to make your first sale which is obviously the whole point because if you're looking to start an Etsy store the point is to make sales so I'm going to be giving you all my best tips and tricks and kind of things that I wish I knew before I started my store because it can be a little bit overwhelming also just before we get started there has been so much stuff happening in the world of Chris and Shane lately I have tons of new blog posts I started vlogging in college what-who thought that would happen but you guys have been loving my college blog because I've been trying to do more of those in college day in my life I just uploaded a college a vegetarian grocery haul so if you want to see that kind of content I've been making it and

I've also been running my Etsy store so let's just get into it and like always I have my notes here of the blogpost edition of this video and I have so much information that I want to share with you guys about this so if this is something you're interested in definitely check out the blog post that I will have to go along with this because I cannot cover everything just for the sake of time so just like as a general overview of what I want to talk about I'm gonna talk about the importance of choosing a name for your store but also not letting that be what stops you from actually opening the store why keywords and descriptions are so important for your products and how that's what actually gets you viewers and customers a little bit about branding and then I'll actually walk you through uploading an actual listing before you get started if you're already thinking about opening a store I'm sure you kind of already have an idea of what type of products you're gonna be listing and selling so I make pretty much all like painted custom canvases like this one and this has been like my most popular design I knew that I was gonna

be making painted goods so after so long of trying to figure out a name and going back and forth with my sister brainstorming different ideas and words that I liked I finally settled on a painted grace by KS KS being my initials Chris and Shane and then painted grace just to kind of give a little bit idea of what I'm actually selling so it's good if you can relate your title or the name of your store to what you're gonna be making but it's really not the end of the world but with that and with Brandon you just want it all to be cohesive so if you're gonna have an answer or a Facebook page to go along with your story it's good if you pick something with a name that's available it's important to not get fixated on picking the name for the store and letting that be what stops you because if this is something that you feel is like tugging on your heart and taking on your soul as my mom so nicely put it in the video that I just did with her if you feel like this is something that you know you just got to do you got to just do it you can't let choosing the name or not having the perfect products or feeling like everything is perfect stopped you

because at the end of the day you want to just do it if it's something you want to do just do it and don't be what stops yourself you know what I mean because you can always go back edit and improve and it change so then once you get started go on Etsy and open that store just do it open it you can do it it's not as scary as it seems I mean it's scary but like it's also so worth it branding is very important and probably one of the most important things for your store right off the bat and also just for creating a personal brand which is something that you can do as a blogger entrepreneur small business owner or whatever with your social media especially and with your Facebook page or your website or whatever you just want all the branding to be a cohesive I make all my blog design logos and everything myself and if you've seen my blog or my store page or whatever they all have a cohesive look with the pink watercolor pink gold white kind of theme and I pretty much use the same couple font so that everything looks cohesive and that so if people are finding you from a different platform or a different

social media they know that it's the same store if you aren't a graphic design person you can always hire somebody to make your logos or if you have a friend that's good at graphic design just get something or use canva for free just get something up there so that people can get a little taste of your brand and your personal style I would definitely recommend filling out your stories about page that's another good place to put keywords and to let people know right off the bat as soon as they see your store page what you're about and what you're selling because you really just want to give people as much information as you can with being a small business owner and Etsy because basically your store is what's going to drive sales and then your product listings and their descriptions and tags and everything are going to be what gets your listings in front of eyeballs and in front of customers from their descriptive keywords SEO tags are going to be so so important especially in driving your first sale because if you didn't know I'd see like Google or Pinterest is essentially a search engine people can search on Etsy and find I'm

sure hun thousands of products and probably a lot of products that are going to be similar to yours unless you have something extremely unique which if you do more power to you that is awesome but most likely there is going to be a variety of products similar to yours so I did lots of research about similar stores having handmade canvasses and mostly a lot of cause students also doing something similar so that's another way to kind of research some examples of what their titles look like or what kind of descriptions they have now I'm going to open up my phone and I actually tried to film this once already and it stopped recording but I'm going to do my best to show you a screen recording of the app sell on Etsy which is basically just for running your store I do pretty much everything on my computer but it's easier to just show you on my phone for the sake of the video and I'm going to kind of show you what it looks like to actually upload listing which is where people will buy your products so I'm going to pretend like we're uploading this listing right here which I already

have as you can see right there on my store and again product photography is really important as you can kind of see the different examples of products so these couple right in the middle the pink and purple ones I did with my nice camera I kind of had a photo shoot I did a nice flat leg so just keep in mind that your product photos are essentially what people are going to be buying that's what's going to make them a sale along with the descriptions and the tags which are going to be what allows your shop and your items to show up what people search for things like a custom pink painted canvas okay so now I'm going to hit add listing and then you just want to answer all at these little questions that they so nicely ask you and then I'm gonna go to art and collectibles painting acrylic paint and then here we go so I'm just gonna literally take a picture of this right here just for the sake of it but of course you want to take nice pictures and then Etsy as you can see here gives you some ideas of like different angles from your products like a close-up of your product measurements in the natural setting you can include multiple

products and the same photo so people can get an idea of different things that you make and again your personal style and brand and then I'm just gonna hit done just for the sake of it and then here you can add in your title so I think this one is something like custom colorful striped quote canvas or something like that that you can include lots of keywords and key phrases again as another way for people to search and find your products and the description is really important too on mine I kind of had it have a standard form where I list about the product different sizes that are available colors options everything and then also any general info that you want people to know about your store so I think I have something like all products are custom made and subject to three to five days processing time because I do everything made to orders give them as much information as possible because like the photos once they're on your listing they're interested so it's those pictures and those descriptions that are really going to sell them to choose you and all the other people on Etsy so that's super

super important the biggest thing if you don't get anything else from this is really to utilize these tags on Etsy at the only gives you room to tag 13 things which are basically like hash tags for your product listings so as you can see here these are I guess are all ones I've used it before or my common tags but you only get 13 so use them all for all your listings because those tags are what again relates back to the search engine my first sale came just from Etsy search and the majority of my traffic comes directly from the Etsy search bar people just looking for products on Etsy so until you kind of have a following until your social media marketing or whatever is driving your sales you're gonna have to rely on Etsy and the search from the description and all that so that's really excuse me really really important and I hope that makes sense but basically just that description those tags that title are really where you want to hit those keyword hit those key phrases that people are going to be searching to find your products and then the description and the photos are what makes your sale compared to everybody else so those are

super important but like I said you can always always go back update edit and improve them later on and then here you can add in lots of other information and I love Etsy because they make it all super simple and you can add in as much or as little information as you want but from being a shop around and see for so long I know that I like to see as much information as possible especially if somebody's unsure about buying you never know what extra little detail or information is going to make them feel more comfortable and decided to buy your stuff which is the whole point so you really just want to make them as feel as comfortable and it's informed as possible I've been talking for too long I'm starting to lose focus here to actually make the sale and then you can also add in your price your quantity and you can do variations here so for this one I have different size canvases and then of course at different colors for the actual products so you can add that in for variations you can add different prices for the different sizes everything Etsy really has thought of everything and they make it super easy so I hope that was helpful for just kind

of showing you a little bit behind the scenes of what it's actually like from the back end to actually upload listings which are going to be what sells and now I've got a ton of stuff laid out on my bed that I just want to talk about for a minute because probably what stumped me the most that I haven't mentioned yet and that I will talk about in the blog post as well was product shipping I was so clueless and so lost for the first couple months and it was like painful to try and figure out how I see shipping works and maybe that was just me being naive but I'm sure if you've never really dealt with that before it might be confusing for you too before you can make sales you need to have a way to actually ship your products you need envelopes you need boxes you need something to actually be able to send out your product and that I kind of is where I kind of miss the mark right off the bat and definitely something I wish I would have known beforehand let me show you the ones that I have right now i buy all my shipping products on Amazon so I have these bubble mailers I come in a pack of like 15 or 25 or something for a good deal and then all my different

size campuses fit in here so I use these for pretty much everything I have a smaller size these are just a different version that are older that I still have this as a smaller size and then this is a larger size if you're starting out to go for a bigger size that's gonna fit everything versus I had started out with these two sizes and this one was too small for some of my products so especially if your products are something flat or similar in size definitely make sure you have definitely check out the measurements and make sure you have padded envelopes or boxes or something that are actually going to fit your products right off the bat because that can be kind of confusing and then Etsy also has a lot of shipping options which I'm sure if you've bought anything online you're familiar with you know first-class mail Priority Mail to day Express Mail and it gets very confusing from the backend of providing shipping options for your listings and I am still no master at that but let me tell you the mistake that I made first off so I have listed items with Poshmark before another selling app that's good for selling like used

designer clothes and all Poshmark shipping is standard Priority Mail only Priority Mail not first-class mail I didn't really consider the fact that all Etsy shipping was not standard like Poshmark so if you didn't you can actually get free Priority Mail only Priority Mail shipping materials like this or like bubble mailers but they're all specifically for Priority Mail directly from USPS you can order them for free on USPS website and then they'll mail in to you for free so I've at your door awesome you can get as many as you want but you can only use these for Priority Mail labels which I guess I just kind of was an oversight on my part because I was so used to Poshmark with everything automatically being Priority Mail so I only had Priority Mail labels from the beginning but then all my ex--you products were listed just normal shipping so if they're not doing priority mail you have to get your own shipping materials so I hope that made sense I know that was a little confusing but basically my problem was that I didn't realize not all the shipping was priority on Etsy like it is on Poshmark

but you can't make that setting if you don't want to buy your own shipping labels but the cost of shipping does factor in to the customers decision of whether or not they're gonna buy your product so if they can shop with somebody else who has at lower shipping rates that might be make or break decision so just keep that in mind but there are lots of affordable shipping materials available and I will link the ones that I use below from Amazon I hope this was helpful for you like I said I will have a blog post with as many details as I can pack in there because I can only talk so fast and pack in so much into the video but I really do hope this was helpful and if you're wanting to start an Etsy store I hope this can be your little inspiration than your a little push to just do it go for it it's so much fun and it's so worth it and you can go at your own pace and xeu really doesn't make it so easy it will also have some products and helpful tips linked down below and the blog post in the description all that good stuff stay tuned for more Christian content I post about college lifestyle lots of fun stuff so make sure you're subscribed

thank you for watching and for hanging out with me I hope you subscribe and decide to stick around so you don't miss any of my future content and it tells you again I hope you have a great day