13 September 2018

HOW TO SLAY AF your Makeup look | Laura Monroy

Hello mi gente linda! My beautiful people! I'm dropping this video of me getting my makeup doneee For this video I used different types of products from ...

oh let me hint there what's up you guys

welcome back to my channel today's video I'm gonna show you guys how I created this makeup look using some of my favorite products as well as some products from the drugstore which I think they're pretty good and very affordable because who wouldn't want to save someone so if you guys like what you see and want to see how I did it keep on watching first I'm gonna start by priming my eye and I'm gonna be using this little eyeprimer I got this one from the drugstore but I'm not sure what the name is next I'm gonna be setting that with some setting powder and this one is by fit me Maybelline I'm gonna tap that onto it just so easy sets my primer now for my eye shadow I'm gonna be going with Tarte in Tartu let I'm grabbing a big brush and this one is by Q oh it's a crease shadow brush I don't have a number but it looks like these so now I'm gonna be going in with smarty-pants which is this one right over here this one I'm gonna be applying that on to my eye crease okay next I'm gonna go with a sweetheart just this shade right over here no not that one that's the one I'm gonna go ahead and start applying some

of the rebel it's this one right over here the wonder it's a little darker and I'm gonna do the same thing but focusing on the top of my eye crease and bringing it in words and then upwards it so now that I have a base I'm gonna go in with something that it's darker I'm gonna grab a smaller brush when I go in with that one using leader which is right over here so I'm gonna go ahead and apply that on to my eye crease I'm gonna go in with a small brush and I'm gonna take that shade again leader and just tap on a little bit more I mean you can go as darker as you want but I want my shade to go a little darker I don't think I was recording when I did my eyelashes here what I did is I CRO my eyelashes first then I applied this mascara which is by Max Factor and what I was saying is that I can find this mascara anywhere else and I don't know if I was able to show you guys the eyelashes I was gonna use which are from Sephora collections they're very dramatic there this one's right here and they are number 34 and the Vivi licious Levi's delicious I don't know if I'm saying it right there you go first I'm gonna start with my foundation

and then I'm gonna do my under eyes right after I bought this oil this is from the drugstore it was $6.99 and it's called and Morgan and grace Australia oh never mind it's a mango and macadamia face room so is this one right over here you guys I'm gonna go ahead and start applying that on to my face and I use it as a moisturizer so it's a serum but it could be as a moisturizer I'm gonna mix two foundations and these are from the drugstore these foundation first over here it's fit me but Maybelline this is in a shade 240 golden beige weight over here so as you can tell this one's pretty dark for my skin color it's so I'm Graham X that with this L'Oreal infallible Pro glow and this is the shade 202 so as you can see this one's too light for my skin color so I'm Graham exists you when I add two drops of fit me hydrate smooth foundation to one of the L'Oreal I'm gonna go ahead and add one too and I'm just gonna add a drop of this one right over here now I'm gonna use a brush and mix those two that makes them very well so I'm gonna go ahead and

apply that on to my face when I use my beauty blender to blend that on for my under I am gonna be using this Maybelline New York studio and this is an eyebrow brush and I'm gonna use this under my eye so now I'm gonna go ahead and use some of that same shade that I use for my eyelid and I'm gonna use it on there my eye then I'm gonna go with a little brush and gently just fill then a little bit so for my light contour i'm using this covergirl trublend I really like this concealer it's a little lighter than my usual no actually it's darker than the usual concealer I use but that's what I like about it now I'm going to add my dark contour sure I have the covergirl trublend it's lit but in this shade doesn't say what shade it is but it's just really dark and I really like this shade a lot when I go and add that on to my bone gosh this is a drugstore product and seriously it works so good I love it I look like a crazy woman right now I promise you you look better it's a lighter baking powder just like that when I use this flat beauty blender and I'm gonna add some on to my under-eye

what and while that's setting I am going to do my little I'm going to use this pencil liner it's by covergirl in this shade is shade two hundred sublime I usually start from my lower lip line now I'm gonna go ahead and remove the excess and I just added a little piece a necklace piece I'm not adding earrings right now but I could I'm gonna go ahead and spray set all that end and then I'll add some highlight for the finishing spray I'm gonna use these by NYX Cosmetics and I'm gonna have go ahead and spray that on and I'm gonna apply some this is a bronzer by hoola benefit I love this bronzer seriously one of the best and I'm gonna use this brush and just runs that out feel like I'm gonna play a little bit of on my nose so I'm gonna use this one and just shape that gosh I think I applied too much but what I can do is just fix that using my baking powder okay so we're almost done good look now I'm gonna go ahead and apply some highlighter and I decided to use this huda beauty highlighter this one right here which I already apply a little bit on my lipstick as well just to give it a little bit of a shimmery look and I'm

gonna spray these that is close but quite far there you go I'm gonna add the highlighter and I'm gonna start from actually closer to my eyebrow so I'm just gonna make it a little smaller I'm gonna start from my eyebrow and going down all the way well just like that and maybe add a little bit of here see that highlighting over there I'm gonna do the same for the other so I love this liquid lipstick by Geoffrey start is just perfect and I feel like it's quite mad it lasts for a long time he's very mad so I ended up adding a little bit of the Santorini highlight so this is the final look I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial give it a thumbs up subscribe and I will see you guys in my next video what bye bye like that or like that no okay how about that never mind okay cut it