08 May 2017

How To Prevent Makeup From Sweating Off | Summer Proof Long Lasting Makeup Tips And Tricks

Hi my Beauties! today's video is about How to prevent makeup from melting down in summer. In this video I have share 12 Tips n Tricks to make your makeup ...

hi my beauties welcome to my channel and

today I'll tell you how to prevent you makeup from melting down in this hot sweaty weather and also it's for wedding season you need to attend parties you need to dance as well as you need to look flawless and beautiful at the same time so here are the few tips that are gonna help your makeup stay all day long so the tip number one is always work on skin washed face and if you have oily skin then Robin I asked you for a minute on the areas which tend to get oily this will help to prevent excessive oil secretion number two use a toner before applying your moisturizer or starting off with your Misco this will help to tighten up your pore and at the same type rivets excessive oil seepage tip number three always use a moisturizer before applying your makeup because your skin needs moisturization even if you have oily skin because if you don't provide moisture from the outside source then your skin or the sebum glands in your skin cells they get hyper activated and produce more and more of oil making it more oil always apply a primer before applying your makeup and apply it onto the areas which tends to get more oily and if you have oily skin go for a

mattifying primer primer helps your makeup to last longer and as well as the mattifying primer will help with your look fresh all the time next and the very important tip is to always go light with you before don't go heavy with your days because at the end of the time it may make you makeup look cakey and always try to go for a BB cream CC cream or a light or medium coverage foundation of course if you are attending any party then go for a heavy coverage foundation and always use our Beauty sponge to blend you makeup because this helps to blend you makeup flawlessly and makes it looks more natural the next step is to how to apply concealer onto your under-eye area so don't apply too close to your under-eye yup light little away and that too very little of the product and then try to blend it towards your eyes because if you do it otherwise then what happens is your concealer tends to crease a lot the next step is baking your concealer so for those who don't know what baking is and how does it work so let me tell you baking is actually putting layers of powder on top of your concealer and then letting it rest for five to ten minutes

and after that just a fall and what it actually does is it actually apps the concealer in between the skin and the layers of powder and thereby it tends to just increase the temperature that you know higher and then just melting down all the concealer onto your skin gently flawlessly and getting hooked over there so that it doesn't move from its place and doesn't look oily even if you are dancing or it is hot out there and also don't forget to set your whole face with a compact and therefore in-between touch-ups first use a blotting sheet or a tissue paper and just blot the excess of the oil and sweat and then go with your compact you know this will avoid making your foundation looking cakey next tip is don't forget to eyelids if you have oily lids then always go for a primer before applying your eye shadows it will help you I shadows last longer in case if you don't have a primer you can apply your concealer and then set it with your loose powder next step is avoid too much of clean base products instead or your blusher you can move with a cheek stain because that stays for long and if you don't have that and you can simply go

with your powder blush and if you have plain blush then go with it and then set it with powder for your highlighters always choose for our powder highlighter because being for liquid highlighter doesn't have long the same power and also it may thin few look like this after some time so if you want to avoid this situation then go with your powder highlighter and apply the limited areas as the highest points of the key center of your face and but at the same time I would suggest you not to apply it on to your Cupid's bow because it again stems to make it you know look more oily and doesn't look nice when you are sweating and when it is hot go with a matte lipstick because again the glossy lipstick gems we need to move look more oily and it doesn't look nice when you are sweating that's what I feel so over the matte lipstick or a long-lasting lipstick so if you don't have any matte lipstick then what you can do is apply a layer of lipstick whichever you have and then got it with tissue then go with the second layer and then again put a tissue and apply some loose powder on top of it so this will help your lipstick last much longer as

well as at the same time it makes your lipstick look nice next is to finish it off with our makeup setting spray it is a very crucial step it helps to you know bring out all the makeup products together it helps to blend them together and give it a more flawless look and also it takes away all the puffiness of the makeup and it tends to make it more natural skin light and also at the same time it helps to last your neck pop yeah and then go work with will be tea sponge and wrap said those were my tips and tricks for how to prevent your makeup from melting down in hot weather so I hope you guys enjoyed and if so then don't forget to give it a thumbs up and also make sure to subscribe to my channel and see you in my next one till then take care bye