27 July 2015


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hello and welcome to Friday re if you

didn't know if I dairies I look back at my weekend blog for him right now I'm in Anaheim wearing a lavender jumpsuit but I didn't start the week this way let's see how my week began you have had this toy for five minutes you go right for the heart and there it is that was the heart no don't eat the heart don't eat the heart new toys in town happen to the old time oh yes you're so innocent cute hi guys happy Monday it is Monday isn't Monday it is Monday happy Monday you guys I just posted earlier today a video with Anna Akana that I am really excited about she was on an episode of nacho deep my audio and video podcast and we shot a video for my channel in correlation with that where we did the balloon challenge so if you haven't watched it it's on this channel go watch it um this is happening and I just got back from the Grove with mamrie Hart we went shopping for VidCon by the time Friday eree goes up I will I will already be at VidCon so I am chess right now watching a prank first prank and I'm trying to figure out what I want to wear yes very squeak much frustrating dang a bar got some pizzas and french fries are these

like dumb these might be really dumb and like the bad way dumb I don't know I might wear them though I've already stanked them up with my feet juices so can't take them back yeah hey guys I'm at pump restaurant from the Bravo reality series Vanderpump rules and I just want to show you how kuda bathrooms huh look at this well well well I don't understand how boys pee but very cool very cool people watching snapchat back after they happen Oh Meredith my handiwork ready oh my gosh is that a dog it does look like a dog or a dog song yeah it's very good your handwriting is better than you thought it was yeah I look like I have just really bad wrinkles on my fork looks like you're thinking really hard about this is what I'm gonna look like as an old man what do you think um things have transpired uh this is quite a what is today Wednesday morning although how you're holding the mic here like I know you're talking into it yeah I'm not holding it I mean like guys things have happened I think we just invented we reinvented say anything truly and also I kind of like myself

with the mustache I'm sorry cuz I'm looking at my own face right now or foreheads I'm hanging out with some friends tonight good morning VidCon hi sorry that's not for you well I should say it's not just for you for everyone I made it down to Anaheim for VidCon here's my lovely view then there are balconies that people sit on there I get to look at them I'm a very flattering down angle and this just happened and I am being a professional adult and I'm going to iron my clothes while I wait for Diane to bring me red balls cuz adult nice this is important business yay giving makeup done to go talk to Katie Couric because all of that is normal look who's here doing the makeup yeah I'm look who's down there just creeping on everybody in the courtyard this new height character that I am - it's all de convención Diane is in full effect on some red wine no big deal about to do a signing but night but not a photo Inge yeah hi guys it is 6 p.m. on Friday and I am so tired and this is day 2 of VidCon technically and tomorrow is my biggest day yet at VidCon I get to meet more of

you I got to meet a bunch of you this morning it's so fun I'm headed out a little bit go to some other events tonight I'm just so tired yeah it's the last day of VidCon and we're in the green room waiting to go do it our side and look how festive and exciting the green room is yes yes yes yes Hannah you look different I just got done my second Meetup my final meetup that later today we have a Q&A I'm wearing a lavender jumpsuit I'm feeling like Martha Stewart meets ghostbusters when DJ Diaz put purple on my eyes wat and I just want to take a moment to appreciate the amazing gifts you guys brought me this morning I got a french fry lunchbox with lunchbox a french fry lunchbox with snacks inside and other secrets you made shirts with goose look at that maniac French Bulldog socks what are these how why there's so many wonderful wonderful things here poutine flavored ruffles uh it's about food time for those to be in my life thank you guys thank you think you think you think you take you and Chris I learned how to curl my hair but I really shouldn't be in before I drink

there you go there's look back in my week it's been really amazing becomes not completely done but I want to thank you to everyone that I've been able to say hi to and it's been so cool I'm hoping that you are having a great moment in I don't know are you cheat Alicia's I'm at always cheetalicious