25 November 2018

How to make up to $20,000 per month on YouTube

You can make money on YouTube. Let me show you how!

guys your girl is finally back with

another boss Dave episode thank you so much for tuning in if you're new to my channel i'm jordan i'm so appreciative that you're here you guys know i have my boss babe series here on my channel just about helping you to make a living or a second or a third job on the side and teaching you how to do affiliate marketing and make money through social media grow on organic audience how to save money and plan and time management all that stuff if you're new i'll link the whole boss made playlist down below i would love if you would catch up on those episodes hopefully they can be a resource for you i've done tons of previous videos on how i have successfully made a living here on youtube within the past like four years never ever ever with the intent to like brag or like show off or anything like that i just want to make that so clear but just as being able to really do what I'm passionate about and share that back with you guys and be able to support my son is the biggest blessing in my life and just something I enjoy so much so as I've told you guys before I truly do feel like it's my duty to share that back

with other people other young female entrepreneurs and single moms I'm passionate about teaching you guys how to do the same so you can support your family you know by doing something that you really love or even if it's a second job or a side job or whatever it may be so I have done other videos on how to make money just in general on YouTube but on this video I wanted to make this video a lot more specific because I constantly get questions how exactly how much exactly can you make on YouTube how many video views do you need to make a certain amount so yeah I want it to be really transparent and just tell you guys exactly step by step like to the exact dollar amounts so in this video I'm gonna you might want to grab a pen and a paper cuz I'm gonna give you guys a few different equations of how you can make five thousand dollars a month on YouTube and we're talking about Adsense money through Google of course you can get paid extra through affiliate marketing and through sponsorships or through your own personal business that's all additional but I'm gonna be talking here specifically about getting paid through video views like through

the Google Adsense program so I'll teach you guys exactly how many views and stuff and how many times a week you need to elbow consistently to make 5 grand we're gonna talk about 10 grand a month and we're gonna talk about 20 grand a month I have never made 20 grand a month ever I'll just be upfront with you guys well not just specifically with Adsense I believe the most I ever made from Adsense which may be like 13 grand and that was sure when one of my videos blew up and got over a million views yeah with my adsense money every month plus you know my ebooks my social media courses affiliate marketing with everything all bundled together I'm able to make it a living so I know a lot of you want to make youtube videos or you already do but you're not getting paid much through Adsense and you really want to know like what threshold do you really need to hit to be able to make solid money alright so let's get into the numbers I brought up my Google Adsense account here I'm gonna be really real insurance payer and honest with you guys and share like my personal stats just cuz I don't mind so I really appreciate if you could give

this video like I brought up my video views from last month so out of the entire month I got six hundred and fifty thousand views off of all my videos combined for that month so if we go ahead and divide that by thirty days if I posted a video every single day each video would have to get 21,000 views and I made about five thousand dollars in Adsense last month so if you're a daily vlogger or a daily uploader and you are looking to make five thousand a month in Adsense that's what you would have to hit you would have to hit about 21 thousand views on every single video if you upload everyday now say you don't want to upload every day you don't have the time you might only upload two through four times a week you're gonna want to double that number you're gonna want your average video views to be around 40,000 so you post Monday Wednesday Friday you get 40,000 views on every video that's gonna even out to around a 5 thousand dollar Adsense a check now if all of your video views are at 40,000 and higher that's a pretty good average it's a pretty good rate where you can snag sponsorships so you would be able to make your Adsense money

then also probably have some sponsorships on top of that so someone with around that average may be making close to like 10,000 a month but yeah that's a really good average for you guys to try and strive and reach for if you're looking to hit that $5,000 mark with Adsense now do keep in mind that it varies on every channel it all varies based upon the CPM rates because if no one is actually clicking on the ads on your videos you will actually make less we all know that Google works with the Adsense program and you do have to run ads most people run them at the beginning of the video you do get paid whenever the person watching clicks on that ad I usually try to put like one or two in the middle of the video but I never try to go crazy or like annoy you guys I know some people have like 10 hats in the middle of a video that's kind of a lot in my opinion but that is how you get paid the more ads that have on your videos now if you're looking to make $10,000 a month through specifically just the Adsense program you're gonna want to completely double that second set of video views we just talked about so someone who uploads

consistently who has 80,000 views per video is probably making again it depends like to the dollar based upon the CPM rate based upon your your channel and how many ads you put but you that's someone who's uploading very consistently who's probably got between 80 and 90 thousand views per video last if any of you guys are going for that higher level which I think you should go for it that's what I strive for um I do have a friend who is a daily vlogger I believe all her vlogs get around 150,000 and she makes well over 20 grand a month um she doesn't post every day I want to say maybe like 3 to 4 times a week so even if you did like Monday Wednesday Friday but you get around 150,000 views per video that does equal out with the CPM right to be making a check every month through Adsense which is over 20 grand which is super super cool I know I've made lots of other phosphate videos regarding making a living on YouTube like I said about going in-depth about affiliate marketing and sponsorships if you want to review those videos but I constantly get questions exactly about how many video views you need to make a certain amount so I hope that's helpful

for you guys again I don't want you to be discouraged if your channel is not huge yet I think something I've actually done really well and I'm like it's taken me a while and I've had trial and error but I'm very proud of myself I don't clearly have a million subscribers yet and some of my videos do really well but some of them do have lower views but I'm still able to really capitalize on the views that I do get and really have it engaged you know audience with you guys in a real tribe in a real community I try to respond back to every comment as you guys know I did a video on my relationship a few days ago and it got like almost 60,000 views immediately and I've responded to every comment and that's not like to Pat me on the back that's just advice for you guys that even if you get lower views you can still snag those people to be really invested in you and your brand and your family that way when you mention a product or you shout something out they're already invested in you as a person and there's so much more likely to purchase whatever you are offering so you can definitely make a living with smaller video views and with a smaller

subscriber count so please don't let that discourage you you know you can have your own ebooks on the side and your own business this year I launched my girl boss Academy where I teach the female entrepreneurs how to make a living on Instagram and on social media so you know I have that income on the side I always advocate for people to have as much additional income as you can try to have try to set up for yourself residual income that you can make in your sleep like someone can go on my website while I'm sleeping I'm not doing any active work and they can just buy my ebook you know and I just made 10 bucks so it really really helps out everything adds up don't ever think that a small sale is not worth it or like 10 bucks here 15 bucks there isn't worth it everything adds up you guys I've been grinding on this for like four and a half years and I have learned so much about residual income and social media pay and PR graphic design and it's all just so fascinating and it totally can be done if you are on the fence about making a YouTube channel go for it as long as what you're making videos on you are passionate about because it is a

long term job and a long term like passion you can't I truly don't think you can do something for years and years and years unless you absolutely love it which is why four and a half years into the game I still upload all the time because I love what I do you know I love seeing my son on camera and editing has become fun for me so yeah I encourage you guys to give it all you got if you want to make a living or even a second or a third side job with YouTube and Instagram I'll leave my ebook down below if you're looking for a youtube or an Instagram ebook I hope this video was helpful I would love if you guys would give this a thumbs up and subscribe here to my channel I also have daily vlogs with my son and my fitness and weight loss series if you guys want to watch something you know a little difference I appreciate you guys being here I hope you have a great rest of the week and I'm gonna see you my next video bye