26 November 2018

How to make homemade soup lipstick

today I'm gonna make homemade blood loss

so I love step so what you're gonna need is some makeup which is your mind and [Music] [Music] [Music] and then apply it to your lips okay baby blue color pink suits the upper lip is not really back pink is 14 so huh I really need another brush and in the next video I'm gonna show you how to make a foundation with out [Music] without without anything but sweets and Wat I'm sweet and body wash so you can see I was a big I was a bit darker before I thought I did I put the foundation on so yeah I'm pretty happy with it yes - good baby a little bit now I think I missed and told you guys anyways and then I'm gonna make I do a tutorial was Brian like that won't do that to the next time backstep yeah I'll do it on next so this is a complete one so I just wanna actually making doesn't or you could actually cut some water and then dip to make up and apply it and then it will make great foundation so it's the found in foundation that I turned out was was

this what I used a vino so I made two bottles so I did two just cuz I was worried I'm gonna run out yeah that's mine guys