27 November 2018

How to Make a Catrina's Make Up Challenge

This is our Final Proyect Hope you like it!


this is a challenge [Music] and watch so then you'll get a sense we have papers do papers papers we want with our names here we need to choose one so so we can see you can see oh my god like Billy the Bono's so AHA layered you can choose one of those papers without tea okay quickly okay what's inside of these they are all kinds of makeup why are you doing Daniel we need to use the primer so her face will be and I'll use for some makeup primer these recurrent ears you will see on your face so like baby it's cold dang I will wait for the primary to its face okay I will use the primer for official so like its name says we will close the pores a little bit over here a little bit over here and this primer and will close of course you know to be friends okay I will food the makeup finishing spray to my pen do to make it better okay I will begin to make lies you see it's better [Laughter] [Music]

I will make the neutrals me write the shape of the I will feel all your space then I will make it word but now I'm making this [Music] my a toy now I've only done I will start doing darkness hunters and I was very tiny the light please their last like eyeliner eat love Italian hey let's watch I need a lot of precious position to disease you see now it's bitter and it's darker [Music] I will use a biography of chemical use a deckhand darker I will give over here to make it like a method now I know you think you know and this is a lot of shadows like shiny shadows and I will here's base for gosh [Music] I will use new frontiers for the other eye recharge the Uni computers okay [Music] beautiful huh why one is gold and the other one is like [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] you