20 June 2018

How to get Free makeup | Influenster KISS

How to get Free stuff from Influenster Hope you guys enjoy this review and make shore to check down bellow for a way to get your own box to review ...


yeah swim don't wanna mess with the rim day coming up the pitch but long coming up the court will be drenched hey my channel and today we are going to open up some goodies ok so today we're just going to be doing a little talk reintroducing you guys to a very very familiar company to my channel and so the YouTube world Instagram world vine I don't know I don't know if I don't even know why I said mine but so any influencers out there this should be a very familiar company for you but for those of you who just are no venerable but I got that's why you need to subscribe so make sure before I start this video you hit that subscribe button down below thank you and because you're gonna thank me later when I show you the goodies I got and how I got them for free so pretty I hadn't save it again one more time so free so this is the company by the name of influencer which this company makes a lot of buzz a lot of they are known for their products and their influencers so basically this company is a company where they send you three items they might be new they might be old they might it's just it don't matter

most of the time they're brand new and the company wants to push it out obviously they want to promote the items so they give it to people like me or like you and we just either make a video or post a blog wait yeah a boo pump I always confused a vlogging blog but they post a blog or post a video different companies actually acts for different things but I think when you first like um sign up for the website I'm sorry if I keep saying like but when you first sign up for the website they're gonna have you take like a quiz or something type some type of questioning your type thing what you just answer questions you let them know what your Instron interested in and they send you stuff according to what you put so obviously you have to do things as well like every company basically but yeah I am wrong for the company that we all know and love kiss I love the quote on here it says brings us along home which I do because we got it so long right at home literally so this is how it looks when you open it I've already opened it and I've already looked at it y'all I've recorded this video three

times so this is kind of being Brooke repetitive worry yeah so let's just be graceful and finish this video and hopefully I won't have to record it again so this is what it looks like the first time you started canva here goes the pamphlet and it just tells you a little bit more about the kiss and their new launch so now introduce them I'm press ah I'm Percy prescient um on manicure is impressed what am I talking about I'm pressed on Medicare and pedicure blowout lashes and kiss stripped last lash adhesive so these are the items that they actually stop me on here these are like different designs and stuff I didn't actually get these designs which I kind of I kind of am glad because I like the ones I got better at than these I'm just saying and then the back of the pant leg just tells you here's what's next so once you get your box you log in profile and then you check in your box and then you write a review share and but I am so this is all I have to do all I have to do actually all I have to do was share a picture and I don't even have to do this video right now I choose to do this video because I love this

company and I feel like anyone who loves free stuff should be subscribed and should have an account with influencer but anyways I'm just telling you um I'm excited about the nails I'm bout to do them right now so this better be the last time I record this because I'm telling you I'm not recording it again so these are the nails and they bring 30 nails 30 blue matte nails and six accent nails so that means you can do it how you want you can do it have the young lady up there has it where she has the accent nail and just one nail or you can do it all like two nails it's up to you you got six accent go crazy sis and then they have the pedicure I was excited about these but now that I look at them I'm not so excited because I got some badass told toenails and I don't think these little ass nails are gonna fit my most badass toes but imma try this that was everything that was in my influencer box my kiss me influencer box Thank You Influenster for sending me these products for views I did to try everything out I'm bout to my nails right now so I'll be flying is you oh yeah

but anyways thank you for watching this video I hope you guys liked it make sure to thumbs it up and don't forget to subscribe and turn your post notifications on I finally have my camera you guys so the videos are about to be lit you feel me so yeah until next time you