05 February 2019

How to get big sexy hair in under 10 minutes

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hi my love's welcome back so you join me

in the beautiful bow-wow Resort in Indonesia because Kane and I are currently on our honeymoon and we've been traveling around to all these tropical places for the last three weeks or so so there's been something that I've been doing for the last couple of weeks I've been traveling that has been an absolute lifesaver and I wanted to share it with you guys so because I find that when I'm on vacation or in holiday I really don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready in the bathroom like I want to get up get a little bit ready and go out and explore straight away I want to go hiking or go on a boat or you know an activity snorkeling or something like that but because we're on our honeymoon and we have all these like cute date nights and we're doing like a lot of dinners and picnics I still want to look kind of cute you know so I still want to like get a bit of makeup on and get it a little bit of hair done I don't want to just completely let it all hang out as soon as I become the wifey he's back there editing so I figured out a way to do my hair a lot quicker than I normally do at home my hair seems to take me a really long time I normally

use a curling iron and so obviously you have to like sit there and hold the curling iron in and it just seems to take me ages so what I've been doing instead of using a curling iron I actually got myself this little travel pack of hot rollers which is awesome because you can multitask so I've pretty much been like waking up throwing these in my hair it takes like maybe five minutes to put them in and then while they're in I do like a little bit of makeup and then by the time I make up Sun I take these out and I've got like these big voluptuous beachy kind of curls it looks like you have like a hairdresser blowout and honestly I think it takes like max ten minutes so I've currently got six of the biggest rollers on there I think these are 50 mil they're quite big there's like different sizes in the pack this pack here is from Silver Bullet and this is actually really quite compact so I'm just going to pop that on there but I'll show you what the it comes in this so it comes in like a little travel which is super handy and then it's got the little clips to hold them all in place as well as you guys know I love my

lucky extensions so I've still been popping them in and they actually sent me this cool travel pack it's like this little garment bag and then basically then I'm like a little hanger so I'm currently mixing the ombre chestnut with the dirty blonde so I'm just gonna pop those in like normal so this bottom layer here I'm just gonna pin away because my hair is still too short at the bottom there so you can definitely see these bits if I leave them out so this I kind of tuck away into a bun and I pop the extensions on top of that to get some grip in here so that I can back home it and really get the extensions sitting tightly I'm using this powder it's by David mallet this one has gold dust but it just happens to be the only one I brought and I honestly I kind of like it because all the gold dust kind of falls on my shoulders and stuff like that which I think looks really nice and summery anyway but they have one with AB gold dust in it as well it's one of those like gritty gritty powders so I'm just gonna spray that and then just backcomb this and pin it up with bobby pins I'm actually using the camera display as a mirror at the moment so if

I get really close to see what I'm doing that's why I just don't have a mirror in front of me okay so it doesn't really matter what this looks like I basically just pinned this up in a little bun and what you want is just to get that as flat as possible so you don't want really any volume there and then I'm just gonna grab these the trick with layering different color extensions is to go into darker one first because obviously your the nape of your neck here it typically has a bit of a darker color if you have mixed tones so I put this one underneath and then I go for a blond one and I put that on top just keep layering them like that [Music] so by the time I've finished clipping these in these are now hot and ready to go you can tell because they've got a red dot on them now which they didn't before so essentially the way I've been laying them out is like of this clip that side away and clip that side away so now I have this middle sort of Mohawk II section that I'm going to work on at first I've also kept the middle section free at the back I'm gonna take one of these big rollers and just wrap that

around in that direction towards the back of my head then grab a little clip now found you can kind of wedge the clip into the base of your head and that is the best way to hold it in place then I go and do the same thing to the little Mohawk key section right behind it so this is what I've got going on at four big rollers at the top there and these two side bits still to go so I'm gonna pull it one side out and take this whole front section there and again with a bigger roller this one I'm gonna pop in towards my face like that so in the meantime my little heat tray here only has one left on it so what I'm gonna do is get these little medium-sized ones and start to heat these up while I'm rolling these in they only take about thirty seconds or so to heat up they're super quick but I need a few more so I'm going to use this one and just wait for these to heat so these are already hot so I'm gonna take these last few sections and use a slightly smaller hot roller just to create a curl that okay and that's it so that is all my hair up in these rollers and then normally what I do now is like do my makeup or have some breakfast make a

coffee anything like that you can just multitask while this is curling your hair and then in about five minutes I'll just pull them out I give you let's see what we've got so basically just pull these out and I just basically let them fall down and cool well that one was a bit chunky and it's run a quick brush through it so that was literally at less than 10 minutes to do this and I have found that this has been dealing quite well with the humidity it looks kind of full on right now but once I head outside and start you know playing around and exploring and everything it does fall out a little bit but in sort of a nice way because you still have these big loose waves all throughout so I found this really works for me while I'm traveling especially and I don't want to take too much time getting ready and I still feel like cute on a little donuts and stuff so if that's helpful if you've never tried rollers before maybe give them a crack I'm finding them really useful and quite fun and you also feel really fancy with it and you feel like a lady like sip a little tea we do hot rollers in anyway

my love's hope you liked the video if you did please leave it a thumbs up make sure you check out our vlogs from our honeymoon as well because we've been having so much fun and hands been putting together these like incredible cinematic vlogs and they're definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen them already so for now I'll love and leave you and see you in the next video bye [Music] [Music]