31 October 2018

How to dress up as a creepy doll. Makeup tutorial

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today is actually Halloween so I'm gonna be dressing up and in for today's video um it's a makeup tutorial so yeah so I just have this white face paint so I'm gonna make my face all white so I'll see you after that so before I paint my face white I'm just gonna put this black headband on my head keep my hair out of the way so yeah so I'm just putting little bits on at a time yeah I'll be doing like almost my entire face sorry yeah I'm trying to get my face to be like really white so yeah so I've just on my face I think it looks pretty good I have no idea why I did my borin cuz I'll be putting my hair over it so yeah next thing I'm gonna do I'm gonna use this and I'm gonna draw red I'm gonna draw red circles on my cheeks so yeah so I've just done the first circle I think it looks pretty good so now I'm gonna do the second one for you guys so try and do it as neat as you can then you color it in tell me in the comments if you think they look the same sir now I'm gonna some lipstick oh here it is

there's tons in a pack so you can get these at like your cosmetic shop so yeah so I've just done my lips and I'm also gonna put a little bit of black around it there it is so yeah so just put black around it my mouth looks pretty right now so yeah now and just need to find a good outfit and then that's my Halloween costume so I just got some clothes together so the character I'm dressing up has she wears a dress but I don't have a white dress so I just have a white shirt and some shorts and then my cat the character also has some some pretty dark eyelashes so I'm just going to put some mascara on so yeah so I'm just on my mascara and then the last thing to do is my hair so just taking my headband out now I'm gonna put this wax in my hair so it looks like I have bangs cuz the character she has some bangs and two plugs but I'm not going to do the parts cuz my pants too way too short so yeah so just done my hair I reckon I look pretty good tell me in the comments what you think I am and I'll tell you who I am sir yeah sorry this is my brother's question yeah sir I think we're gonna go now so I'm gonna use ie ie so I'm gonna

use this bag that I painted it has my name on it it has its patent on it and I love it because I haven't used it for a while sorry yeah I'm gonna end this video yeah make sure you like subscribe and turn on those price notifications because I have a load of not coming videos so I hope you guys enjoy and I'll see you guys in the next video