23 September 2018

How to do make up for kids ( read description)

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5:12 for those were 12 but not up not under not not like the kids so more like one you know to be really beautiful because they're going to be small and became damaged your skin so that's why so so if you're doing the makeup so be sure that you know if you have safe makeup for kids then you can do it so for those who are here so for those who are makeup on I'm gonna teach you how to do makeup okay guys so first I have my makeup kit and this is a really safe kick oh you could see my camera my camera and my tripod it's like this I use it a lot so first what you want to do and what you want to do is get your brush or like cereal is fun and then you're gonna put the powder in there but not come see it says concealers not bad I'm gonna here's my brush and I'm gonna fit it into my mouth okay so I put in a powder it is as you can see this is how it so then what you want to do is you have to stand in front of a mirror because it's kind of hard to do so you want to get down into your eyes and this is not fair like the kids don't like holding it so tight like so much time and I don't even okay so oh my gosh what that happened

and then you want to put it on the other side so let me get it from it and if you can see what this is this is my birthmark it doesn't get on it doesn't get off then what you're thinking this is this remembered my to see it you have your implant on the blue side and be sure to put your hair back because I mean my hair don't is me I know that but it's powder in here and you can use any powder but it's but you cannot use comes here see you there because they forbade people like my sister is 21 and if your teenager then you can do it if you're a teenager then you can do it comes you know if you're adult you can do because you know if you're old you could do a pen to paper you would be like that someone see me oh whatever okay so we're gonna do it sometimes I want to cover this oh my gosh I look so different and know it so I don't still see it yeah me too I can still see that there oh my gosh can you see that guys but not in this room please brilliant if it's not even blending so then you can move the sponge and I'm gonna get my sponge rub it in your skin if you have a fun anything

that you can use your fingers but sponge is the best friend yeah best biased is red which is you are mate yeah I was born pink in my sister's my true sister is my adult sister and my small sister like I said I'm born in the middle when I say can I color with you he says you're too old and when I say my message I can I say the movie video she says you're too young I'm like stuck in the middle like you okay [Music] today we're gonna put your powder again [Music] guys now I'm gonna voiceover because ma I'm gonna oh can you let me talk for a minute okay I'm gonna watch over because my sister is talking so yeah I'm gonna realize that right so okay so no voice alright so you want to take their sponge and scrub it all over their head and face and whatever you would and it's been really disgusting so and if you want your neck to be right so you can put it on your neck but I'm doing it on my neck because I want my neck to be like why am I talking so much okay later you're gonna put it on your neck and I

won so it depends on which color you have your shirt so here's my palette and now we are gonna get the pink color that I want so now you can see the pink cute pic cutie pink color so I'm gonna put in my eye and it's really cute guys it's a really cute color so yeah it's a really cute color so and it depends on which shirt and which shoes in which purse and which lady here wearing and you can choose any you would know me [Music] again okay guys so you're back - voiceover now I'm gonna take the same time I put in my other eye oh my gosh right oh my gosh I'm so bad I'm so bad at makeup I put some more because it's it's not the same color so it's the same color but I'm gonna blend it really good Lee it looks so good first time I did my makeup good all right kind of cut me from that side now it's good and now I'm gonna do my lip one so I have like pinkish reddish lipstick and I have another breast like like my eye palette - it's just like same but it's like different so yeah and then you're gonna put that on your lips and I put it really carefully because I

do not do not want to get it out of my lips oh my gosh I put it so much lipstick I hate lipstick seriously guys I hate lipstick so what I did for oh my gosh I'm so so here's now I'm going to put it on my cheek like a highlighter it's like a sparkly pink highlighter so yeah advisor Bai guys I'm I do not like pink color I like blue color I'm just doing this doing this because it's my t-shirt color so yeah and now we're gonna do mascara that's the scariest thing if it gets in my eyes if it gets in my eyes I mean scream but I really carefully do it I never see in the mirror because I can if I see it I mirror then I cannot do it oh that looks cute okay so I'm gonna do it from the other side oh my gosh that's that doesn't hurt this okay so I put in my sky right now it's I'm like that eyeliner I don't know what to call it like I pencil oh my god what that I did that for it I pencil whatever it is it's gonna really hurt it's hurts you have to put a like order your girl like don't you keep calm so I did that and I'm doing that right now too okay so I mean really a yard and this is

my makeup so I just like took a lipstick out because I hate lipstick and I'm gonna clean this makeup so this is 13 minutes so if you don't want 13 minutes and we go okay whatever bye guys