27 November 2018

How to do Glitter Cut Crease| Cut Crease For Beginners| Fall Makeup Look| Part 1

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Louise bass and the color Roman 32 prime my eyes and I'm just taking a morphine 173 birthda birthday and I'm just gonna apply that all over my [Music] [Music] so when you're applying these banks you want to make sure that you're putting it all over your lid and you want to make sure that your current ain't eat that you're putting it on that evilly Jacqueline helped Ali and I'm just gonna take that red color then just go Pat that come on [Music] we first we just wanna pick it out I'm gonna do mental sure do a knows he respects all area [Music] and then we better go come back and I want to bring it out of the inner corner a little bit to make sure that I thought cut the crease whooping hey son will you stop without a bow [Music] you can take a little bit on it on flippy bridge and I'm using a more be 505 see I'm kind of merging them into each other I'm kind of going on the Agent Orange and what is gonna like

circle [Music] they know you you have to be really patient when it comes to blending blush I like to just go back before so now you want to go in let another blood be more be brush to blend that that so what I'm gonna do so yo land up that orange a little bit you wanna give like Ames yellow Oh [Music] blend it out shut up [Music] [Music] now don't be scared I might seem like the color may be bad when bit it's okay we're gonna build it all better just blue [Music] you're making sure not to lose any one of the colors going back in with that horrid making sure that and I'm going back instead of real that go brownish blackish color doing a manicure will [Music] you want to go back in with the dark green patches Pat some on her head like

this like this [Music] they just go back and I'm just using the sideburns for all over I mean some people like to just change a lot of brushes with me personally I'll make a difference to me to butter right you see how you can see optical at once you want to make sure that you're not losing any of their color at all even when you're blending out is stuff out you want to make sure that you're going back into those previous color and blending them when they do and we just go you this fancy Louise Bates cameraman three okay so the first thing I do is I just put some part of all the lead that's the very first I gotta put a little edge [Music] okay son now what you want to do is for my people who are beginners oujet now like I do cut crease this is the trick look up so you look up just like that I'm gonna love it more right here cuz I won't think crease tagajo yourself well look up again so now you gotta get that foundation sheet and you just followed it take a little bit more

[Music] the birds that I use the peck that I shut off simply because it still has a little bit of a trouble use there and I'm also going to a buffer brush by the way you use the buffer brush to buff a little bit in its concealer [Music] that's what I'm just panicles Hilary Amanda just a bit dry you'll have to put any more partisan and you know use that the Bubba you [Music] and on this point you should hang on the cover and pass it on [Music] now we got their handles next I looks [Music] and I'm new gonna take that little boy every breath that I use with the brown to blend I'm making sure that hit that edge part to help blend it out easy I'm down right in the inner corner but I'm kind of making my birdie at the edge work it's the big that you want to do [Music] [Music] your message is going back over like how

you did the crease and we're just gonna sections [Music] now you want to just grab somebody a hard candy glitter just basically just go grab a little bit of their bread [Music] it's over this applies the morning glitter and I'm basically using this as a base and using it start at the other things mistakes take a little bit it for him sit on it you know this is gonna pop up take a little bit of that yellow just popping it on there what's gonna like the yellow orange cone popping it on there okay take uh someone else it is in no particular order I'm just gonna jizz go honor and I just went over to cut crease to top Lizzy and then I will pay then I'm as scared and I'm using is the last paradise mascara you get this from your local Walgreens ain't trash popping in a mousse or trying to stack I hope you've been doing you let me kiss you buddy about the shoes open the legs let me see the lip so make you fools stroking good day by myself soldier for you [Music]

but wouldn't lash and we're gonna put a little moon and we're gonna use an icon chunky and is in the color champagne [Music] bottom lashes and I'm gonna be using a cherry blossom and it's in a number 702 and yeah Black Radiance powder thank you guys for watching this completes the eye look if you guys want to see how I did the rest of this face then please watch part two thank you [Music] so I need to be I need [Music]