19 December 2018

How to do a natural colorful face of makeup and how to make new clothes!

Ummm... ya, this is what you signed up for.

hi dear guys it's me oops you need 200

and today I'm gonna be making a video for you guys so this video is gonna be about how to get beautiful so this is not only to makeup it's like everything you hear come on let's get started let's start with clothes so obviously this shirt it's like what ten dollars I don't know so we're [Music] I don't have anything that good primer stuff it's this stay in place makeup oh I only use this because I can bronzer star bronzer intense it's beautiful shadow its 2018-19 now it could be anything nope it's not that and yet some that beautiful this up anyways oh yes I can't brush I'm using deep this color design kitten heel shimmer yeah oh it's beautiful no don't brush getting on here it works I'm gonna make it through anyways what's this so this is giving me like a powerful that's just how it's gonna be so first you can take this and stay yeah Walter palette it's brand-new brand-new so take the brush in it then take some of this blue take sound-up blue and put

it on the brush and by and make sure not to get it everywhere look I totally did it anyways yeah that you have it let's put it I look beautiful no just clean the brush up on your hand yeah who cares no I now got some of this purple right next to blue no let's put it like on the corner or whatever it's called [Music] I'm beautiful okay that's good what's this that's mascara I'll use the safety day used for the blush eyeshadow okay so just it's over it on again it's color design the Kennedy you know it's pink pretty okay now it's kind of like a bubble hairs you don't want my eyebrows are now guys now my eyebrows are pretty good who cares my eyebrows this is a Sephora professional what profession you are now brow 1/3 is I don't know just come back brows you know what I do to that perfect already okay anyways don't use this Revlon Colorstay brow pencil so let's just mm-hmm beautiful you know my brows aren't good enough so oh no I broke it my mom just gonna tell me okay who cares

[Music] okay this is like a beautiful natural glow color thing so yeah I use the other side of the prior thing to like I think it's gorgeous stay ultimate okay so we're not just going like all boring good why not just kind of do my color let's do mini it's sta well done pure color out of it that's register net yes this meadow stars Rover I don't know what it is for about two this so put it oh I think this is for lips oh it's plenty it's fine it feels very good what's this looks like a purple that's really pretty this is from everything I don't know what the signature is it's like oh oh okay you know since I'm not really how many people I said let's just do this because it's pretty okay now that's it but we need to do more oh this stuff okay that's it for makeup wait wait wait I forgot me to use this at stay out older double wears stay in place makeup makeup stay please what is this I think this is just taking my makeup off sit your ass off it's not making my makeups in place just taking

my makeup off dang it this is such a ripoff it's not uh-huh but people are beautiful [Music] beautiful beautiful yes