12 August 2015

How To Contour Your Lips Using Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick | Sephora

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hey guys it's Kat Von D and today I want

to show you how to achieve this look this look actually was inspired by seeing the millions of tutorials that are out there right now on like how to contour or how to add dimension to your lips um I mean there's a lot of really great ones out there but I feel like they're all like super natural-looking and as many of you know I'm not really too big on natural-looking for the first step I'm going to set the groundwork by starting off with double-dare this is a really great transitional color of course I love wearing this shade by itself but for the purpose of this look and for adding that dimension we're going to use this as the starting point I'm just simply going to use the existing component like no fancy brushes for this because we're basically just putting on lipstick one thing I love about this formula is that like the dry down time is really perfect it doesn't dry too quickly so you do have time to push some of the formula around if you need to but once it's dry it's locked in which is nice in order to really create a lot of dimension you know it's kind of like

contouring whatever you want to you know come forward we're going to highlight more so obviously to add more depth we're going to use the darker shades like you know more like in the corners of the mouth or to create a little bit more definition alright so this is my one of my ultimate favorite shades it's called maspiro - I know a lot of you guys love this shade - it's like this awesome brick shape so we're going to take that brush that I just showed you and then just grab a little bit of that formula now I'm going to create a little bit a lot of depth just defining the corners of my mouth this is just like a little smudge brush but I found that these brushes were really great for like pulling down shades into other shades so it's kind of like a controlled shading tool so I'm going to dip that into nosferatu same shade and then starting at like you know the defined shape that you have at the top just dabbing it like so and then just pulling it down so I'll do it a couple times so you guys can see I mean even though it's like really sloppy right now you can kind of get the general idea of what we're doing here

we're adding a lot of dimension by bringing that little pouted look and making it come forward next I'm going to go back to double dare that original shade and the reason for this is obviously this is super choppy so we're going to take a new brush a more fluffier one I like this one it's just a pro cream shadow brush and it's got a nice little dome on it I think it lends itself to making some smooth gradations so that's what we're going to try and do now so the next little step is super subtle I'm going to do it on my lips because personally I don't have that much dimension on my bottom lip so this is going to add just a tiny bit more than just you know making a highlight here so I'm going to take that nos for optical I'm going to be really careful and just just dab like a teeny tiny bit on it right and then we're just going to dab this on the center of your bottom lip you can kind of see how it like already makes it start to look like there's some roundness there before I put away Nosferatu I'm going to go ahead and just make sure and check all my edges last but not least let's add that extra

little highlight so I'm going to use this lovely color called Noble one other thing that to me is so special about this formula and actually works really well when you're doing something like this is the fact that it's really blendable obviously but it's buildable the cool thing about this formula is that it is pretty velvety and you can put a pretty good amount of layers and still pull up a really great look normally I think when people try to show you like a how-to on how to add dimension or change the shape or contour your lips they like to show you like a before and after which I have no problem showing you of before with me with no lipstick but I think more importantly I'd like to also show you an after of what this red looks like without any of the highlighting because you can really see the difference in using these you know a few simple tricks to add dimension in comparison to something that's like an opaque solid red lip blue so there you have it this is the completed look and I hope you really liked this tutorial and hopefully you know are inspired to do your own look using this I think my best advice that I

could give you is don't contour if you don't need to but if you want to go for it