27 November 2018

HOW TO: Clean my Make up Brushes | AshOnTheGo

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hi everyone and welcome back to my channel and in today's video I'm gonna share to you how I clean my makeup brushes but before I do that I'm gonna show you the universe or if I pocket AHA - a new one in Burgess for and on again I got my cup and a nice vanilla so let's start first with my face brushes so I have it here in this coca-cola glass and I have my face brushes here so let's start first with this one so I got this too from SM a I think that little novella cover I think 200 pesos automatically named and you our foundation brushes been even as a sister Co but I have here the powder brush it's super soft and the blush brush so this is my ultimate favorite and in the back order to manipulate about brushes for because I know that when again the payment process and a beautiful before so that's that powder brush and then blush brush and then I have here one that I got from Daiso I use this for contort as you can see it's slanted and perfect shot for Concord only got this for 88 pesos acting so this brush naman I use this for high night well I am but I don't eat the South eyes and then I have this one

for more you know this is the end 32 blush I use this powder if I'm gonna use it like a more compact powder but in fact if I'm gonna use a setting powder or you want to loose powder I'm gonna use this one so it's perfect for compact powders it's a dense shine and bizarre hey thank you so much I have this one from show real doppelganger fotonovela 69 data so this is 40 light as and angled brush so yeah and then I have my eye brushes in this case this is from Sigma most of my eye brushes are from Sigma I have this small angle e65 I have this eye shading e55 this tapered blending in 40 I have the pencil in 13 and then this eyeliner yo fire so that and then I have one from Mario not in 37 and then one from both so now I'm gonna show you guys what are you certainly my brushes in the tools this is what I use to keep my brushes is the Johnson's baby shampoo oh yeah I know yellow horizontal long she separate cells and then I also use this one I got this from mini so I only got this for 149 pesos and I like this better than brush I visited by in brush Eggman is NASA ion she said two fingers

but for this I could put it this way and parody Tomo 82 good money listen your brushes so yeah those are my brushes and the things I use to clean my brushes and now let's go on and clean my makeup brushes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's not what you're doing get in the moment Oh show me some movement there you can do it oh yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] okay I think that's pretty much it you know you're gonna do a cost-effectiveness nothing major process super simple laughs and I usually clean my makeup brushes like at least one to

two weeks depending is Indian manner for every day like my makeup a and I make sure enough for this one for my eye brushes I never like a pictures me to someone thinner dicks to Sigma but I had a flu shot and then you know usually our face brushes for if they come on another guy but I clean them at least once a week so dependent on Agassi Metallica for everything and we make up but yeah I hope this video helps you and I hope you enjoyed watching and if you did make sure that you like and subscribe don't forget to click the belly button so that you will be notified whenever I upload videos and if you have any suggestions of videos that I can do here in my channel just comment it down below I'll try to make it for you guys as soon as possible and that will be all thank you so much for watching and see you on my next video drop it [Music]