28 October 2017

How to choose NAS Cosmetics Foundations colour - from InnerOrigin

How to choose your NAS Cosmetics Mineral Foundation colour - loose powder foundation, light reflective. NAS = Natural, Australian and Safe Available in 9 ...

hey this is Deb back with another makeup

training today we are looking at the nose cosmetics mineral foundations now these are a loose foundation loose powder foundation and they come in nine colors so this is a nose packaging very clearly marked on the back with the name we're looking at the color oak today which was one of the light colors now these powders have a mineral finish which is light reflective prismatic so it has like that diamonds that are reflect finish so that you can see that the skin still looks really natural it's light the powder is jet milled so the skin breathes beautifully and it does last all day so you get a really nice color finish the benefit with the way that this powder is made also is that the color tends to sit easily on different skin so even if you're using one color that your friend is using but your skin slightly different color it will adapt to your skin tone so there are nine colors so let's go through how to select your best foundation color because I know this is the hardest thing that most people struggle with is that they look at the ranges of foundations and they're like I don't know where to start so the first thing you need to do

is determine what color undertone skin you have is it yellow or is it pink and this you can see usually on the neck you can see it on your skin on your hand you will see quite clearly whether you are under and we're talking underneath the skin a yellow or a pink so if you've got like rosacea or marks on your face we're not talking about what's on top we're talking about what's under so you can see clearly with me I'm yellow skin so first that's number one what skin undertone are you and then you need to determine if you're an ivory pale if you're a fair to light skin a medium skin or a dark color skin so that sort of narrows your your choices in the color and so just work through it methodically now the beauty with Nas cosmetics is they have adapted their colors to the fitzpatricks skin scale so just Google that you can find that very easily there as sick types of skin on the fitzpatricks scale so the first one is your ivory it's your very very pale English skin with a pink undertone the second one is the fair pale which is my coloring so definitely you would call me pale or light but I don't fall into that pinkish English

Rose kind of skin number three is your beige skinned which has generally a yellow gold undertone a little bit more tan than me that kind of skin will tan whereas my skin I don't tan I can freckle and of course going back to the scale number one they definitely freckle so they will burn in the Sun so it's sort of dependent on how your skin is in the Sun and what color it is then skin number four is your olive skin more your Mediterranean European type skin there's definitely tans and this will be people with brown hair and brown eyes and then number five is brown skin and number five is the darker black skin so there's a scale for everything so if you are blond and blue-eyed chances are you're going to be one or two maybe three and if you do have brown eyes you're definitely going to be a four five or six of course there are some exceptions to that so go through have a look this is beautifully finished it is packaged inside with a nice protective cover that you lift off and then you dab your brush into that to put on so if you want to get some color out simply shake it upside down so that it sits on the top get your brush in and you can grab the

little dots from here and also from down here and brush it onto the face so there's some great brushes on the inner origin platform as well so jump on all the information with the different colors is there but go ahead and order one of them it is a beautiful finish oh you do get a very nice natural effect and you'll just love the way that it feels so light weight on your skin enjoy