19 March 2019

How to Be a Professional Makeup Artist Audiobook by G. M. Reyna

You can listen to the full audiobook How to Be a Professional Makeup Artist, free at our library. Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion for makeup into a ...

what is a makeup artist a makeup artist

is someone who uses the human face and body as their canvas they utilize makeup as a tool to diminish flaws enhance features or totally transform an individual you do not have to be a professional makeup artist to apply makeup there are many who have a passion for self-expression and use makeup as a creative outlet on their leisure time one who does for pure pleasure with no monetary compensation is often referred to as an amateur makeup artist what sets an amateur apart from a professional many amateurs start applying makeup as a hobby then decide to make a career of it however taking it to the next level can be challenging if you're unaware of what that entails the first step is having a clear understanding of what makes a professional a professional so what exactly is a professional makeup artist it's a common belief that professional makeup artists get paid for applying makeup and while that's true it's important to realize that making money is only a part of it a true professional can be defined as someone who holds high standards and strives to not only meet but exceed expectations and deliver on promises they make additionally you can

consider a professional as trustworthy consistent and a problem solver people ultimately turn to professional makeup artists for the promise of quality honesty and integrity tips for building a professional mindset while there is no teacher quite like experienced these helpful tips can help prepare you to think like a pro cup artist you'll notice most of these tips are common-sense but are often overlooked by new and even experienced professionals tip number one practice builds confidence mastering the art of makeup application takes lots of practice and patience give yourself time to develop and fine-tune your skills practice applying makeup on yourself and a wide variety of people ages complexions and ethnicities take your time to getting used to applying eye makeup this area is very sensitive so extra care should be taken paper makeup charts and makeup mannequins are great alternatives when you do not have a real face to practice on not only are they inexpensive they allow you to keep a record of makeup you've done a quick online search of how to fill out makeup chart will provide further instructions

on how to apply and blend makeup on paper you can find makeup charts at the face chart calm makeup art net and Robert Jones beauty calm makeup mannequins are reusable and come in a variety of skin tones they can be purchased at makeup art net tip number two makeup artistry is a people business working in makeup artistry means you're working with people a positive attitude and a little tact can take you a long way strive to make a positive first impression tip number three makeup artistry is a visual business in a visual business your personal image is very important people associate your makeup skills and professionalism with your choice of style fashion makeup and your overall presentation don't be afraid to express your individuality so long as it's done in a tasteful way