19 August 2010

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Ask Cosmetics Inc. -- How to Apply TIPS Nail Conditioner.

tips the incredible protection system is

simple to use and only take seconds a day unlike upper nail products tips is revolutionary because it penetrates into the nail almost immediately replenishing vital lipids getting the nail strength with flexibility tips nail conditioner is best applied as soon as you get up in the morning when your nails are dehydrated applying tips prior to placing your hands in any water will hydrate your nails with rich lipids which help strengthen them when your nails are full of the tip solution they cannot absorb as much water which is destructive and weakened your nails you can also apply a second treatment at any time during the day to give additional protection especially prior to having your hands in water for an extended time remember your nails should be dry for at least one hour prior to this additional application step 1 simply brush the tip solution over the surface of the nail the underside of the nail and remember to include the cuticle and skin around the nail as that is where your nail starts growing unlike every nail products tips does not dry on your nails or skin but rather it is absorbed to condition and strengthen all

nail tissues to which it is applied notice that your nail tip is turning transparent when you apply tips to the underside that is because it's absorbing the lipids which make your nails healthy and strong step 2 after waiting approximately 1 minute simply wipe the excess tips nail conditioner into your hands as you would a hand cream and then go about your day you can even wash your hands or place them in water they are being protected by the tips nail conditioner don't worry tips is now in your nails tips won't wash off your nails because it isn't on your nails it's in your nails tips has you covered tips nail conditioner it can be used to grow out artificial nails without the damaged and unsightly look of removing the artificial nails for simply applied tips no conditioner to your cuticles and the underside of your natural nail every day as your own nail grows you can shorten the artificial nail until your natural nail has grown in completely you're on your way to healthy beautiful natural nails shake your tips nail conditioner bottle should any settling of ingredients occur store

tips nail conditioner in a cool dry location be sure not to massage cut or push your cuticles because the stimulates the cuticle which causes it to grow down the nail dry out and create ragged hang nails your cuticle is a natural seal between the hard nail and the soft skin and produces the final most protective layer of your nail so if it is irritated or damaged in any manner it leaves your nail unprotected please never cut trim massage or push back your cuticles and your cuticles are left alone and treated daily with tips nail conditioner they will naturally begin to receive within a few weeks the fastest way to achieve long strong naturally beautiful nails is to start with nails that are damaged free start by shortening your nails using clippers or nail scissors to remove all visible damage and then fall all exposed nail edges smooth with the asked contour nail phone do not file or buff the top of your nails as this causes damage when damage is running into the pink foot carry of your nail bed where it cannot be cut keep that nail as short as possible and maintain regular filing until all the damage has

grown out and there is no damage left allow your nails to grow in length be patient and your nails will improve initially but for changes and results in and near your cuticle where the new nail is growing you will see an improvement in the color and condition of your nails and cuticles within weeks your nail visible Pinker and your nail tips will look lighter