26 November 2018

HOW TO; Apply RED lipstick

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hey guys my red lipstick on that I really really really love I miss my Stila it is very if you can see I have used so much of it already cuz I love it I usually use the with a liner but today I'm gonna go no liner cuz we just need a real cool red lip so let's get to it I take the tip east part the tibias part I just make that word up and then put like this and I just line it's a rich creamy lipstick I like it see so and from the top I always start from the outer and not come to the inner so I start on the outer corner and I come to the inner and I usually start in the middle and I like to over line I've been following me for a while yeah I'm not like to over line now disconnected like that I'll take this side and I'm do the same thing start in the middle turn my little hump I like my little hump in the middle so when I look down in the mirror I can see that this side is higher than this side so i'ma go in and i'ma just embrace this side a little bit I don't mind like a super over lon like I'm here for that gets the more lipstick all right he's got this fit now I'm just

going for the kill yeah I get a little at the bottom awesome and that's hot sprayed it and I start connecting the line with the inner and that's their really this is like the the matías red lipstick that I can wear my lips tongue get dry and I absolutely love it out there dries it has like staying power like it really does have staying power so it's good I mean it's not like it won't come off if it gets moist or wet but if I it has good staying power like I love it and then it's like muy like it's moisturizing for my lips and you know in the wintertime my lips get dry summertime my lips get dry and that's my perfect red lip it's going [Music] now you can also clean it up oh I think I'm good I like it