30 August 2018

How to Apply Powder oily skin makeup hacks

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Cristi a translucent powder this is like the og I've been using for a long time but never before my foundation getting a damp Beauty Blender I'm just going to grab some on here and we're going to actually set you tell us this side is more matte than this side for today's foundation I decided to use the Finn T Beauty foundation this is the color 370 the pro filter soft matte foundation a little more oranjee this was my summer color but I really want to make this work you it's really pretty red lipstick color which I'm really feeling right now is the covergirl Queen collection major shade in the color wedding crasher well that's fun as a wedding planner myself I mean not if they're crashing the wedding I'm doing but you know first of all I'm really feeling the spin tea foundation this is why you gotta you know keep some makeup and try it again later you never know what's going on I'm glad I'm giving this another try so it is currently 5 p.m. I know I got a really late start today but I will come back later in the day and show you how Olean doormat I am

and I'm back it is now midnight so I've had on this foundation with my powder first for a total of seven hours here are the results I still am a little shiny you know of course but I do think that I am slightly more matte on this side and then I am this side I don't you could tell with this lighting I have a little bit more shininess here and I have some right here my whole cheek parts still pretty matte so I mean it didn't you know stop all oil production completely which I didn't expect it to but I'm not that mad at it so maybe I'm gonna do a little oil absorbing sheet test like I do in all my foundation Friday videos and maybe I'll do two and we'll do one on each side how about it mm-hm alright one last look before I blot side with no powder before you okay now we have a good side-by-side comparison so this is a side with no setting powder before the foundation and this is the side wit so as you can see clearly now the right side does have a lot more oil production than the left would you look at that proofs from the puddin I honestly think I could even apply more

setting powder next time I know a lot of girls like literally bake their face and then put the foundation over like a baked powder face I didn't go that extreme but I'm probably an experiment this weekend do so and I did this with the foundation that I knew doesn't keep me that matte in general but it did a very good job for being a soft matte foundation but overall I don't think this was a very good experiment it doesn't hurt to do this step first it's just gonna save you a little bit of oil by the end of the day if I will continue to do this and give you guys some more feedback on Instagram and snapchat make sure you follow me at Miz