27 November 2018

How to apply COLOR STREET nails.

color street nail strips they're

basically easy one-step applications their chip resistance long-lasting they say up to 14 days one time I was able to get up to four and a half weeks now there's no dry time there's no smudges there's no streaks it's 100% real nail polish formula has a base coat a color and a topcoat all in one so now I'm going to go in here and you guys can look and basically they have all of these colors for $11 isn't the website because they have some additional colors and then they also have these color strips okay once you have your nails give the nail polish removed you have your nails cut and file down to the way you want now we're going to go and apply the strips and each package you're going to have there's eight there's actually two sets of these when you open it you're going to want to cut it down here because you won't be refilling whatever you don't use pull off the middle and then you will see that there are two sets so put the one over here and also that comes in the set is going to be two of these basically you're going to take this and this is what you're going to rub over all of your nails to make sure that you have no oils or such on them so

you're going to do that on all of your nails and then you're also going to want to make sure all your cuticles are pushed back to the way you want them so once you get done doing that they were going to be make sure the cuticles are all pushed back and now you're going to get ready to put the strips on well what I normally do ahead of time as I'm just gonna start with my pointer finger and I kind of go through and I pick one that I know is going to fit so I want to start off with this one and I am able to actually do hands and feet with just one of these strips so the first thing that you want to do is you're going to want to peel off this top layer and then you're going to want to peel off the bottom layer and you can mess around with it there might be other ways some will tear this off right away I don't I kind of hold on to it what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to kind of put it in the center of your nail and then I usually you can stretch these take it and you go down then you can that will fall off and then usually then I go down on the sides and then they will say you can file it but what I do is I see kind

of where it's going to end and then I just take my nail and I kind of try to break it off and I just go all the way around like that until it is all the way off take it off like that and then what I do then but the other side is I will take it and I will put it on my other finger so again you're going to kind of Center it up and if you don't like it you can always actually take it back off and then recenter it again I kind of go down the middle and then go down all the sides then once you got it on there and you have plenty of time to remove it then you're going to take your nail again that's a very tip is what I do is I kind of try to break it off and then I tear that off and then I'm actually able to then take this strip here and then I can do my feet with this so I will be right back and then this little thing you think I'd take you can either take your fingers kind of push it down I keep trying to do this make sure it's down you can use this little utensil that's kind of nice for kind of taking it down there I'm gonna do that on the other finger anything on the skin will eventually come off like even right now just you watch me I'm

doing that and I am able to peel that right off of my skin then once you kind of get it to ready for like it's pretty good you take the little file which comes with the nail and you just kind of I gently go down and there has been a time when I did this and I kind of was missing a little piece and I actually kind of repeats it together using another strip I even wanted just a small little sensitive or gentle buffing pad okay now I am done with all my figures and I got my feet done so one of those trips I was able to do hands in feet and I actually had these two pieces left over take a flat iron once you do that you can make it flatter and you just kind of slow the end and then it is sealed until you want to use it the next time