08 December 2016

How I Take Off My Makeup With Eyelash Extensions | MIDNIGHT GROCERY SHOPPING | vlogmas day 8

HELLOOOO. My bad if this video was a bit extra at the end, hahaha I love my friends! They're so dope. LIKE ALWAYS! I HOPE THIS WAS HELPFUL AS FUCK!

same shit different day it's all good I

usually like to wear my shirts a little more than once I just wear my shirts a lot because if it doesn't get dirty then it's okay why not so lucky cos one mente voy a hacer este vídeo en espanol no mas porque vas eran poco chistoso voy a poner suti - los que pueden poner para que la and singing a personas que no hablan espanol so voy a estar aqui Turville el maquillaje la vas a con estas como se dicen esto la verdad para que es aqui t semana y esto son de neutrogena SI vaquita todo que tienen su cara y aquí abajo de suopo parakeet are says - Sombra todas aqui es un poco sucia también se puede kita sous no sé como se dicen pero estas cosas sous they have all right I can't freakin do it in Spanish so just quickly I took off I shuttle off one I really quick for you guys to take off the eyeshadow it's really easy I'm using the same benefit I makeup remover that I showed you guys in that one video that I was doing like the DIY eyelashes and I just put a little bit on the toilet paper and you're gonna want to take it off really gently because it is like your eye area so this is the first step I try to basically

clean off all the makeup before I get down to all the nitty and gritty stuff kind of like go down like that I kind of go on top of like the bottom lashes with the toilet paper and I kind of gently rub just to get like any little bits of mascara off you guys probably can't see them so now that we got all of that out of the way some people would stop I actually used to stop right here like after supposedly taking off all my makeup when I was younger but I learned that even though you think you take off all your makeup you really don't I'm gonna be using this somebody told me that this is a toner but then there's like other people saying that this is like a liquid exfoliater so I kinda haven't been using this one as much lately just because I was like oh shit I don't want to dry out my skin so much so yeah this is gonna be my next step this is the Clinique clarifying lotion in the number two because I have dry combination skin but they do have other numbers so like let's say you're super dry they'll have one for you let's say you're super oily then they'll have one for you as well and with this one you just want to take it

on a cotton ball or I have these these are cotton pad pretty much do the same thing gently rub it all over your face every single time when I do this there is makeup on the pad like it won't be completely white so you think you take off your makeup but honestly you don't so this is just gonna take all the things that you thought you got but it's honestly still there it really helps because you think that your face is clean but it's honestly not I even go like up to my ear cuz sometimes I get makeup on my ear somehow in the back of my ear and down on my neck this is honestly how I keep my face pretty clear and this has been helping my skin so freakin much because I do work out of makeup store so I have to do my makeup pretty much every time that I work and then I just like to wear makeup in general this honestly helps your skin so much you do want to get right here in the hairline because when you're putting on your foundation obviously we don't stop right here we kind of get on our hair to like be sure that it like blends in with our skin so got in that hairline to make sure that everything comes off as well I honestly use a lot of clinic

products like right now for like my moisturizers and eye creams I also use Clinique so I have two little ones this one was a little sample that I got and this one is the all about eyes and it's like a moisturizer for your eyes as well but this one helps with reducing any under-eye circles and puffs so that's what this one looks like I don't really use this one so much just because in my opinion I don't feel like I need a lot of that and this one which I freaking love and I actually like this one ally is the Clinique repair where laser focus and this one is a rink correcting eye cream so it's a little bit thicker - I don't know if you guys can see the consistency this was actually a sample that Ulta was giving now and I was able to get one this is just random you can use this for your skincare routine - so basically these two items right here or these two products are pretty much the same thing but this one is a spray and this one comes as a lotion and I used to use this one all the time and that's how I became obsessed with clinic because this stuff is so bomb so I'm like halfway done with it for my eyes I'm gonna go ahead and

start with this guy I take a little bit on my ring finger right when you're done with the clarifying lotion it's gonna feel super fresh and moisturizing at the same time I don't recommend for you guys to do this eye cream stuff right before you do your makeup because it is a little bit thick and if you're using primer I feel like your makeup might not stick on so well if anything just do that little step at night I don't really feel like wearing foundation today so that's why I'm not really trippin about what I use and lately I've been using this one this also came in that little kit I'll go ahead and show you guys what I'm talking about just in case you guys haven't seen my other videos but this is a little kit that I bought and this has changed my skin it's so freakin hard so if anything I recommend for you guys to go get it I honestly just alternate between a bunch of my moisturizers just because I love all of them I really get in here around my nose because I tend to get really dry there and don't forget about your neck I learned this from Nicole Guerrero she would always be like don't forget to moisturize your neck so yeah that's pretty much how I take off

all my makeup and what I do after I'm so happy that I found like a skincare routine because I didn't have one for so long I honestly would just like clean my face with bar soap and that made my face so oily also at the same time I got better at doing my makeup and making sure that I would take it off every single night so that has helped but now that I'm taking care of my skin a lot better I feel like it's responded a lot better to my makeup as well and the other brand that I also like is the brand philosophy that one is really good if you guys want to see my other skincare products that I use I'll be more than happy to show you guys with it I feel like I was having a little bit of trouble speaking in this video as well so my bad you guys come into my blog how does your workout it would leak they all hello soccer mom I'm busy what the heck she's always behind we just got done with the gym I didn't want to record any of it just because how do you say I feel like I've been vlogging so much and putting in a lot of workouts so I didn't really want to do that for

you guys again bye what's your name Liam cool going to ask for me we'll probably see you every day so it's raining outside we're about to go to boot is diesel I want to show you guys what I'm gonna be getting just because I need a sock off stock up on some stuff but yes I hope this little mini vlog has been good because I know I showed you that I know I showed you guys only how I kick off my makeup so let me know if you guys like long vlogs or if you guys just like these short little ones because I don't want to get annoying I'm really happy you guys are my friends soccer mama oh are you guys happy you're my friend oh yeah give me the scripture by kidding give me the Lala's I am super happy that you are my and I appreciate you so very much and lo are so nice to me every day and I love alright a nice turn what strip did I give you hashtag I got me alright bye alright so we just came super quick because Viviani needs to go home and it's 1151 and I'm trying to go to sleep too we gonna buy some again some

blueberries or cuz blueberries are bomb and I like to put it in my oatmeal are you getting some - dude these are like when I came by myself dude I was so awkward I don't know if you guys saw my video but I was so awkward I was like I'm gonna get piece goobers yeah it was so awkward Kathy huh what'd you say what did you say bomb-diggity mama when you can blog and it is that one bomb yeah they diamond cut firm one ha ha why is it hey can you help me carry my stuff looks weird it looks like cheese but like fucking alright like in water somebody said put it in between my shoes well their papers and like oh oh yeah that's not ours somebody said to just put it in between two now in the papers not kidding yeah I love it let it dry and it tastes better like that and it's more firms I'm kind of in a rush because I'm just trying to get home because I may go to the bathroom and cuz I'm tired and cuz I'm hungry and I'm nauseous and I'm lightheaded and I think I took too much pre-workout so I kind of want to just go to sleep like always getting my most favoritest 40s in the whole wide world

these ones are my babies oh my god you punk thank you for forward stop really just I can't and I just want to kiss like a brother your city ah damn Dave's killer breath and nobody you know I found it at Target and at food max I mean dude get it out get it up so they have or six bucks I know and I don't really need bread okay so I'm not gonna get bread this time oh I forgot zucchini let's get some almond milk should I get original or vanilla which one should I get hello you want me to get the whole galley and decide funny when I'm freaking gallon that's unlikely huh fine I mean I got I got this brand for the chop spring but again unsweetened vanilla yeah okay we're gonna try this one because Viviani and Daisy says it's fall I've never tried the unsweetened vanilla from this bread but hopefully is good so I got my zucchini last time I mom tried to get me some and she got me cucumbers and said hello vlogmas day seven day seven yeah I didn't post anything for blood oh wait no I think this is one mistake eight yeah I didn't

post anything for vlogmas day seven cuz I thought you guys were getting tired of my shape tengo miedo the tofu it's not gonna eat you it's over looks we are gonna kill you I just wanted to be made like it is a happens you know good plan it's just soy okay good yeah are you so aggressive ready good friend what's gone yeah you know you eat this bullshit from a walker you go like this you do it and then you spit it out you what the fuck that is made in a fun in G yeah little big positive and my god yeah and I eat what I eat and I say what I say and I do what I want damn sweet almonds yo I feel like we're being way too hyped that fucking midnight fucking nine people are gonna be like y'all are hella and going watch what Paradise do you get jasmine I need some you know I'm the one Johnny told me what so Madison look at my camera I get I get this one so for anybody asking I get this one this one's really easy to make you put in a bowl and then you heat it up in the microwave for like one minute but you gotta be careful because

sometimes it'll get too high and it'll overfill no don't get that one thing out that one takes forever to cook oh oh my god I don't know you should be on a V in the vlog I'm already uhh why this one sometimes you said something oh because um you just have to be careful cuz when you're putting me in the microwave it gets really hot and then it like you know when it boils when it'll in water oh yeah but you can put it in for two minutes stop it out like thirty seconds and wait a little bit and then continue just keep an eye on it or else it'll like and then it'll get all over you or your microwave sorry if you're still watching us and you find us very annoying but it's all good we're out here having fun having a good time at food max what are you guys gonna do trying to get home edit because I feel thanks for watching the video video and I will see you guys in the next uh crime No