02 March 2018


Hi guys, Thanks so much for coming back to my channel to watch this video. I hope you find my tips useful. All products mentioned are listened below.


hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are in Ireland or in England I hope you're enjoying the snow day I am I'm actually loving these few days so I said I'd take it back to the back that I'm at home and shoot a few videos that I've been meaning to do for ages so I'm gonna start with a haircare video if you follow me on snapchat into the stories I think I don't think I mentioned on Instagram Bush basically since about April last year I've experienced a lot of breakage in my hair and it was it was weird for me because I've always had really good quality hair and I never really experienced breakage before other than at the ends of my hair so what happened was I noticed all around kind of the crown in my head ish head started just breaking and a lot of my hair was gone really short um and it would stick I wish it would have just looked really bracele and broken I was like oh my god how do i how do I deal with this like I never had done any hair masks I'd never really had to worry about it before so I started asking people I started asking my hairdressers and was I thought for a while maybe it was the collar but I have been caught her my hair for years I've

always been getting kind of highlights tea berries mixing it off and I did go a little bit blonder and I think when you go lit the blonder you have to you have to mind your hair a little bit more and you have to do the masks you have to do the take the steps to really take care of it so I'm going to talk through 7 tips that will help prevent your hair from getting damaged and just to like maintain the general health of your hair and I have seen like I finally feel comfortable talking about it because I have seen a difference finally so I like although it's not completely better yet you can kind of see so this is the gist of where like that was kind of the whole way around my head but now it's growing a bit longer and I can feel that it's stronger it doesn't feel like it's just gonna continue to break anymore so I'm hopeful but I just get into it so the first tip is to lower the heat on all of the hair tools that you use this might seem like a really obvious one Bosh for me I just never thought about it I was using everything on the highest heat I thought if I use the hair dryer and the highest teeth that would dry my hair faster I thought if I

use the curler on the highest seat that I would get the best curl and that's not actually the case you don't need to be using the tools as hard as they go and what I like about some like ght for example have their tool set to a certain age I think they have it set to 185 degrees which is like prime temperature for curling your hair but I have another career that I use it goes up to 230 and I was using it at that heat every time every day so of course that's gonna affect my hair and so I'll just show you now what I use so I have I use the insider eyelash and I used to use that on the 4-bar now I just used it on three and literally curls my hair the exact same and it takes longer or shorter to heat up I use the GHC creative curl wand just kind of depends on what mood I'm in and hold on I have and what kind of a curl I want but this one goes to this Ashish of 185 I also use the Hot Tools curler this is the one that goes to 230 when you turn it on it says the temperature here but you continue to switch it down and I would suggest witching down to 185 and see how you get on you don't need to hold as much air dryer wise I recently

started using this dunks in hairdryer and I heard a lot about it before I got it and I really liked it it doesn't go half as hot as another hair dryer but it just drives my hair twice as fast all with power I suppose I probably it probably takes five minutes less to drive my hair with this then it doesn't another hairdryer before I had the dyson hairdryer it was just using a regular fabulous hairdryer and I used to use that on high heat so I switched that to medium so for the past couple months I was using a medium heat and I think that makes difference too because you really just don't need to be like burning your hair to dry it especially when like me I dry my hair everyday I curl my hair most days so I definitely need to be just taking a little bit more care when I'm doing that okay step two I use two treatments after I wash and dry my hair I use the leave-in repair from Kevin Murphy right after I come out of the shower and let you just put some up here and you know for most treatments they say you're not supposed to put it up here but that's where I experienced the breakage that's where I polish and I found this really good and then when

when I'm brushing my hair are you putting this Luna by Lisa Jordan American hair treatment and I actually this I find it so good I've found such a change in my hair since I started to use it my hair feels so much more glassy and just stronger when I dry it I would have been a bit cautious before about using any of these kind of things I would have thought it would make my hair more greasy because naturally my hair is quite greasy which is why I never really experienced dryness but they don't my hair feels so nice I'm so strong and healthy after I've used them so I definitely recommend them tip 3 is to use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner a nourishing and repairing shampoo and conditioner I have colored hair I have dry hair and I've damaged hair so that's kind of what I'm looking out for I asked my hairdressers in theory one wash would they recommend for me and I got this Kevin Murphy repair me wash so it's kind of similar to treatment but this is the actual shampoo it says reconstructing strengthening shampoo so I'm like and I have since I stopped using it I have again seen an improvement in my hair and then for the conditioner I use this

angel rings which is for colored hair so conditioner for a fine colored hair and I just think together it's a good combination tip number four is to do a hair mask I do a hair mask now but once a week I never used to do them I didn't even really understand what they did before I experienced the damage sometimes now I sleep with it in and sometimes I just put it in for 10 minutes 15 minutes before I shower in terms of what masks I use i usually use there's three that i kind of vary between and I just honestly I just kind of picked by the day which one I feel like doing so the first one is this Bumble and Bumble Wiley sleep mask this when you put in your hair before bed I usually just run it through my whole all of my hair and tie my hair in a little bun and go sleep and eat like it before I had all this damage I would've talked oh how could you sleep with that in but it actually kind of dries up and it's not just very like it doesn't disturb your sleep or it doesn't make a huge mess or anything and I do I like I find off this my hair is just so smooth and silky the second one I used is this marilla

oil one this one is filled with oil so at least my hair really silky and shiny and just in so much better condition after it I usually do this one overnight but I have done this just for like half an hour during the day as well so the third and mask I use but it's not really a mask it's more of a treat I wouldn't sleep with this then is the olaplex step three so I would usually put this on for like 10-15 minutes before I shower and they use a similar one and where I get my hair done like it's a smacked bottom in that they use which is they mix in with the color and just makes my hair a lot stronger and this is the same you're just maintaining the strength and the hair between getting your hair colored you're supposed to use it once a week and it's small bottles of course you only literally need a small bit of ish for its happy effect my fourth tip is even if you've done all B steps and your hair just still feels a little bit dry which sometimes happens me if I have freshly washed my hair is to use an oil just use a few drops I put it in your hair I know people who have greasy hair like myself it can be a bit risky so just literally

use the bare minimum and it would make such a difference because what I found was when my hair was broken what would happen is did she just stick out like this after I dried it and especially when I'm taking photos and stuff you can really see it so I found oil to be just a lifesaver for that my fifth tip is to not tie your hair too tight and don't use like really big hair ties I started using these smaller ones just because they're a little bit more kind to my hair because when you're tying it off if you're trying in the same place every day you're putting pressure on that same spot every day and eventually that will start to break and also when I'm going to sleep I usually will kind of put them in a little ponytail or I put it in a plush and that just saves breakage as well when you're sleeping my last tip is and I haven't started using them yet wash I definitely would his supplements so you can get supplements for your hair skin and nails you can get them just for your hair the Pascal is a good one and there's a few other ones that I've kind of seen but I haven't tried again so I don't want to recommend but if you are experiencing a

lot of breakage you hear there are supplements that will give you the vitamins and the nutrients you need to help your hair direct growing and start getting stronger I'm lucky now that I have hopefully turned a corner I've seen that it's kind of growing and it's getting stronger and I can feel that the quality is kind of coming back into again so hopefully these tips were useful for you if you're experiencing that as well I think if you're dyeing your hair or if you're a blonde we've all kind of experienced at at some point and all this weather doesn't help as well hope you like this video let me know if you and don't forget to subscribe and give me a thumbs up thanks guys [Music]