25 September 2009

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hello just finished doing my new nail

polish for today it's Friday Friday afternoons I have off from work and so because I work Mondays to Fridays on this Thursdays I work all day and then Friday afternoons I have off so I like to paint my nails on Fridays and this nail color this new one is by finger paints get that from any beauty supply store really I don't think you can just buy in any any sort of place any sort of cosmetics place I think is more of a beauty salon item and that one was called I thought for art I don't normally use pale colors but I thought this one was quite nice a bit different it's a little bit frosty don't think it's got any shimmer in it but it's definitely a force to bump and it's a bit sheer little bill bit sheer not too bad I've got two coats on there it's not too bad quite nice a little bit of a change what I'm also going to tell you today is that people ask me about my nails and how I keep them long and what I use products and things what I eat and I'm going to show you today some of the things that like take my vitamins I take because I'm a vegetarian I have to take some tablets because I don't eat

meat or fish so I've got to take some vegetarian capsules they're just the same as regular multivitamins really for many good health food shop these are cool these are called ultra multi vitamins and minerals 60 vegetarian capsules everything in there and the best thing about these is that as well as given lots of different vitamins vitamin A BCDE all those also go biting in there fighting is excellent for hair and nails I've got biotin how much is in there it's 200% its 200% recommended daily allowance RDA and that is 300 MC G's of biotin and I swear by biting brilliant so I've got some I've bought on the internet 5000 mg si G's which is 5 milligrams and that is more than enough than you need but it's very difficult to get by it in in in England so I have to buy on the internet well I can't buy in any shops or anything like that it's very difficult to come by it's very easy to buy this in America and places like that very easy much more easier to come by but I take that I think that once a week extra times a week and extra to the multiple means that's already got the biotin in

it I think if you're going to start taking multivitamins and biotin biotin in it and you should start taking these and see how you go really for you nail growth and hair growth and things like that just start off taking some of those any any multivitamins with biotin in start taking them to see how you go with a nail growth and biotin keeps them strong and keeps them flexible because when I was young when I was at that school they did they were strong but they were a little bit brittle and they did used to break if I banged them or anything like that so I take the vitamins now or taken the biotin not too long ago and that's that's really helped them keep flexible so if I bang them they won't split because they used to split a lot more a lot more now they are much better and I also take zinc as well think it's very good for the ridges in the nails because I've got the hereditary thing of little vertical lines and little ridges there and trying to get rid of them I've only just started taking zinc so I just want to get rid of these lines ridges in the nails I don't think I'm gonna have it get rid of than that I would like to

and but as I said I've only just stopped taking his ink so I don't know maybe another couple of months maybe keep taking those one a day I'll take the zinc one a day I take the multivitamins on a day and that biotin just the stronger dietetic once a week because that is a lot of biotin per capsule as a lot so I take those one a week not one a day mine are weak so that's that for me vitamins because like I said I'm a vegetarian so I'm not eating the meat I'm not eating the fish so I have to take the vegetarian capsules multivitamins have to take those which helped a great deal and also I have some hand cream hand and face cream just like hand and nail cream really olive oil one it's cheap this is the cheap bias from any sort of pain store in England really you get pound stores all the way around the world really could sell this but I use anything I use anything cheap the expensive stuff I've used Neutrogena things like rock and sand Ives and things like that I've used then it's just the same I've actually no difference with that so that's good the olive oil is also very

protective and very moisturizing as well and I put that on every day put that on every day and especially at night as well just rub it in especially the cuticles drop it into the couscous and and around the sides as well over your hands it's non greasy I like non greasy buns I hate greasy and hand creams this one's a non greasy one but like I said any any cheap hand cream really will do I've always used I've used all types mmm but this one's a little bit better because it's got the olive oil in it that's that's really moisturizing to your hands and protective and don't think there's anything else I was any different no one I'm gonna do but yes multi vitamins vitamins absolute must is the key really to healthy nails and keeping your hands moisturised drink lots of water mmm from veg balanced meal don't think anything really else want to say but yep just sort of waiting for my nails to dry now polished it right the minute he