30 January 2019


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okay my makeup it's really close to my skin tones now that I'm at the whoops that that's been eminent never was delicate this is just not a cute look right here is where I'm breaking out my chin and right here and I just I don't know like what is causing it weaker so I've been drinking a lot of water and trying to flush whatever it is out of my system but it's not gonna know where it has moved in and it's pangas mortgage it's not leaving and I'm trying to foreclose it but they really want this space and I don't really know what to do so if you can give you some suggestions down in the description box I would really appreciate that but for now I'm going to continue my regular regime and then I guess now I'm gonna go ahead and conceal my under eyes because it really looks like I have good should we Prada bags and I don't want to look like I haven't gotten sleep in three years so I'm using the Smashbox photo finish primer that was always a tongue-twister for me and my nose my nose is very porous and large that's nothing to do it's just my smile lines my nose under my eyes which other places where I have a texture in large

pores I'm going in with my foundation 338 70/30 game but I'm gonna apply it in a certain way this much and clean my brush comes with some alcohol some isopropyl alcohol I'm really sure there's no battery or harboring anywhere near my makeup frequenting I'm giving you segments in this complexion brush somewhere feeling low and I'm gonna go right here was a lot we can blend it up you can wind it up resonant head bumping skeletons broken cuz I am so negligent don't be macho changes [Music] I'm just gonna go around it I really don't wanna put foundation on it so like that brynnie I'll take some of this illuminator and I use this under the foundation now say I just didn't do that today makes your skin glow so I would recommend it for sure Sephora brand which I really thought this lady was selling it to me trying to get commission off of me now let's take some concealer and I can't find a mom so this is caramel this is it's very similar to phone except it's a lot more and I'm gonna neutralize the yellowness of it with more frequently I'm giving you so

we will bounce like it's I've been mixing from ever since I've been a kid I was headed for that elegance the get that I did kit resin it head bump it don't be macho changes be stirred I'm like the one that does and never was delicate I have a rubber so I put my finger on the acne and then blend it out um and this is the same thing I did when I had a nose ring and I didn't want to get foundation or concealer like in my nose ring or whatever because then you can get infected and you're gonna keloid it's just not cute so I put my finger on my nose so frequently I'm giving you segments and my residence prejudice is not allowed elephants taken from room so we will bounce like it this is an art palette mixing from medicine ever since I've been a kid I just love how this because I'm so negligent don't be macho changes be stirred up by the woman that that's been I just want avoid this spot so I'm kind of like putting it right on top of my contour just slightly higher than my contour too much I don't want to be men buying it's just not worth the I mean I already have an announcement when

you use it but it's not worth the hype like oh no no I would get this other benefit mascara that I'll probably put in the description box I mean this one gives you volume but like it'd be transferring and i mighta ending the day look like Dracula like everything and I'm gonna wait till it dries and then apply a second coat just because I actually want to give this mascara another chance to redeem it so anyway you can't just be crying over one Co no I think no longer will I be putting on these scars and who has time tonight you're taking them frequently I'm giving you segments in my residence prejudices yeah that's it so that's pretty much how I cover up my acne spots as you can see they're still there on this side but this is not as prominent I really hope you enjoyed it if you did like comment subscribe if you didn't like home subscribe don't know how much that means to me and go ahead and click the notification about seeing yet okay I really hope to see you in my next one xox neck neck [Music]