29 November 2018

How I did my makeup in 7th grade!

WARNING:What you're about to see is just pure cringe at its finest. If you need a real picture of me from 7th grade, my last video “School Makeup routine!” Has a ...

hey guys so I'm gonna be doing my

seventh-grade makeup tutorial today and any of you who went to school with me in seventh grade you know how tragic my face was and I just wanna saying now that all of this products and my makeup I'm using is all the same exact OG products that I used back then because it was only like two years ago I'm acting like I'm 50 but they are all in this bag tucked under my desk like far away from everything so I could just forget about this time but it's gonna be really interesting let's get right to it so back then I didn't wash tried to cry my face or do any of that because who does that I just went straight into like this concealer foundation I don't really not to call it Esmond right into this concealer palette thing and I just took this brush I've had this brush for such a long time and I just kind of like did a bunch of different colors and tried to match my skin tone as best as I could because if you look they're all orange so none of them match my skin tone at all and this is when I tried to mix colors back then it didn't work cuz it like dried up before I even put on my face but this formula is so thick and cakey I hate it

so the small things ever give you like flashbacks cuz this this is who doing wonders okay so then I did that I never blended down my neck ever because we don't do that and I can't do this also since I had bangs back then when I put the foundation and stuff up here my bangs would then like get into it get all goopy and stuff we grew out my bangs we forgot about that so then after that I didn't set it with powder or setting for anything cuz like who does that then I took this elf blush palette still not know today but elf and I took this pink blush brush and then I always said to myself I was like and I make sure you blend it out but now I just look like a tomato so there's that yeah also I remember since I always like never powder or anything to like set my face whenever I like rubbed in my face or like this or anything the foundation would come off and then I rub it onto other things and I would stay in walls and doors and clothing and like I got makeup all over my papers at school cuz like my hands would like touch it I could I usually use this highlighter but then when the minute is started like

running out I could see the plate I didn't want to use it anymore because back then I thought that I liked once it looked bad you couldn't use it anymore so I went out and got this highlighting stick it's by wet and wild and Paulo usually smells so bad I took this really cheap wetting my highlighting stick and I just it's not my skin color as you see at all so I do this oh my god I do that [Music] I'd go back in the fifth I just blends into my skin kind of erasing all highlight that was there but it made me feel good about myself because I felt like I was a profession I was back then because you couldn't see them so I'm glad I skipped that step today so then I did my eye shadow and I did a mixture of two eyeshadow palettes so I have the Naked 3 Urban Decay rose gold palette I know that seems really fancy for like an 11 year old but it was really because my sister got one for Christmas and then I was all like I want for Christmas - so then I got one for Christmas and notice how I didn't know how to treat palettes back then so I dropped it and like broke leaves and stuff so that's fun and you

think wow look at all those nice shimmery color is like you can make so many nice makeup looks and crap with that but now I took this exact brush and I went in with that nice dark dark dark black on the end and then I just did that I don't know if I can bring myself to do this and there was always that's a fallout with this palette as you could see so you know what I did but I was kind of okay at the time I would take a makeup light or just kind of like erase it so it didn't exist anymore and I just kind of looked like a bunch of little black heads up my nose we're just good blend it in my skin cuz I thought when in doubt what no that's literally what it looked like back then I can't even then I took this NYC individual eyes palette that's what my sister that like stole it from her back there I still have it and I took this like yellow shimmery color it was like yes I took this and I just kind of like drove over my eyelids so so then I came back in with this eyeshadow brush and I'm just kind of blend all of it together it's not over this is stressing me yeah I'm getting like PTSD from like looking

at my face like this like I look like a raccoon all over again and we have even gone to eyeliner I drink fizzy water this is probably gonna explode you're like does that here I'll show you it's gonna explode [Music] we love that I hold it over the sink though because I'm smart not sponsored all right so then I got my Jo eyeliner it's in the shade of black and this is the exact one I used back then look how much you bet I use like it's literally all gone and I took this like oil and I like put it in the eyeliner because I thought it like helped it be liquid or more creamy and then I took this nice angled brush over here and I just kind of like mixed it around until it turned into a paste because I thought I knew what I was doing back then but I don't [Music] and then I just took it I just put it on my entire eyelid because I didn't know what lash lines and water lines are exact word so [Music] okay then after that I took more of the naked hi I took more than naked dark black

eyeshadow and I just kind of like blended it into my crease then I took put it on the bottom and I like like layered it on top of what I did before it the gel just to make sure it all like set eyeliners done took more of the black eyeshadow and just kind of one more layer on top of all that and then I kind of put it out in the bottom as well because you know I thought it really complemented my skin tone y'all are literally gonna think I was email back planner I wasn't I always wore like bright peppy dresses and like headbands and like all that fun stuff and I was always really happy I had like you know good people in my life and good friends it's just I thought this look good on me and I thought I looked older and like hip you know then I took that highlighter stick from before and I highlighted hi I highlighted like my brow bone last but not least I put a bright shade of lipstick on I like okay I line the bottom of my lips and on the top and then when I rub together I kind of like over rub my lips a little bit just so it was like you know how when you outline your lips like a lip pencil like lip line do kind

of like over a line your luck singing look there well I didn't have lip liner side which is over like put the lipstick on and then I had to get these inner corners of the lipstick so I would do that but then my they'd be like that awkward little box of lipstick in my mouth okay I'm gonna try to do my eyebrows and mimic how they looked back then because I feel like this look just looks really unfinished without my eyebrows probably like just that I never brush to the hairs out with the spoolie so there's toys everywhere and I wish I had bangs to like finish this all off but that's literally what I did every single day for school in seventh grade everyone how's that is anyone getting flashbacks of seventh grade Anna okay guys that's the end of my seventh grade makeup tutorial I hope you all enjoyed this video because it was kind of painful yet fun for me to record uh-huh well I got man if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and comment down below what I should do in my next video because I don't have any ideas go subscribe hit the post notification bell so you know when I post and follow me on instagram at and a

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