10 September 2018

How I clean my makeup brushes | cost efficient

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hey guys it's on yay and I'm back with a video to show you guys a cheap easy way to clean all of your makeup brushes this is the end result of the makeup brushes from what you just seen so as you can see it is a huge difference from the one you seen before in this video I'm also going to show you how to make your Beauty Blender go from this to this so if you're interested please stay tuned so these are the makeup brushes that I have as you can see they are really dirty I feel like the key to a perfect face is that clean makeup brushes so since I have the time on my hand I'm like hey why not just clean them now the supplies you're going to need it's going to be vegetable oil or olive oil you're going to need some dish soap and I have this little scrubby pad you don't necessarily need one your hands work just as well because of the ridges on it so if that's all you have please use that you will also need a towel to lay your brushes on later but for now let's get started you're going to need a little Bowl you're going to put vegetable oil inside of the bowl a vegetable oil and the dish soap which are also going to add to the bowl it's

like a polar and nonpolar thing when you add the water it will take the makeup off and allow it to have a very fresh clean but you need to have both so that you're able to get all of the makeup off mix it up as much as you can and then that way you can get it ready for your brushes to be dipped inside now I like to rinse off my makeup brushes I just feel like adding the water first trying to get whatever you can off with the water is good but once you're done you can kinda just like dip your makeup brush inside of the little container and get it all coated now after this I like to rub the mixture into my makeup brush and kind of just massage it so that way you know you can get all of the makeup the dirt the grime whatever it may be inside of there off of the brush and then after that you're just going to go ahead and take the makeup pad that you see here and just kind of like get into the little bristles that are going to make a brush that way you know you can get a deeper clean be careful when using water just off the simple fact you don't want the glue that holds the brush part up to come off so just go ahead rinse

the brush off continue to scrub it and dip it in the mixture until eventually your makeup brushes will be clean [Music] [Music] now here I'm going to show you what to do if you have your hand see the lines on your hands you're pretty much just going to go ahead and use circular motions so kind of use your fingers and the lines on your hands as a little bristles that are on my little scrubby pad and it works the same way your hand may get a little tired from just moving it around and it going against your hand but it's okay it works just as good that's what I use before I got this little scrubby thing that's pretty much all the little scrubby thing really is so it doesn't really matter if you have one or if you don't have one like I said your hands work just as good and a little bit into the bristle is just as good so that you have a nice clean makeup brush [Music] [Music] now it may seem like a lot but you do want to repeat these steps until your water is running clear if the water is

not running clear that just indicates that the makeup brush is still dirty which is not a good thing so just keep on doing this until it runs clear I probably spend maybe about one minute on each meter brush now once you're all finished just go ahead and lay or make a brush on the towel you had laid out this is another makeup brush I'm deciding to clean I just wanted to give you guys like another go around of exactly what I do when I'm cleaning my makeup brushes it just pretty much just swirled my brush around in the mixture rub it in with my hands sometimes they keep the water running sometimes I don't in this case I am keeping my water running I take my little scrubby pad I scrub scrub scrub scrub scrub I'm trying to get all the dirt off of it for the most part make sure I get all of the makeup off of it because makeup is actually really oily so I just try to make sure that it's a good mixture of the oil to take it off in the soap to clean it now here are a few makeup brushes that I do have that have already been clean and this is the results that you're looking for now quickly I'm gonna go over how to clean

Beauty blenders this is probably the easiest part for me I do it right before I do all of my makeup you just wet the Beauty Blender and make sure it's soaked you dip it in the mixture you massage the mixture inside of the Beautyblender so then that way it's seeping in and it's cleaning everything on the inside and you pretty much just keep rinsing it and squeezing it and massage and get until the Beautyblender it looks cleaner and the water is running and clear so once you're finished the whole process this is exactly what your beauty bender will look like so yeah guys thank you for watching my video on how to cost efficiently clean your makeup brushes I will see you in my next video