18 May 2018


This is a makeup transformation video that I did on a client and my first video showing me apply makeup on a client as well. Please feel free to leave your ...

today we welcome back to my channel it's

build up minutes so let me choose my model to you huh make it heat for this tutorial I'm going to give in get updates like to do so it's going to be a deep lightly physically so I'm starting with the eyebrow I like to start to be the era when I do like this semi heavy eyes shadow huge get so I don't go through the process of duct love exercise shadow all of that now her eyebrow using our minds eye pencil in color number 18 and I'm just working the ground I like your know that you so clean up eyebrow I'm using my elegant slackens form that I would you to also click on the upper half of my eyebrow [Music] so I'm not spreading the console at the restaurant it and blending [Music] for the eyeshadow base I'm using a ship from my village called slap cosmetics pallets what did I just I'm using it for my BH Cosmetics palette so as an eyeshadow base and I'm just blending out for that you know smoke layer [Music] for the eyeshadow I'm using my mac eyeshadow palettes and here I went in

with the shape big warmth next I'm going in with the shade passionate [Music] and next I'm going in with an orange eyeshadow for my flash beauty eyeshadow palette [Music] remember in weeks the mac eyeshadow it be warm and I'm also going back in with the mac eyeshadow shape passionate so to cut a Haku is to contact please I use a random concealer shade from my BH Cosmetics Poncelet eyelids [Music] and here I'm just that bit in order to prevent those hash lines so for her need I went in with my eyeshadow shade Naked Lunch to win the eyes I am using an idiot gel night not very black and for waterline it's also any girl for the jumbo pencil and for her lashes I went in with city color mascara in extreme mode so I fixed her lashes of camera dice and yeah that's just a baby by cam isn't even enough of it to find the face I used palms face primer yeah for face [Music] for her foundation I mixed two foundations I mix make a in both six or

seven and langnickel the tongue and two highlights everybody with the illegal construction mode and not levels not learning if she dies language is key [Music] so I'm just highlighting hot scenes of area catch individual cuddles and forehead and under her cheeks you know to give that console a very pronounced so I like to blend with my foundation perfect after almost everything I liked that we function birthday so to pump our music acid foundation in a minute classic foundation seven low it's my thickness I will stop there on life Safina up not for friend I'm having issues in my own handwriting but anyways articulate have I taken speeds terms seven lobbies although if the kinetics neonates to me yeah I once again I am also I once again am placing with my foundation brush for second half its emissions are products easy care [Music] and I'm going to beat her up for them belani nvidia - you know you've had a full coverage not control so control the areas I already did like acid found a shot I use triple I use the Kentucky

field I used to be Kentucky's in light [Music] forget container guys my Stetsons is a mixture of life-saving rose water and water just does so I'm learning my co-star said block pallets we got blockers chips up and I mix up two pearls once again guys I am going in with my foundation brush I almost have it in I to ends up with a foundation brush just for you the proper blame you get and to prefer and to event rather unnecessary excess with four dogs a canister so to highlight I'm using three contour kits in duck some just highlighting the areas at seeds on Aaron was again the bridge of her nose kaanchi forehead brow bones open leaves and all of that and of course her cheeks [Music] so far these I used some cosmetics lip liner a cappuccino and classic lip gloss classic matte lip gloss in natural beauty now to finish it off and give it that little closer look I went to meet my mark in Beaver crap [Music] now for that final touch up guys everyone barking it's a shade of powder

that's wheel and video so this is the end look guys we are done gift is ready to go have a wonderful date night oh my goodness I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial I hope you guys liked it up soon I hope you enjoyed the alcohol to get you and all of that if you did guys like the video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and share yeah a little bit up chickens but really really appreciate it so as always till next time stay blessed stay out of trouble and I love you for all [Music]