13 October 2018

HONEST REVIEW!! Rimmel London WOW WINGS mascara

This is my honest review and opinion of rimmel londons new wow wing mascara!

hey everybody so today I'm just I'm not

doing like makeup like I'm just gonna do like a cracker here on I knew a mascara that so that's mascara retail was about seven pounds depending on where you go together I've got me so I think either way stole what most would say it's cheap compared to other say better brands cuz in London this mostly both as drugstore makeup as people call it over the water anyway so is the Rimmel London scandalize wallings mascara packaging looks like this it's kind of holographic sorry excuse cap so it's holographic right and slash sent on are violet background and I'm gonna kind of discuss the wand and how it works although that's alright the cats trying to get in on this one it's just not okay so I'm just gonna try and take some one mascara off the best was alive so you can see them Jesus okay so this is sorry hey babe sorry cat bus okay so this is the wand the bristles are I would say they're kinda soft and then a little bit jagged but they're like really they can move easy um but basically it's carved okay so it's got a coughed it up this way you know the ones Australia itself but the

bristles kind of up this way and for this part that is the better use just to genuinely cool the lashes to get any of the corners etc and then when once you've done that you flip it over to this way around where it's curved that way and that spreads out the lashes and gives them one kind of found out kind of work but it's great for me at the boat is supposed to be quite volumizing but we'll see if it and I have used this once I used it yesterday and my really rubber batwing kind of Iowa no work but I know because I believe in different things multiple drives the floor attracts them because I usually use the benefit a roller lash or a benefit they're real and mascara because they're my kind of favorite I've not tried about girl buying yet I would love to try that but it's not affordable right now so we're just gonna try this and see how it goes so I've wiped any residue residual mascara off of my life is so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take it that way around obviously turn on towards the eye and we're gonna call her life is no of course the wife she's quite well and the only thing that I'm noticing so far as that seems quite wait clumpy hey but you

can see clothes on him and then you turn it around that way no we're not turning this and towards the right now we're just gonna keep that facing up the way and then you push it up towards wife he's like ah and it's supposed to find the right excuse me um as I said I'm not really keen on up it's not my cup of tea like I've never made a mascara I transform so much as well wait it's on my way thought ID it's not pure as well just transferred in there and I was not having mascara do that yet well part feel like wouldn't uh boy it was pain ones like as I wanna this is like I don't like it I really really don't like it it's just not like maybe if you were gonna put some glasses on over at all but by it by itself I really really don't wanna get at all and I'm just gonna do this oh my god the bag bag massive button mascara just stuck to my eyelid can I try on this side as well shoot maybe wants to behave the front it's good for getting under the under corner cycle so give it a lot and again using the why she's I don't know if it's just my life cheese or if it's the way I'm a

flying out but I'm a plane at the scene we're that I fly every other mascara and I never had that say she I just really don't like it you don't like the floor a lot I like the wand I just don't like the formula this really clogged there I don't know if it's maybe because like the neck the neck because it's quite late it's not go there's much it's just the money of go straight to pin 54 the size so I'll get at some point when I hope them I don't how about money right now because I just bought a car so but obvious that please this is either going bad or I'm giving it some day because I really really really heat up so much I can't even explain how much I hate that anyway this was just a quick review sorry I remember London if you don't like my review but that's an honest opinion it's my personal opinion some people might like it I just don't like it it's not what I'm used to and like I use scandalize rocking carves I like this this is good nice brush nice formula gives a good finish whoever this one has went off because it

stinks so any about anyone but my favorite one of your mascaras basically been a thank you for watching this video please like subscribe leave comments below whatever you want to do in any constructive criticisms welcome if you hate comments it's not gonna affect me I will not reply to them I know them so thanks for watching bye