27 November 2018


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everyone welcome back to my channel first and foremost don't forget to go ahead and click that subscribe button if you're not already subscribed in that notification button so you can see any future videos I have coming to you welcome back to another client tutorial and let's go ahead and jump right into it so first I'm going to take the kiss top brow in the shade chocolate and I'm just going to go ahead and fill in her brows she already has really great brows and a great shape so I'm just going to fill them in and give them more of a defined shape then I'm going to take the Too Faced Born This Way concealer in a chestnut and I'm going to just came up her brows and using a shade lighter than her skin complexion just to give them a nice lifted look [Music] [Applause] [Music] now if you're not new to my channel you know that I love blending out my concealer with this Real Techniques setting brush it just gives it a flawless finish and it does not have any type of creasing I really prefer this over the Beauty Blender

and so that's what I'm doing here just blending out that concealer and I'm also using that concealer as a base for the eyeshadows [Music] [Music] first shade I'm going to use is the shade Oro in the Juvia space festival palette I'm gonna pack that above her crease and I'm just going to blend that out as our first transition shade then I'm gonna move on to the Juvia splays Zulu palette I'm gonna take the orange shade and I'm gonna pack that in to her crease and I'm gonna buff that out into the first shade then I'm gonna move on to a brown shade in the same palette and buff that out to the outer V and then I'm going to move on to the masquerade mini palette I'm taking a deeper brown shade to buff into the outer V just to give her some more depth and dimension now using the same concealer I'm going to go ahead and start cutting her crease I learned this trick from be Marie and I think a few other youtubers I've seen do it where you just apply a little bit concealer to the top of the eyelid how them look up so it kind of gives you a mark as to where the crease needs to be

cut and not to go above it or below it just to make sure it shows that it's true what true cut crease I guess now I'm gonna go ahead and dip into the Too Faced chocolate gold palette I'm actually using the color chocolate gold and I'm going to pack that all over her lid where I did cut the crease and then I'm going to go back and forth with the Browns that I use just to buff that in back and forth to create a nice transition and that way there's no tougher harsh line [Music] [Applause] [Music] now I'm taking the elf eyeliner it's just a black eyeliner the gel eyeliner and I'm gonna use that just to give her a nice wing nothing incredibly dramatic but I do want to shout out this product it is absolutely perfect and it's super inexpensive I believe it was like three bucks maybe even a dollar so take it out if you have not tried it so here I'm just gonna go ahead and clean up her face a little bit any fallout or anything that may have gone on her face in the meantime but we do it in her face I'm adding the farce Ollie rose gold

elixir drops because she has super dry skin and this just moisturizes your skin gives you a nice beautiful natural glow and it's not overpowering like I don't like oils that are like so oily this is just perfect I can wear this with no makeup and get compliments then I'm gonna go in with my doctor Brett illuminizer primer visit again is going to give you that and luminizing effect because you have dry skin I want her skin to look nice but being healthy glowy dewy all those great things [Music] now as you can see my client does have some pigmentation issues around her mouth a little bit on her forehead and we're going to correct that with the le girl concealing correct and orange and that's going to be the recommended color for women of color and I'm just going to apply that to those areas and I'm gonna make sure that I'm blended in with a beauty sponge and it just kind of like soaks into the skin and it corrects the skin for any type of dark spots that you want to get rid of so to create the perfect shade for her I combined it two different foundations the first one I'm

putting on is the maybelline superstay foundation and then I go in with the NARS radiant foundation I don't exactly remember the colors but I will have them listed in the description box just in case you want to check them out head down there I will have all the products listed and I'm gonna go ahead and just buff that into our skin with a beauty sponge just to give her that flawless look and here I'm going in with an OD but still great product it's the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer I believe and this is a sheet dark golden I'm just going to apply that in the faces that I want to highlight it and I'm going to just buff that interest in I love this concealer it gives a really nice coverage and it's super lightweight and not too cakey right after I pack the concealer and I go in with the black opal soft velvet finish setting powder and I automatically just quickly apply that that way it prevent any creasing and you just put the powder on right out there the concealer and then I move on to another area [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now to come to her face I'm using the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation I use the shade earth and I'm only going to apply a little bit because a little does go a long way some and she has a really nice bonus truck sure already that I wanted to enhance that and bring it out so I am contouring just a little bit [Music] [Applause] [Music] and for highlight I am going to use the Mac hyper real glow palette to be honest I just made a mix of all three and just started applying it to the cases that I wanted to highlight and enhance and bring forward [Music] [Applause] [Music] for blush i went into my morphe 9b palette and i took like a nice rosy red rosy cheek just to apply to the apples of her cheeks now here i have already

applied for faulty but when I take the mascara and I apply it to the lash band that really helps with lifting the lashes without actually having to put mascara into the falsies now I'm gonna go ahead and set her face with the morphe setting this and move on to her lips I'm using the NYX expresso lipliner and I'm gonna just line her lips it's a very natural shade for her skin complexion and then I'm gonna go over that with my MAC lipstick in Del Rio which is almost like this burnt red and orange kind of like a brick red all together and I thought it would be very appropriate for this season also very flattering on her lip out of a tad bit of the anastacio gold gloss and that is going to tie the look together I hope you guys all enjoyed this video again if you're not subscribed to this channel hit that subscribe button and share this video to your friends and family and click the notification button so you can see my future uploads stay safe be blessed and have a great day love you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]