27 November 2018

Holiday Makeup Look Using Glitter : Pur Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette (s)

Learn how to create this Holiday Makeup Look using glitter and some of the Pur Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes. Mixture of luxury, middle end and drugstore ...


hey everyone and welcome to my channel of magnet Victoria if you're a new hello welcome my name is Megan I put out two videos a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm a pro hair and makeup artist and I just like to have fun with makeup kind of like remove the intimidation factor to Instagram makeup you know make makeup fun make it easy break it down simple instructions all that good stuff but today I'm going to a friend's birthday party so I want to do something like super glam and it's around the holiday time you know we got a little holiday vibes happening uh-huh and I really just wanted to like channel those like holidays sparkly birthday fun times into this look so this is a look we came up with today if you want to see how I get this in please just keep on watching okay so we're gonna start off with our skin I just wash my face and it's really dry as hell right now so I'm gonna start with some eye cream so this is the belief I cream I love this eye cream feels so nice then I'm gonna take the belief moisturizing balm so this one is still like quote-unquote a thicker cream but I think it's gentler and softer than the ones I use because I

love it good thick heavy cream so this is actually perfect for like my moisturizer before my makeup I don't feel like it's too heavy on my skin so I'm just taking the Hollywood flawless filter and applying this to the skin I have to say this is probably the top three products from my like Charlotte Tilbury haul that I still have been using like non-stop I really love this stuff I think it gives the skin just an incredible incredible glow and yeah I've just never had a product perform so beautifully for me so for foundation I'm going to be mixing the Charlotte Tilbury magic Foundation and they make it forever matte velvet so nothing new here I kind of take like one pump of Charlotte Tilbury and then maybe like half a pump that even of the Make Up For Ever and then I've just been really liking just applying it with my fingers once I've done that we can just take my sponge and I just like to kind of finish it all off and press it into into the sponge next product you guessed it Eve provillus a band concealer so let's take some of that and apply that to the under eye area and because we're going out tonight I really want a full

coverage concealer so I'm going in with my color pop stuff is kind of like paint but uh works awesome and then we'll blend that in with the sponge all right and then right under the under eyes I'm going in the pur cosmetics concealer this one is a little bit more yellow so it's got a little bit more pigment to really you know counteract those dark circles but also brighten the under eyes sometimes I find if the concealers too late you kind of still looks gray so like using the orange and then putting that like golden kind of color on top really just like brings life to the under eyes and of course the tiniest bit of it cosmetics concealer really need a new one and we'll pop that again right under the under eyes I love this concealer because it's just so brightening it really bounce back the light so you get like a really bright fresh under eye area I feel very well highlighted so now we're gonna set everything with our Charlotte Tilbury magic powder it's kind of nice I can do this video because I can talk to you guys like we did a first impressions and I can actually let you know like what I'm actually using if you know it's been

a couple weeks the magic powder I love it just makes this skin look so glowy and like luminous it just doesn't like mattify it make it look like cakey and gross just like really makes the skin look really really beautiful it's kind of it does stink like don't get me wrong but like once it's on your face you don't smell it it's like right now I'm like oh that's a weird smell but I've actually kind of gotten used to it but you really just need like the tiniest bit like I feel like this powers gonna last for ever just like really sets the makeup and then doesn't take away the glow of the look so I just kind of do the sign-in face and then we just kind of like stamp around the upside gorgeous loving how the skin looks beautiful so a new product and loving is the your bronzer so we're gonna take this guy and just load the cheeks and then we'll bring it around the forehead it was like hair lighten forehead for line now that we kind of have that like dark color on I'm gonna go in with the hoola bronzer just because it's such you know it's like an OG and we'll just take that on a bigger brush and kind of use that to blend in kind of this really

darker bronzer now whatever is kinda leftover on your foundation sponge I kind of just like to stand so you can make it this time but I just don't like the excess powder on my skin so I'd rather just use the like extra product I have and just kind of clean up the line because we do want that drama look for the blush I'm going to into my pixie palette I know no one's surprised but I'm gonna just take the pinky shade usually we take more peach but we're gonna go pink and keep it really like soft and pretty like winter esque look at that freaking luminescence this blush is just stunning and I like that blush winter vibe I'm just liking on over the glow though like that's so freakin beautiful like stop for highlighter this is literally the most extra thing ever I know but it's so pretty so it's like I have it so I'm gonna use it um watch this so this is from Lancome and it is a rose it's so pretty but it's also a highlighter so as much as I just want to stare at it and not use it I also really want to use it um so we just can't grab a little bit that and apply that to the cheekbones oh my

god yes just feels so freakin busy right now it's like a golden highlighter with like the pinky cheeks and the bronze like in all the high like basically it turns into rose gold vibes what else is new um I've been enjoying contouring my nose which is weird but I like it so we're gonna do a teeny little bit on that today I really have a good brush parts which means this guy but um actually this brush is not even a bad idea because it's so like straight down oh I like that you know just dab to like make sure you know looks cute still well I believe this is our face makeup done I'm gonna do my brows and then we'll zoom in onto the eyes all right so let us get started on the eyes so I'm just gonna take my eyes are probably already primed but we'll just take a little bit more because I do want like you know a decently like pigmented look today so take about and rub that in no with that broke we'll cry I was doing yoga earlier and so the palate fell into the yoga mat so we won that one good job team so I have this like buxom eyeshadow palette I've had it for a while but it's like really really pretty colors so we're gonna take this shade right here so that

is uh how does this work it's called spoiled sexy and we'll grab a little bit of that just to like give it a little bit more that purpley berry tone alright and then we have this pure love your selfie 3 palette I'm just trying to play with all my new things and we're gonna grab the shade adventurous so it's kind of like a plum II shade just to really deepen up this transition I'm also gonna change to a smaller brush so I can get a little bit more of a person ice placement and we'll apply that directly to the crease not trying to like you know bring it so far up and take your big blending brush and just smooth that out we're gonna go into the shade Tigers really beautiful chocolate brown shade and we'll grab a little bit of that with I think just like literally like the same big brush just cuz I wanted like a general wash of chocolate over all of this like Berenice just like warm it up then what we're gonna do is go back in with the tycoon shade on a small brush and I want to really just deepen up to this crease so I'm really gonna push that right in the socket just rock it back and forth see that nice big blending blending brush

and give it a soft blend okay so we need to add like a nice pop of like brow bone shimmer highlight so we're gonna go actually it into our electric or our elements palette which I'm really excited to be using this but I am going to just grab this like white sheet and it has little bit of like a bluey kind of sparkly shift to it and it's just gonna be so sparkly and gorgeous yeah see oh it has that like little bit of like a purple shift so I'm gonna apply that underneath the brow bone for that really like icy iridescent I actually love like the really warm highlight with like the really like cool toned highlight on the brow bone like it's so pretty and since we're here we'll just take a little bit of that and just apply it to our inner corner yeah now we're getting those holiday vibes so for the lid I want to get something a little bit more brownie coppery surrounding this shade right here and I'm just gonna take with my finger and I'm gonna apply this just on the outer all right and then once you have that coppery shade we're gonna go into this shake called electric air it's like a gorgeous like purpley silvery

shade and I just this is like why I wanted to do this look and I'm gonna apply it just to the inner portion of the lid it's like this like purpley kind of silvery shimmer alright so then we're gonna go back into the elements palette and I'm gonna take the shade moon rocks just really really pretty kind of tiny copper color and let's take that and apply that to the center of the eyelid but it has like a really cool iridescent so that actually really blends with the purple really well just take a brush and I'm going to take a little bit more that purple so that electric air shade and just work it to blend with the copper we'll go back in with CEO which is that she we use from the visionary palette and we're just gonna brighten that outer corner by playing another layer and then patting it in to the center to blend with the other copper shade so we'll just take that blending brush and we'll grab the shade tycoon again and I'm just going to kind of clean up the crease because sometimes the shimmer can like transfer up and we want that nice to pretty like that differentiation between like mattes and shimmers I can't help but be extra so we're gonna add some

glitter to this look you just have to so I have this really beautiful hard candy pressed glitter palette and I think I'm going to add it's gonna add this guy but almost like these two would be so pretty yeah so we're gonna add a little bit that like coppery shade to the center of the lid add a little bit of that like plummy shade to the outer corner and I'm just gonna tap this on lightly so that the eyeshadow underneath can still kind of like peek through and like you know has a purpose just like really soft just like a little touch of glitter just so it kind of catches the light looks really beautiful I literally have no idea what I'm doing when I start a look I have no clue all right and then we'll grab a little bit of the plumy glitter cuz it's so pretty it's like a plummy dark like espresso Brown and we'll try that on the outer corner I'm gonna build up the outer corner glitter just a little bit more just to give us that like smoky look cause it will blend with our liner when we do that anyway so we'll soften the whole look I'm gonna just add a tiny bit of like the light gold just because I want to soften like

I just want to lighten up the copper a little bit and this will also give it a multi-dimensional look so any matter I feel like because the inner corner has no glitter it's like it's missing or should I go into this palette and grab this glitter so it's called dramatic and as you can see it's like a pink glitter so I think it's gonna be so pretty and it's gonna like just pick up the reflex of that purple that we laid down underneath no stop is so pretty that is like high I'm ready to party and we're just gonna let it kind of fall the under area that glitter is so pretty the glitter all over the place but not I don't care it's fine oh that glitter is like hi I'm ready to party times a million okay so I love that's kind of like pinky underneath so I think we're gonna like pick up I think we're gonna like roll with that so what I'm gonna do is take any like a little pencil brush or something then in the visionary palette there is it really pretty yet like this kind of shade so this called rebel it's a nice kind of ready shade we're gonna underneath the eyes and then just to tie it all together I'm gonna just like

touch that rebel sheet and I'm just gonna apply that so softly in the crease it's just gonna warm it up like the tiniest bit to match the lower lash line it'll just give it a more cohesive look and then on top of that um rebel sheet we're gonna grab a little bit of this lioness shape like again that purple shimmer apply that right on top of there okay so I want to keep this very like lashy so I'm gonna do the tiniest liner I'm gonna throw on my lashes and I'll be right back and we'll finish off alright so these are the eyes um I feel like a party girl this is not the vibe but you know going with it and I kind of like it so we good all right so for lips I want to do something just kind of like kind of the same as the eyes like that purpley Mavi kind of tone so we're gonna take our 6:02 lip liner as always in fill in our lips we interrupt this programming to bring more lip balm my lips are honestly like about to break which is really unfortunate so we're gonna let that soak in but in the meantime a good little thing that we can fill our time with since our lashes are now dry we're gonna go in and just kind of clean up the lash band sometimes like

you know glue and just no improper placement can let things now look so nice so just to kind of clean it up just run the liner across the lashes all right so then I'm gonna use the shade boss from bareMinerals and it's just like a little lip paint very much reminds me of like the lip lingeries from NYX like that same formula I think that's like a really pretty base but I want a little bit more like pop in the center so I'm gonna take the shade ante of venom from Sigma and just apply that in the center and then just use my finger to blend it and then I really love this gloss so this is the qur´an deo lip gloss I think this one's an apricot and it's like really like clumping and has that like minty feels notice apply a little of that to blend it all together and then to finish everything off a little tiny bit more powder just more than the forehead or cuz of the light than anything but uh just tidy that up and try and like sweep as much glitter away it's possible but you're also just gonna be stuck with it forever so might as well this completes our holiday glam look alright guys so there we have it I

really hope you enjoyed I I can't say I had like a ton of fun creating this look it was kind of like really difficult but I like the way it turned out it was not the vibe I was going for it's not what I intended but you know it's like art you're just gonna like ride the wave it's like life I'm learning that lesson very much this week it's been the theme but anyway thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in my next video bye