27 November 2018

Holiday Makeup Feat. Glitter | Marisa Iglesias

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hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel or if you're new here welcome I'm Marisa so as you could probably guess by the thumbnail and the makeup on my face today's video is on this look right here the colors are very fall and winter I know I'm kind of late to the fall game but I feel like but adding the glitter to the inner corner and then you can't really see it like this far away but I have glitter mascara on my lower lash line as well it's like a really nice festive pop and makes it a little bit more glam and I'm not one to turn down glitter so I think it just makes it a little bit more fun and cute but this is the look that I came up with and if you guys want to see how to get this look then keep on watching so to begin I'm taking just a little bit of eyeshadow primer to prime my eyes that way to make the eyeshadow stick and last longer and then I always like to go ahead and set my eyeshadow primer with some type of powder whether it be translucent setting powder or a bone colored shadow because this is just going to help the eyeshadow blend over top easier so once my eyes are prepped I'm going into the Anastasio modern renaissance palette that's the

palette I'm using today and I'm first taking golden ochre and I'm using that as my transition shade to help me map out my crease and where I want my crease to be and then with a flat blending brush I took both raw sienna and burnt orange and mix those two together to apply in my crease blending them from inner to outer corner using windshield wiper motions and applying that golden ochre shade down first as that transition shade it's just going to help me able to smoke this out higher in the crease and then to add the color to this look I used a pencil brush to apply the shade of Venetian red in my crease and I just drew a line of pink from inner to outer corner and then use that flat blending brush that I used to apply for an orange and raw Sienna to help smoke it out and blend it into the rest of the crease I didn't add any extra product though because I just used whatever was left on the brush and you will have to repeat these steps a couple of times because as you blend it fades the color a little bit so you have to reintubate by applying more but then you have to blend it out again so it's a little bit

of a repetitive process but just keep doing that until it is built up to the intensity that you like and for the lid shade I use the color antique bronze it's a brown with pink glitter flecks in it so the pink and the crease really helps to tie in with our lid shade and I just pack this on to lid from inner to outer corner again this look is really simple it just requires a lot of repetitive steps and once I have packed that on to the intensity that I like I just took a little bit more of that pink and apply that in the crease to help blend the pink and our lid shade together as well as if I may have gone a little too high up with my lid shade this is gonna help bring some of that pink back to the crease and help deepen up the outer corner I took the shade Cypress umber which is a dark brown from the palette to add some dimension to the outer corner and just blended this out in a Steve shape and to blend it in with the crease and the outer lid and then I also use two shade Cypress umber to line my lash line with a liner brush this isn't necessary I did this to make sure there are no gaps though between the dark lid shade and my eyelashes as well

as later on it is gonna make my eyelashes look thicker when I go ahead and apply mascara and that's pretty much it for the top lid just went ahead and took a makeup remover wipe to clean up any fallout so then for everything else I started with Becca's liquid highlighter in the shade of moonstone applying this to the high points of my face this acted as my primer today to add a little bit of luminosity and glow underneath my foundation and since I did use a powder foundation that I'll be showing you guys in a second I definitely didn't want to use anything matte or that was going to take away that glow from my skin and since it is a powder foundation I have to apply all creams and liquid beforehand so I went in with my cream contour stick and applied this to the cheekbones as well as contoured my nose and then I just like to blend that out with a buffing brush after I applied my foundation I realized I could have probably applied a little more cream contour but since I'm not used to applying cream contour underneath my foundation I forgot that it was going to

soften everything up and not look as intense so if you're doing this and you maybe think you've applied too much it is going to soften out or maybe add a little bit more than you normally would and I also had to apply liquid concealer before powder foundation so I'm using my bare minerals serum concealer I mixed both shades fair and light underneath my eyes I used this concealer because it's so hydrating and I just liked that kind of extra safeguard underneath the powder foundation to make sure my under eyes weren't gonna look super dry or crepey and I just blended this out with a Beauty Blender how I normally blend out my concealer it was weird doing my concealer before my foundation base but I will say I did feel like I ended up using less foundation because of it and also helped the foundation and concealer blend together and appear more seamless so I may have to try this with my liquid foundations and once I was done blending out I just took a little setting powder and applied that underneath my eyes to stop the concealer from creasing and settling into fine lines but also I felt like applying this lightly over the concealer before the powder foundation

helps it from moving around when I buff the product in and then it's time for the actual foundation I use the bare minerals original powder foundation and I used a very dense brush to apply this to the skin as you can see this is an artiste brush they're very expensive so you don't need this exact brush but they are very dense so the powder kind just sits on top of the bristles that way I'm getting the fullest coverage possible then if I were to use a fluffier brush and have to apply more and more powder and waste more product this was actually the very first foundation that I ever used way back in middle school I don't know why I decided to go back to this particular one but I love trying new foundations and I'm always kind of on the hunt for the next best thing my holy grail I know people don't really use powder foundations anymore but I really wanted to try this out again and I have to say I was very impressed with this it doesn't look powdery at all it's so lightweight and I was actually surprised at how much coverage I got I like full coverage and this provided fairly decent coverage but I also felt like my skin

could breathe because it was so lightweight so it is also really good for your skin's health in that sense and then to just make sure that under eyes are set and to help brighten them a little bit I took the hourglass ambient lighting powder and dim and diffused light to help brighten these have like light reflecting particles in them so it's going to add a brightness to the under eyes I'm quickly finishing the lower lash line before I move on I just took the shade Cypress umber which was our lid and ran that all along the lower lash line I kept the lower lash line fairly simple I didn't want it very intense or smoked out but it looked weird if I just left it there for my brow bone highlight I just used the shade tempura from the palette and before I do my inner corners I took some brown eyeliner I chose brown because this look has more Brown tones in it there's no black so Brown ties in better with this look and just use this to tight line my upper lashes as well as line my lower waterline and this is where I wanted to do something a little extra I wanted to use gold glitter as my

inner corner highlight just really make it more fun and festive so I'm using this Stila glitter eye shadow in gold goddess and I don't apply it directly with the wand I take a light you a pencil brush I think this is actually a lip brush that I like to use and apply this on the inner corner and that way I can build it up and have more control of the placement of the glitter so then to finish the rest of the face starting with bronzer I like this one by Tarte because it just gives my face such a nice warmth and radiance to it there is some kind of gold highlighter mixed in with this so it just gives your face a really nice glow and it isn't really gonna mattify anything too much without being super sparkly or shimmery and since I'm using this to bronze and add warmth I am using a fluffier brush that way it's not applying anything too intensely and I can build up if I want in certain areas but just to give me a nice wash of color all throughout my face and then I took some powder contour just to reify the areas where I applied the cream contour earlier and make sure that they stand out as well as add to the longevity and make sure it doesn't

fade throughout the day and I just took a little bit more of that hourglass powder and use that to buff everything together blend the contour bronzer everything together so far and for blush I use this elf blush palette I pretty much touched every color in the pan maybe I use the two on the left a little bit more but I just mix them all together and use that as my blush I used the same brush I used for bronzer that way it's just gonna help everything blend and mix together I really wanted to use a gold highlighter to match the gold glitter on the inner corners of the eyes help tie everything together so I used Prosecco pop by Becca mixed with a little champagne pop Prosecco pop is a very true yellowy gold but it's too dark for me when used alone so champagne pop just helps to lighten it up a little bit and I just applied this to the usual high points of my face any place that I wanted to bring forward or add a little bit of light so then I went ahead and did my brows usually I do this off camera because I have an in-depth brow tutorial that hasn't really changed but I did things a little bit differently today so I wanted

to include it first I just took a little bit of brow powder to fill in the sparse Asteria 's of my brow and get that shape to be more defined and then to hold the brow hairs in place I use this era glass fiber gel it is tinted so it's going to add another shade another dimension of Brown to the brow hairs and make it look more realistic now I know that my brows are already pretty full and well-defined but I liked this stripped down version of my brow routine because having that softer and more natural looking brow I feel like makes this eye look more wearable and approachable when pairing a softer natural element like the brows with a more very glam element like glitter in a dark smoky eye and for lips I kept it simple because I wanted all the attention to be on the eyes so I first went ahead and lined my lips with a nude lip liner and then for lipstick I used this liquid lip by Marc Jacobs it's a pinky or under tone nude which I thought ties in better with the pink in red in the crease and I really wanted something to help melt that powder foundation and all the other powders that I applied together and look more skin like so I use my morphe setting

mist and since it is a powder foundation it is fairly long wearing so I didn't feel the need to then go ahead and set this with a fixing spray and then I always like to finish off with mascara that way it doesn't smudge when I do my setting sprays so first I always like to curl my lashes and then for mascara I'm first starting off with the milk push mascara on my top lashes this one helps to add more volume and then I like to take the hourglass caution mascara and apply that over top because this one is really good at lengthening I've been doing this kind of combo of using a volumizing and then this lengthening mascara over top and I feel like my lashes look a lot better but for my bottom I always like to stick with my blink to be mascara tubing mascara is the only thing I have that doesn't smudge underneath my eyes and since we're being extra today I then used my marc jacobs glitter topcoat mascara for my bottom lashes it has a gold glitter in it it doesn't show up too well on camera but in person it just adds a nice little touch makes things a little more festive alright so that is it for this I'm gonna

call it a holiday smokey eye hopefully you guys liked it I wanted something that was really easy to do so hopefully it was but adding simple things like glitter really just helps make it seem a little bit more extra yeah so please give this video a big thumbs up subscribe if you're not already and I will see you in my next video bye guys