19 December 2013

Holiday Makeup: Dark Green Smokey + Heroine Lipstick!

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aren't you guys so the holidays are

pretty much here we have Christmas coming up and then we have the New Year rolling in so I decided to go ahead and do a holiday makeup tutorial for you guys and I just felt like this would just be very holiday appropriate of course you have to use glitter for the holidays because glitter is just so festive so I added glitter to the inner tear-duct and I just love how I just made the look a little bit more fun and playful and for my lips I use a new lipstick well it's not new but Mac recently relaunched this and it is now part of their permanent line so I used heroin and this is my first time ever using this lipstick I've saw other people use it and I was just like oh my gosh is so gorgeous I have to have it in my life so I just recently ordered it and I got it in a mail today so I was like oh my gosh I have to do a tutorial for you guys so yeah I'm just so loving this look this is probably what I'm going to wear for Christmas Day because I just think it is so cute it's kind of like um a hunters green smokey eye with the glitter and then I love the contrast between the green and the purple I just think it

looks so so cute and festive so I hope you guys enjoyed this look and if you would like to see how I got it then of course just continue to watch all right you guys so we're gonna start off with Mac's Paint Pot in painterly and this is going to be our primer it's gonna stop our eye shows from creasing throughout the day it's also going to help the eyeshadows last a little bit longer you want to put this problem underneath your lower lash line as well because we are going to apply an eyeshadow base the first eyeshadow we're going to be using is my soft brown and this is pretty much a transition color for me it's gonna help all of the colors just transition a little bit better it's also going to help the colors blend a little bit better so to me a transition color is less so now we're going to apply this gorgeous green color and this is humid I absolutely love this color I think it's perfect for the fall time and of course perfect for holidays and now to darken up the crease area I'm going to be using Swiss chocolate which is a little bit darker than soft brown which I applied to the crease area earlier but this is

just going to darken the crease area and just give us a little bit more of definition and more of a gradient look now for the outer portion of our lid we're going to apply Mac's carbon because we want that holiday smoky sexiness so yeah we definitely want to smoke this food out because what what are the holidays without a smoky eye so yeah definitely want to deepen up that crease you want to take it from the outer portion of the lid and bring it up into the crease but you do not want to cover the brown that you recently applied you just kind of want it to kind of fade from that Brown into the black it's a smoke - look out even more we're going to take carbon and apply it underneath the lower lash line so now it's time for some fun glitter we're going to apply the glitter to our inner tear-duct and I couldn't find my glitter adhesive so I'm just using some duo lash adhesive it works just as well so what you want to do is if you're using lash adhesive you want to apply it and you want to let it get a little bit tacky once it gets tacky you want to begin applying the thinner and it will stick

and it'll come up easily as well and now I am just lining my eyes and I'm using this Revlon Colorstay liquid liner which I love by the way so if you're in the market for a new liquid liner I highly suggest that you try this one but I'm going to wing mine out because of course I love me some winged liner and that's just how I like to do it and you want to add some liner to your bottom waterline so I'm just using the Maybelline eye studio gel liner with my Sigma e 17 brush which I absolutely love for the waterline now you want to apply your lashes and your mascara I'm using the creme lashes from love eyelashes calm I will have a link below I'm also using the benefit they're real mascara so now I'm going to begin slightly contouring my face I'm going to be doing the hollows of my cheeks I'm also going to go along my forehead and then I'm going to contour down these sides of my nose if you would like a more in detailed video a more detailed video about highlighting and contouring I will link it below and I also need to do an update a room for you guys will and as you guys can tell I'm just contouring down the sides of my

nose to give my nose a little bit more of definition and once you contour you want to make sure that you go back with your finger and you just blend out any harsh lines now I'm applying blush to my cheeks and this is North docevida and with this book I'm not going for a very drastic highlight so I'm just taking NARS albatross and I'm going to use that as my highlight is a truly gorgeous it gives you a beautiful golden chain so now time for our lips which i think is one of my most favorite parts about this whole entire look other than the glitter of course but I'm lining my lips with Max vino liner of course you don't have to use a liner but I thought I would use one to kind of deepen the lip color up a little bit so now I'm going to begin applying the lip all right you guys so that is pretty much the end of this tutorial I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did be sure to thumbs up this video and leave a comment below thank you guys for watching