27 November 2018

Holiday look makeup tutorial

Makeup tutorial holiday look.

good morning good evening good afternoon

my beautiful people what's up today I'm coming at you with a tutorial but this makeup look right here actually got a request to do this look with these colors from my mama she played too much she told me do burgundy hunter green orange and gold and so that's what I use I use the burgundy from this valley that one right there that one oh my god that burgundy is everything I use the ones from this palette from this then I was like that's not really giving me that much life I probably should he use the Julia's face lunch but I end up using this orange over that one and this one did the right thing and then this hunter green this green is everything and I was telling her I was planning on doing it look a rainbow look with all the fall colors and now it's gonna cut the crease and go the opposite way that was in my head and she died down what you did as I said okay so all these colors don't be in my original looking stuff for the gold and I think I was gonna do a two different kind of Bergen teens and a a brown and a wanted to use kind of greens but anyway I did this instead I could have did this whole look with that and set for the gold does this

go to us on a greenish go right here cuz I have the orange hair the Marigny the hunter green and all I was missing was a gold so I couldn't fit almost the whole look with this load and get out my kitchen stop Terrance down my frigerator Oh what else are used oh I use the hunter green from here the hunter green and I use this orange from here and this palette is everything y'all gotta get this valley it's it's given me so much life but anyway so what else are used I use that poetry and also use just my mother likes marina I also use this color a little bit now here so I put a whole bunch of house to use today just going all over the world with these pallets and I use the gold in here it's gold and it's magical ingenious places everything this is going right here this is this is how I go this is for Christmas this throat is everything New Year's yes Thanksgiving I'm filming this doll this girl is everything I think this light is just washing everything out oh my lash we trying to be cuz I'm about to take this off I didn't add no mascara not because my gosh trying to come on come on stop playing let me finish this

video but I don't know what I was saying about the light yeah but anyway if you like to see me slighted look please keep watching and the lipstick gotta use three differences I use only the lipstick from BH Cosmetics this orange lipstick we got from them I think the MC bag and this I think Revlon lipstick I got from Walmart I don't I need to get my lipstick game but Ivan mix us up man let's go I can't even play it right now so anyway my fur out it's the final world I'd be some blood ships let me go cuz I'm round at words and I'm goofy I think he's coffee I'm drinking this late at night it's not regulate I have to get just her nine-time I think he's just six o'clock but it's already not so [Music] so yeah so I was like let me fix these eyelashes cuz they get on my nerves so I here I go trying to call myself fixing these eyelashes does he have a happy but I'm about to take them off [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I use this orange mr. solo Ali

and it wasn't really giving me enough so I just went he was the orange and the morphe palette map was cover on the report [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] this goal from the truth this place how it is definitely how they just want to go [Music] until next time deuces and stateless [Music]