20 December 2018

Holiday Glam Makeup Look 2018 🎄

Hello everyone! Today I am showing you this beautiful brown and red holiday look!! I am so in love with how this turned out and I hope you all enjoy it too!

hey everybody and welcome back to my

channel so I'm super excited for today's video because we're gonna be doing a Christmas look which I can't even believe that it's already Christmas but I'm really excited I'm gonna be trying out a new foundation we're gonna be doing just a fun bread more natural kind of Christmas look so if you're interested in seeing that then go ahead and keep on watching and I'm gonna start off with the eyes just because I always start off with the eyes I'm pretty messy so I'm gonna be using the elf mad format to palette this is the summer breeze one I really do like this one I know we've been using it quite a bit on my channel and I'm sorry about that but I just love this palette so much and I always go for it for our transition shades and especially because they have a lot of pink and purples and I've been really into that lately but they do have some good Browns in here which I feel like I want to do for a Christmas look so we're gonna go ahead and dig in before we get there though I'm just gonna quickly pry my eyes with my NYX HD concealer and lately I have been not setting my concealer after I primed my eyes just to try it out I hear that it works better

but see I'm also going to cover that I'm going to start off with the shade right here I'm just going to use this mirror because it's a bit easier you I think I'm actually gonna go for an all Matt look because I really like how that Barrel mix on the I so I'm going to go ahead and put this on my lid Eirene and now I'm going to take my wet n Wild mega Volume Mascara and now I'm gonna be taking my ELF brow pencil in the shade deep brown I forgot to do this in the beginning so I know I don't usually do my brows in my videos just because I ruined them but and I know that looks horrible well I'm just gonna apply some and then brush it out with just a tiny bit I'm going to take my wet and wild Dewey face primer i always use de modulus always now for the most exciting the video I'm gonna be trying this colour-pop no filter foundation stick I got this in the mail literally yesterday I was holding off to film this video so I'm in the shade Ferro 7 I do think it looks a little yellow I don't know I don't know but we'll see I have never

used a foundation stick okay that doesn't look that bad actually but yeah I've never used a foundation stick before and I watched um Nicole Concilio do a review on this and her skin looked beautiful so I bought it like right after that video today I'm gonna blend it out with my sponge because I just find that that works better for me it does look very pretty on the skin in person and on camera I think it doesn't have that much coverage but that's something that ever really bothers me I actually prefer to have less coverage and premiere makeup to look a little bit more natural so I like that and it doesn't look that bad over my little pimple thing here so I think that that actually looks really beautiful Wow I love that I have never tried a stick foundation before so I am pretty impressed I just always assumed that they would look bad on dry skin okay I think it looks pretty good now for the [Music] concealer I'm gonna be using my NYX HD concealer this is my favorite concealer I just feel like it matches me so perfectly and it has amazing coverage

and I'm just gonna apply it not too much today I want to go for a more natural look I'm gonna be contouring with my ELF cream contour hi I am always way too lazy to use this because with my wet and wild one I don't have to use a brush but I figured we'd pull it out today we can apply a little bit on the nose I don't usually contour my nose but I find that with this elf one specifically it's really easy I was also thinking of doing a video where I asked my Instagram followers to pick my makeup because I've been seeing that go around YouTube for a little while and I kind of like that idea but I'm not sure if enough people would vote to kind of do like a fair thing maybe I'll do it in the new year because we're almost in 2018 and because I live in Idaho the school system it's pretty much the same but it's a little different so I'm actually graduating in May which is super exciting I cannot wait and I'm gonna go ahead and make sure there's no creasing under the eyes before I go in and set which I feel like there wasn't much they really usually isn't with this concealer which is why it's one of my favorites as

per usual I'm gonna be using my wet and wild contouring palette I cannot open anything today but this is what I'm gonna be using for a powder you guys know I use this all the time this is one of my favorite products out there I love this powder and I always use it with my sponge just because I find it so easy and the damp sponge kind of makes it a little less drying and I think this foundation isn't crazy dewy which I actually really like that usually all of my foundations are pretty dewy because I have dry skin so I'm always purchasing do be everything I'm but this one's actually not that do ways and I think it's just the perfect amount of glow so I'm just gonna set under my eyes and that's it before we move on to the rest of the face I'm gonna go ahead and do my under eyes so I'm just gonna be taking a mixture I actually can't open anything today but I'm gonna be mixing this first she that we used here and then this last shade because I don't want it to be too dark in the lower lashline but I do want to have kind of the same color that we have up here so I'm gonna keep it and the outer B and this brush is so soft with the under eyes this is an elf just

eyeshadow brush is all it says I remember when I was first buying makeup brushes I was just buying all of these dollar brushes from ELF and I didn't know what each of them were for and I don't use most of them but this one I do really like this one I kind of like a fluffy or a bigger brush for the under eyes cuz I like to have it kind of smoked out a little bit so for blush I'm gonna be taking rosacea champagne from wet and wild I really like this one because I feel like this is a very nude blush but it has some glitter in it so it's still it's very pretty and glowy plus I wanted to use a more nude blush since we have very brown eyes I'm actually like in love with this makeup look right now I really am and for highlighter I'm going to be using my Milani stellar lights highlighting palette and I am going to be mixing this white she'd here with this pink shade here I really love these mixtures both of these are really beautiful mixed with the white one the white ones just a bit too white and then these two are just a bit too dark for me so I really like to mix them but I am gonna go in I'm thinking mostly that

white shade on the inner corner let's just see how it looks at first oh yeah that looks really pretty you want to keep it like that and then also a little bit on the brow bone not too crazy because I do like the really matte eye look I am loving how this is turning out you guys okay I'm actually gonna be trying to use this brush for highlighter I feel like I've been more into stiffer brushes for highlighter lately so let me go ahead and mix these that is gorgeous you guys I'm obsessed with this makeup look Dinos and I always like to highlight on the arch of my brow because I feel like it kind of helps with that dewy look ok so for the lips obviously we have to go in with a Fred because it's Christmas and I do want to take this NYX creamy lipstick in the shade but I this is so creamy okay this is a creamy lipstick but it's just a little too creamy in my opinion so I'm gonna take this elf matte lip in the shade rich red and now this I mean as you can see this looks very red but this on the lips it kind of applies more pink in my opinion oh okay that's written that didn't happen but

yeah I think it just looks more pink in my opinion but it is very matte so I do want to apply this first to kind of hopefully tone down that really creaminess of that lipstick this is very pretty it's not as red as I would want it to be but it is very pretty on its own but now for the really creamy lipstick is so I love this okay well this is the finished look I am so obsessed with this I feel so pretty and I feel so ready for Christmas I'm all ready to open presents and give prisons I love buying people presents but yeah guys I really hope you enjoyed thank you so much for watching and hopefully I'll see you next time bye