28 February 2018

Healthy Hair Tips For Guys | Hair Care Tips EVERY Guy MUST Know!

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what's up guys it's jose zuniga from

teacher miss fashion and for today I'm gonna share with you some of my personal healthy haircare tips that I think every guy should know and also implement if you want to have luscious beautiful silky hair hair that you can actually style here are some tips you're gonna want to do to make sure it's helped everyone use some sort of voice that can be coconut oil castor oil Moroccan oil there's several types of oils out there but what you want to do is basically infuse your hair with some natural oils that will make it luscious and health for example something like castor oil is enriched with vitamin E and essential fatty acids like Omega 9 all of which promote healthy hair growth what's up whatever oil you do choose you can gently massage it in for a couple of minutes it's actually pretty relaxing and leave it in for 30 to 45 minutes then just shampoo it out and immediately you're gonna notice how softer and more silky your hair is that leads me to number two you want to massage that oil in or just massaged your hair and scalp in general you can use something like from our sponsor fighter that's called the Grove to gently massage your scalp

and hair on a daily basis massaging your scalp comes with tons of benefits one of them and while you're watching this video is because it makes your hair all healthier and actually promote hair growth when you massage your scalp you're increasing the blood flow in your scalp which triggers healthy hair growth massaging also helps distribute the natural oils in your hair both the ones you apply are the ones your hair produces it give you a natural luster and even help control or even eliminate danjo now one thing you're gonna notice with the scalp massager that the more you use it the more kind of addicting it is because it just it feels so good and when you mix it with that with some sort of essential oil like I was saying in the previous tip it's kind of like a two-in-one you're knocking out two birds with one stone what I like to do I apply some sort of coconut oil through my hair and then I use the scalp massagers to evenly distribute it through my scalp in my hair what you're gonna notice like I said it's relaxing it's stress-free when you do it consecutively you're gonna notice that after the first couple of times a week or two weeks your hair is

just going to take a tremendous turn from being dull brittle and broken to healthy luscious and beautiful that's pretty sweet to me and here's something even sweeter I got you 50% so you can actually by this massager for only 20 bucks Sena playing 40 bucks like everybody else's you can use that special code and link that's gonna be down below so you can get this hair scalp massager for 50% off that's amazing like I said if you want something that's gonna promote healthy beautiful longer hair this is something you're gonna want in your to Cho third thing you're gonna want to do to have healthy hair is to cut your hair regularly yes even if you're trying to let it grow out you're going to want to regularly visit the barber shop this is one gonna make you look and feel fresh a new fresh haircut this makes you feel good makes you feel on top of the world but - it's gonna make your hair healthier because on average from a lot of heat chemical products and just bad usage you end up damaging your hair and causing a lot of split ends well to avoid those split ends from growing and ruining the whole strand of hair you

want to go regularly into the barber shops so you can get at least your ends trimmed these are gonna cut off any split ends you have and make sure that that hair stays healthy beautiful and natural as it grows number four only use quality hair products and this is anything from shampoo to conditioner to the styling products that you're using or any other chemical tooth nourishes have you ever noticed when you change your shampoo and conditioner after a week or so your hair starts being that dry and brittle and you have no idea what it is well it's most likely the products that you're using this is because a lot of major brands use cheap fillers and products to increase their profit margins at the expense of your beautiful luscious hair so we we set out to fix this and I hinted it across my snapchat in my Instagram and a little bit here and there we're gonna start a grooming company a company that's actually honest with high quality products that you can use in your hair that's actually gonna nourish there and let me tell you this stuff will make your hair look amazing now I don't want to reveal too much

about it because we're still in the testing stages a lot of samples one thing I can't tell you this stuff is a hundred percent original to our company it's not gonna be some sort of white label stuff we're putting our label over we want to make sure these products are safe and healthy for your hair and even though it's way more expensive for us right now with all the marketing and R&D we have to do but we're going through multiple samples it's gonna be a game-changing thing you're gonna want to do is to gently dry your hair when you step out the shower when your hair is wet it's more brittle what to be more vulnerable and weak one common mistake most guys make when they step out of the showers they grab the towel and they aggressively dry their hair as quick as possible this leads to breakage and those split ends that you want to avoid so what I recommend when you slip out the shower gently dry your hair or even better pat dry and if you want to make sure your hair as healthy as possible in a void split ends I would use a t-shirt since t-shirts don't have like that terry cloth fabric to it it won't get

tangled into your hair and won't cause any of that breakage or split ends is that a towel whip and finally number six you're going to want to protect your hair against the chlorine so summer is coming which means a lot of pool parties guys going to the pool you want to refresh yourself and I'm not stopping you from having fun but what I do want to stop you is from messing up your hair and chlorine can be very damaging to your hair it dries it out and it dries up your scalp which leads to unhealthy hair so what I personally like doing before I go to the pool I like to cut my hair with with coconut oil not only will the coconut oil nourish my hair since it's a natural all your but the oil will act as a natural blockage against the chlorine water from ever even seeping into my hair what you're gonna notice is that once you're down in the pool you go home your shower and shampoo that coconut oil out your hair's not gonna be dry it's actually gonna be nourished and even softer and that's basically it guys those are the top six things that you're gonna want to do to make sure your hair is always healthy if you guys liked this video and found it informative don't

we're gonna drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out that scalp massager I've been using from vanity planet I'm going to have it linked down below that's it for me today see you next time