14 January 2019


Hello luvs, So I did a lil shopping this past weekend and a lot of people tend to enjoy the Korean stuff that I buy/use sooooo thought I would share my new things ...

it's name is Nikki but my naming the cow

channel if you are new my name is Nikki I currently live in South Korea being that I'm in South Korea I get to enjoy all the splendors of Korean skincare and beauty and makeup so they go Saturday yes Saturday afternoon after I met my friend and her daughters I went to my makeup on you to get some things and I figured I'd shared them with you guys for the record clearly already swatched some stuff because I haven't used it yet well I used one thing already on Sunday but that doesn't matter um and I broke something and I broke two things I'm really sad but I mess up my makeup I mean she said she has okay we'll get to the video anyway enough talking let's get into this stuff okay so I bought a lot of different things not just makeup um the first thing what one the first thing I grabbed was some hair cut some hair color because I'm going to be changing my hair again because that's what I do I just don't know what we gonna do next cuz I've done literally every color now since I've been in Korea hallelujah because I enjoy being a teacher in Korea because you know my hair has been blue it's been great it's been silver it's been purple it's been

as purple it's been ash grey it's been ash blue you know you know blonde all that good stuff but at one Saturdays and I bought this from a different start got some Olive young and I thought I'd grab the ash blue but clearly this says ash gray so fail but I still have receipts I could return it to get ash blue let this hold on I go - blue again I did like you think black and ash blue will look better than black and ash gray but I don't know yet I'm still in the sense let me know what you think but I also bought a violet which again cuz I don't know what I'm gonna do I have no idea okay my hair's already been purple but you know black and purple like I don't I don't know but then of course about black hair day so this Saturday after I meet my friend because I mean I want to meet her first before I do it because we always be early in the morning and I don't wanna try to rush and do it and then fail that life and ruin something or have half dyed hair and look cray-cray so yeah oh I didn't highlight by nose today but um so let me know in the comments if I should just keep the ash barrel I've been ash gray already I'll

flash you do that black and ash blue and violet Adam and I'm goin I'm goin back to black because every logon to snapchat or Facebook and it's like two years ago last year and I'm like I was like I had bangs and it was cute I look like a baby started look like I started look like I'm 30 or almost done I'll be 30 in October this year so mm-hmm going back to black but I love the this brand is confuse you I don't know how they pronounce it because Korean brand but every time I buy black hair dye it's the same brand just different but they have different series so I'm trying this one because I tried their other one which is like squid ink infused and it smells so bad I can't do that one ever again anymore so she said there's not the same thing but there's no squid ink so I got this in black which is 101 that literally just says black and then I got this violet this is number four this is an actual leaf this is from the branch Ella I'm not sure if this is Korean brand of made in Korea but it's a hair manicure if that makes sense and if they have this in other places I've never seen this in America what this is it is a hair color

conditioner so for example my hair I have a red one because my hair is red and so if it starts to fade what you do is it's conditioner and hair cut like it's conditioning color so it adds the color back but then it also like your hair is like really soft and it actually smells really good most hair dyes or whatever tint whatever temporary color it all smells like chemicals this has a sweet smell to it so that's why I always I want just to like boost the color or something or like do like a black blue type thing or black purple type thing because this goes on to black hair very well I get this from her instead of the like dyes or something because it smells good and it works and you know it comes with a I'm gonna open it cuz I'm scared umm show this on my channel before though it comes with a like remover so if you get it like on your skin and all your fingers you just use the remover and you're like you like let it sit like if it's on your face you like let it sit ooh the gel is so sticky but um you let it sit and then wipe it off like that for 30 seconds and it comes right off on

your hands you just keep rubbing rubbing rubbing and then you'll see it lifts up so some of the stuff I got from my hair even if I look like trash I literally came home look well I just came home like 15 minutes ago I finished work early so I went to the grocery store to the corner store until I make up money to see if she had the replacement in for the thing yet but she said Wednesday so you know cuz trouble check one day I gotta go and say cuz the guy didn't deliver it I guess why doesn't my hat look weird getting distracted anyway next things about well actually she gave this to me for free but apparently this is a little what Miss Korea uses that's her on the box right there it is the I've heard this pronounced so many different ways she said a king seal I don't know how you say that right there right there I'm a scientist it's hand cream and apparently you can use it on your hands and like the heel of your foot much she said solely on your hands around your nail bed and the heels of your feet and it works really well and I'm excited to try it it's not like cuz she has one and she put it on her hand

and it smells so good that I was just like it's not a strong smell it smells delicious this is from the brand 3w clinic and apparently this has been like the number one choice since 2013 hmm that's always nice and Miss Korea uses it so that's a plus and in Korea their hands are always smooth men and women so I'm gonna be using this starting tomorrow well it hit the floor but you know technically landed on my bed so technically it wasn't a fail and then I got I got a pair of my favorite lashes which is chic lady I don't wanna blind anybody got a Bloomberg Bloomberg chic lady which if you call them on Instagram I wear these a lot then she says she got cuz I've never seen these before even though this is number 11 I always get number eight and number 11 so she's like oh he she finally got number 9 and she felt that I would like them and they're called pretty that's what they look like I'm gonna open I've never ever ever seen the number 9 I've seen everything but 9 and 10 and she got number 9 in on Saturday so she said she thinks I would like them and they look pretty right now I'm wearing number 7 so which is their Kluber lashes what you

don't look like the one to the club but you know what I like about this gloss is the brand of old little cosmetics which Korean brand it comes with his own eyelash glue that works like no other like heckle to the club and like I wear flashes in the club and it'd be hot and stuff and my lashes don't move so mmm my favorite glue gonna definitely have to uh get a bunch of these before or whenever I leave whenever I leave Korea and I'm gonna just go to my makeup bunny and his bat unnecessary stuff and bring it back home to share with friends and family so this is what they look like I've never seen them before but they're really cute like and what I like about these is this is one brand where they don't put the light like the adhesive all across the breath band it's literally here and here which makes it so easy to take them off and you're not breaking the band and lashes getting stuck on the case and then you got you just screwed up your lashes and you can't use them because I wanted a pair from morphe it was a blue all across the band and everyone diamond I was upset luckily i messaged morphe and they were like oh

listen and they did say another pair so but yeah definitely was definitely a fail and it wasn't on my part because nobody tried to put that much glue on it but I'm excited because before I hated false lashes because I slept there for a minute putting them on but shout out to there were two different videos that I watched and I want to say I know one is Romy Hernandez here on YouTube and there's somebody else that I watch all the time who wasn't Kristen I can't remember who it was but somebody else did up like applying last video and the way they did it I wasn't Alice and it was somebody else and the way that both women did it on YouTube it made it look so easy that I started tried in it and it's so weird because on my left side I put them on the way Romi put hers on but on my right side I put them on who ever like Kristen or Alice and it was somebody so if it was you Kristin or Alison comment let me know but I put them on the way they did on this side cuz it works better I know that's real weird but thanks to you all because I could put on lashes now and they say and it works and the only

reason my sleeve is down here and up here because I was watching stuff the last three things I got our makeup related related for for real I got a new lip liner because if it's similar to the color pop shade which is going right now all right here the lip shade dukes is similar not the same it's similar so I had to buy it because I don't want to use dukes up but I like the way it makes like Tiana look and then the cinnamon from the brown sugar collection of courage and pop I like the way it looks with the like deep red around so I went to her and I got a deep red one and this is from the brand inter color which if you follow you see that name a lot but they don't have an Instagram so I can't I never tagged them I just write inter color lip liner and then the name and this is black rose and i swatched it in the store because she she let's me go there she let me swatch whatever I want even if I'm not gonna buy it um so this is what this looks like it's such a pretty color and it literally looks very similar to dukes not the exact same a very similar what I like about the inter color lip liners bro I

mean sorry that I've been saying that a lot you can take this part off in a reef like you can refill it they have refills she sells the refills and the retail they're really cheap but like she has refills and I think that's only for inter colors I'd like cuz she sells other brand lip liners and I'd they don't have this like they don't have like this ability and so like I'm have to get a bunch of these for my nieces and my sister is that where I make up and my nieces that wear makeup shout out to Nicole and Sariah because they wear makeup now I'm so proud because they make me so proud to us like babies no babies no more but still have to get some of these for them cuz I know Azaria I remember when she was younger you still we used to always play at my sister's lip liners sorry Nikita now you find out uh-hum so I felt like she would like them this I'm excited about this color I think I'm gonna do a giveaway for Valentine's Day and I'm gonna buy a bunch of Korean products instead of like stuff from Sephora so if I could I could at the Sephora give away before and then the other giveaway was like stuff from

colour-pop shop miss a and Korea I think my giveaway for Valentine's Day just gonna be all Korean stuff like and then I got a this is a basically she's it says eye color it's like an eye color I don't say pencil cuz not a pencil eye color pen something that's what this white part is right here and I broke it cus watched it too hard but she said you can put it like as a highlighter which I would never do but you know maybe from Zillah froggy oh it's white and shimmery I literally was so watching and I broke it I suck at life but she's also because she's like oh you broke this okay come back tomorrow no it's okay I don't stop spoiling me cuz I'm not gonna get that treatment whenever I return back home just like don't don't get me used to it cuz I'm gonna break it they're gonna be like no you can't get a free one you gotta pay for it if I be upset anyway I must watch it again you can do it real slow this time and I bought this because I had a white liner that I bought from Olive young and it dried out so there's that but I'm actually kind of glad it broke because that went on like a thin line compared to the when it was big but

this is from the brand below both cosmetics I didn't know that I really didn't I just said I needed a white eyeliner when she gave it to me and apparently you can use it as a liner and yeah as a liner and as an eyeshadow and this is the shade silver salt I'm have to go back get some more of these and then I got the brand inter cents PowerPoint eyes I also broke this side it's basically a thin teal liner like that's really light but I didn't buy it for that side cuz whatever I bought it for the big side it's so pretty I've been having like the swatch parties all it's like look at that and this is just like this shadow and liner and they're actually two different shades this one is like more green whereas for the it's on there this one is more blue and I'm so freakin excited because it's cool and she has like different colors that was an orange in a red one a pink and a purple why am i whispering I don't know that's it for this mini haul off about nail polish and nail clash movie but only got a topcoat because clearly you know you've got a topcoat these babies but you can't tell because I've been cleaning and

everything and so now they're getting ratchet for the record these are personal arms that I bought in Korea however like it says on there like you can paint them you can like file them to shape them differently and file them though because I like I don't like the shape on me it makes my hands look weird but I like the way this looks um somebody bought them for my birthday and I didn't use them and I just decided why not use them now like what are you doing they spent money on you so weird them unless I'll be doing because I keep biting my nails and this is the best way for me to stop because I came by these um again I'm thinking but didn't giveaway ever do a giveaway let me know um why am i I'm it's too much coffee today actually no I had a all yogurt smoothie and then in americano so there's that I've make up all right here because I get a rip and running and then I started cleaning my kitchen and I didn't take my shirt off and of course when I clean I go like this and so yeah there is that no Nikki did not set her face today when she finished her makeup because Nikki was too upset about her hair my hair was a hot mess this one is

still a hot mess now I washed it so I can't wash it again but like for some reason I woke up and it like it was weird it was strange and then I took it out of the bun cuz I sleep in a bun don't judge me I think that's a bun it literally went like that like a broken palm tree or awkward problem palm tree just did his own thing trying to brush it blow-dry it nope still like this side was still like this so put the head on to keep it down and no then I got makeup all up in my hair because I was frustrated with my hair so I wasn't paying attention it was a rough Monday ok another of Monday anyway that is it for this whole but I'm not to film another video because I got a package today I'm really excited about because who doesn't to get back at this anyway I'll see you in like 10 15 minutes bye [Music]