14 September 2018

Halloween Sugar Skull Makeup/Face Painting Tutorial ~ Arielpaints

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starting with a smoothie blender and a

custom star blends color that I mixed a while ago to create more of a bone look rather than a bright white when you are doing this do not forget to go over your ears and then go down onto your neck just a little bit so that the effect is more seamless if you're doing this for a Halloween night look you can also just use a really light foundation that you might have or mix your foundation with something to get more of a natural glam look than like a cheesy you know white sugar skull look then go ahead and contour the same way you would contour with makeup I just used my star blends Brown to do that now I'm gonna take a BAM stencil to 0:04 and a blue star blends and I'm going to Pat in some of that color and that ordinate design around my face you can use all sorts of different stencils for this just when you're placing the stencils down think of where your other elements of your design are going to be so that these kind of hover around your design and they don't get lost in the end now I'm gonna go ahead and create the shape for the eyes I am using Nats gold collection blue run for this because I am in love with that split right now and then just

painting in and then tapping with my finger that same turquoise to fill in and now I'm going to take some turquoise eyeshadow and just Pat it over my lid and then take some black eyeshadow and smoke out my eyes a little bit and now grabbing diamond effects beachfront which has become another one of my absolute favorite split cakes of all time and I'm going to start the rose at the top just with three elongated petals and then I'm gonna move on to lips to give this a chance to dry before I go back and finish the rose so if you guys don't use lip scents on your clients for Halloween or don't know what it is for yourself then you are missing out because it is lipstick that once you put it on it does not move you can eat drink wear it all night and it's amazing I use it on guys for Halloween as well because they do not have to touch up their lips so if you don't know what lip son says you have got to check it out because it is magic lipstick okay enough about lip scents I'm going to go ahead and finish up this rose and if you think roses are hard try doing one upside down oh my gosh I'm glad that's over

you may notice in this last frame that I had some of that dfx split on my chin because I was gonna do a design down there with it and then it just didn't look right so I went ahead and wiped it off and replaced it with some of these star blends instead and now the fun part adding all the swirls and teardrops and detail I'm using this gorgeous color called snow petrels shimmer it's a super star color and it's perfect for outlines and details like this so I'm gonna go ahead and add some swirls at the bottom of the chin I decided to do some double dip flowers there later the nose I am keeping very small and elegant because I want it to look dainty and not big and I decided to just do a few dots around the eyes and then I'm just gonna add that split at the bottom for leaves and then I'm gonna use the NYX glitter primer over my eyes and add some turquoise glitter which will give this look a nice glam effect and then do a double dipped flower at the bottom and then pull some extended petals from the bottom and around the eyes and around the top just kind of cascading them around the design to add another element and layer to all the

work that I've already done and I'm gonna go ahead and line my eyes I'm just using face paint to do this but please grab an eyeliner especially if you're using it on a client you can absolutely do that and then I do want the flower to be nice and defined so I'm taking that liner brush and I'm just loosely outlining it in black making sure that it stands out I'm doing some lines on my doubled it flowers as well and now I'm going to do a spiderweb dropping down on one side and kind of pulling that through the design and I'm gonna do my little spider he's really easy to do just a couple of circles and flick some legs up and down for me a sugar skull isn't a sugar skull without a spider or spiderweb and I do really like the juxtaposition having kind of the elegant pretty sugar skull and then the creepy element of the spider it just works for me so I really like doing my sugar skulls like this and I do like to keep this kind of asymmetrical I'm concentrating the web on one side of my face and then I'll just add a little bit of the element of the web on the other side but

you can always make the symmetrical if you'd like it's also fun to make the spider coming out of the mouth so you can play around with this and do all sorts of different things you can see I did a few black teardrops at the bottom as well and I'm just doing kind of a whisper of the spider web on this side of my face to pull the elements together and around the design but it does not need to be symmetrical or perfect have fun with it so I'm gonna do kind of a cluster of drop teardrops on the opposite side just to kind of continue that asymmetrical element I decided to add just a touch of brown star blends shaded under the eyes but that of course is optional and then another optional step would be any highlighting with white I always say if you have time to highlight and you can it adds a lot of the design but it's not always necessary so do these steps at your own discretion and then adding elements like dots and your swirls or additional swirls are just going to add to the intricacy of the design as well and then last but not least you want to add a flower headband for this look I went outside and I picked some beautiful

fall flowers and my own garden and I made a headband out of it and I really liked the way it turned out I think it makes this look berry or Nate and elegant of course you can make a headband out of silk flowers as well I've done that in the past but I actually have a client who has vine right now so I had to improvise a little bit I hope you guys like this design please please like this video subscribe to my channel and ring the bell so that you know when I upload a new video thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys in my next tutorial you