03 October 2016

HALLOWEEN MAKEUP GIVEAWAY | Body Paint & Special FX Makeup Starter Kit Giveaway 2016

CONGRATS LEXIE NOELLE!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXknAvaxV95_w7W13w3DHrg You are the winner of this giveaway!! Please email me ...

hey guys what's up welcome back to my

channel today's video is going to be a halloween-themed to give away I have a lot of really awesome Halloween makeup and special effects stuff you guys know how much I love Halloween and I love doing giveaways on my channel so I figure let's mess the two together wow that was loud and we're gonna do a halloween giveaway so I save a lot of my makeup videos and Halloween like face painting and body painting and stuff like that for October because it's just closer to Halloween people say minus more interested in that kind of stuff more enough to ever then September so I kind of do my DIYs and stuff that people are wanting to start decorating earlier whatever i'm like strategic with the way that I do my videos so that's what I've been doing I've been saving a lot of these for October and also they're a little more time consuming to film and edit so I want to make sure they are like really really good before I post them up so anyway I know some of you have been curious why I haven't put any of those up yet that is watching I wanted to do this giveaway before I started getting into some of those tutorials so if any of you guys wanted

to recreate my look for Halloween you'd have enough time so this is one be a sure giveaway then most of mine I usually let them go for a month and this is only gonna be a couple of weeks just so that I can shift these things out in time for you guys to get them for Halloween like always I'll have everything you need to know in the description box below so make sure to check there before you enter this giveaway and that's pretty much all i wanted to say here so now on to the prizes alright guys so here is the stuff for the giveaway the first thing is a bald cap the second thing is this spirit gum and then adhesive remover duo probably the most exciting thing is this paradise palette this is the water activated face and body paint which is my favorite I use it in all of my tutorials that I use body paint in so anything you've ever seen this is what I've been using I also just got a little starter size of this modeling wax and this is stuff that you could do any kind of scar make up with you could make cuts and other random like claw marks anything like that I'll have my entire Halloween playlist linked below so you

can see kind of what I've done with a lot of this stuff but I pretty much got you guys everything you would need for just like a really basic starter kit so the other thing is this blood gel this one is a little bit thicker than the bottle of blood type of stuff so this would be good for any special effects type look that you want blood to kind of stay in place a little bit more I got some liquid latex I know a lot of people are allergic to liquid latex so if you do win this and you happen to be allergic to the latex just let me know and I won't put that with everything else to avoid you having any type of reaction I will just leave that out and then I also got this rigid collodion which is a scarring liquid this is I've talked about this a few different times and I've done some tutorials with it but as you can see kind of on the front here it just is a liquid that kind of constricts when you put it on your skin and creates a scar effect and then last but not least a bottle of blood for any type of special effects the looks that you're trying to do whether it be basic just like a vampire or something like that or even like a super extreme like

special effects type thing so I figured I would just hook you guys up with a little of everything that you would need for any kind of special effects or even if you just wanted to do body painting i just thought i would give you guys a little bit of everything you needed to create one of the looks that i've done on my channel so yeah that is pretty much it for this stash of goodies if you guys want to enter to win this special effects starter kit and makeup then just go ahead and check the description box I'll have all of the rules and details you need to know to enter it down there so that's it for this video you guys I hope you enjoyed a good luck on entering this contest giveaway and I will see you guys tomorrow if it looks like I'm wearing I like it is because I basically am all right because I say those more for the October way me why can't I come on what the heck any this isn't working because it's not a freakin shirt the scarf and I'm trying to make it look like a shirt see cute and fall anyway I want to do is get away before Halloween fun i knows it so flippers go lower for this video now I don't even know what I

was just saying oh my god congrats right outside my window you are great timing to a don't I you