31 October 2018

HALLOWEEN COSMETICS GALORE! Fortnite Item Shop 31st October 2018

HALLOWEEN COSMETICS GALORE! Fortnite Item Shop 31st October 2018 ********************************** Thank you for watching hope you enjoyed if you did ...


hello look about a brand new video today we have the new item shop for you as promised like always this is gonna be a mad one cuz it is obviously Halloween today so have a look oh all the Halloween skins are gonna cut this Reaper sigh probably maybe if I can get five feedback from save the world but that's not one speak about we're gonna speak about everything in the authorship and show you what was in it today so first of all we have night night quite a nice skin with a nice back fling I do like that back then and then also you can customize it and get creepier the head but you can't do it the cities don't there but that is very nice skin peek-a-boo I remember when this came out more than the other one and I do like this back bring it to I just like how they move and stuff and if previous but tells you get this it's like a Harlequin vibe going on that then we caught the pic a squeak the pickaxe that is from the Raptor we have the hollow head which is literally a ripoff of Raven and Ragnarok dragon or a cape and then raven skin nothing bit it's nice got the carve off quite a nice pickaxe

but feeling a cop pickups for end of the books I recommend cop - even if it's not a G anymore it's real and still really nice pickaxe good Jack Gordon him a very nice skin I don't really like the suit too much but I do like the head quite asked him well Reaper the rebus I for me let's cool it nice sound you know that sound look on new emote what is they exactly balancing chocolate living that burger and tomorrow turbo green tomato juggling there if you would want to purchase that we have the Brainiac skin quite a nice again we did which came out that size a few days ago but the bunny moon skin just came up like a day ago day or two ago and then we have the patch patroller which came out yesterday and is in time to get it out today q it was at them so we have all the Halloween skins I think most actually I don't know if we have every single one let's call troopers Noah and stuff but they've made this amazing so like if they were going to put the scotia panel featured items as well and I see why they not going all of them him but it's a very nice item shop and I do you like

this Germany anyway so if you're not supporting creator I literally did not enter so I am NOT a career to see cannot support me but if you press this then you can if you press X or whatever finger on in the bottom right corner of the I am shop then you can pick who you want to like support if you buy something i absolve you box add V book from the battle box then they gained like money from sponsorships and stuff from Epic Games so I was point Lachlan you know him lucky you their names are a bit different so if you want to find them then you can press view approved creator to take you onto an Internet web and you can check everyone is approved and all the people lesbians in Italy your favorite youtubers and streamers but that is it for today's video guys I hope you enjoyed seeing you item shop if you haven't been on falling out already then this would be very useful I hope and it's literally the Halloween Halloween iasts item job I've ever seen is that that is it today guys thank you for watching and I'll see you tomorrow about

item shop video bye bye