09 June 2017

HAIRCARE ROUTINE! Tips For Long & Healthy Hair! | Jessie B

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can I just say that doing a toenail for

a hair care regime when you have got this much hair is the most difficult things you will ever do my compass oh [Music] hello my lovely and welcome back to my channel okay guys so as you can probably tell from the title of the video today I'm doing my most requested hair care routine all right so our few things first my hair is four day old hair so please ignore if it looks a bit more on the moist side then it's normally short and also I do not have a really like hard core hair care routine like I don't have a lot of things that I do wear out and like I'm not like one new girl like oh yeah like because I did see these masks and I go this and I get my hair cut this many times in learning them in them and then I go girl I got time for that this is just what I do with my hair carotene you guys have asked me so many times and I have been putting this off for such a long time because I don't think that anything I do is like pretty special or like you know I mean so but you guys really still want to see it so I was I'm just gonna share with you guys what I do do with my hair and maybe some

of the things will be new for you or maybe they will be different for you or I don't know I'm just going to share you guys my tip and I've learned over the years of having long hair because I have pretty much almost had long hair I've had a few times when I call it like very short book we will not talk about that my hair is pretty long but this is my hair and it's full glory and it's all of its moisture smiths I'm actually just keeping it life away from my face because I'm like really warm and I'm sweating so bad so you notice that all your hair around your neck and look now that you why I don't read or wear my hair down really that often is lada is because it makes me way too warm it's like having a blind or skies around you all the bloody time and presumably to is normally like very hard person like my body temperature tends to go high inside hello that is not an what we need alright so I think the most obvious thing first a shampoo and conditioner please ignore I'm my bowels by the way they're a bit more in a torn because I've happened for a while now I'm do you know what names are left in

the shower yeah so so the shelter is that I use is the Tresemme so it's the black bottle and Institute resume monster race fitment II a luxurious moisture for dry or dull hair shampoo and all you have used this for years like okay so there's been times where I have swapped to try another kind of shampoo but I old old always we're back to this baby it says instantly locks in moisture for radiant shine but I'll just general inside this shampoo amazing and I get it for dryer down hair even though my hair isn't dry or dull I like to get this one because it gives it that extra moisture and the exercise and you know what I mean so my hair isn't dry or dull but it's got all the I teachers at mini which is so go to your hair and all that extra moisture so I live to this whereby this this is a big-ass bottle are normally they are pretty good like the Trasimene range tend to go on a special offer like really often and a lot of the time I always get this massive bottles but really something euro which is insane when it's only like seven or eight so unlike conditioner right so my conditioner is also Detroit may want and

it's the white bottle cause conditioner and oh there's a hair and this is Tresemme and it's the moisture wrist fitment you love Jerry's moisture for dry or dull hair again it's exact same as a child tube only in the conditioner and again I always go back to base I have tried other conditioners and I have actually sign for mother low but I stay like shambling the knizner can just be so expensive sometimes I find these and they're full value and they work for me I also have no complaints is why kinda was like you know why am i spending so much money on it three things challenging the missionary and these do just I've got a job he's always leaving my hair so soft smelling so good I like really shiny but my hair never has any M volume in it when I wash it and the next day the day after wash my hair because it is just so like full of moisture and it's so I'm like healthy like you not does that me honey thank you guys I don't know I would really really really recommend and getting products with it me Ian a if you are trying to grow up your hair long or you know trying to maintain healthy hair because vitamin E is one of the best

fitment you can get for your hair and you should also be included in it in your diet if you're trying to grow your hair or just keep a healthy in Chinese oh I'm gonna watch that in love with you it is my friend but I really back in like 20 minutes I will I like that right so another thing that I actually all do is give yourself a head massage regularly I know this might sound a bit weird but like when you're in the shower and you're washing your hair because massaging is one of the simplest and most soothing hair care tips improves blood circulation and stimulates blood flow to the entire body so given yourself a head massage when you're in a shower washing your hair is a great tip to do it feels great you're caring for your hair and it is great yeah so any day I'm in the shower I and I'm washing my hair I would always get myself a head massage and then also I do not wash my hair regularly at all it is fourth day hair so I want to have to wash it today because it is there I got them headed but I will only ever wash my hair maximum twice a week I will never go over that so once or twice a

week I only ever wash my hair your hair doesn't need to be washed on more than that your hair needs its natural oils and all the natural oils and all that produces they actually needs all that to keep your hair healthy and grow that actually has we definitely say the massive contributing contributing factor to my long hair and my hair is actually in pretty good condition like it is really healthy so yeah I would definitely say to not-not-not wash your hair every day or even every Saturday if you donate you don't need to and you just take an order to go to stuff out your hair which is probably preventing it from growing and looking healthy okay and another test that I always use is to be so gentle in washing your hair because your hair can break so much easier when it's wet you need to be so gentle when you're washing your hair like when you're shampooing your hair and all I normally just put like shampooing my scalp and then I will like the rest of the shampoo just kind of like flow over all the ends of my hair itself because you don't want to go and scrub it out like the rest your hair because it's

just prone to break so easily and then another thing I would say if you always always always condition if you're shampooing your hair I would not recommend something you have air conditioning your hair afterwards because it locks moisture in the shaft of the hair it prevents dryness in your hair and it provides protection from dirt and pollution and it also provides a small amount of protection from the Sun as well which I say I only find it pretty recently and I actually just have here on my phone it says online that and conditioning your hair also helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and seals the cuticles to prevent further damage so conditioning your hair is actually so much more important then I think we even think is like you know a lot of us kills do it because that's it resort to do but it is actually so important and I do tend to condition my hair a lot like I not a lot like whenever I wash my hair obviously but I will put in an ultimate conditioner I just kind of like to layer it so I will only ever conditioner from about here down on my hair I will never go any further because if you put

conditioner near your roots or on your scalp you're just going to look like you've got a massive greasy full hair as I have done in the past and I was younger and I was like conditioning all here like oh yeah and then my hair feels so smooth but when it would dry it would just look like stuck together because it was so shiny and like but it was a nice look okay and another thing I always do is I finish off the shower where cauldrons because because like a really hot and steamy shower can leave your hair actually feeling dry and reading rough but a hearings your hair a cold water and helps you Stratton cuticles and seals the shaft in your hair so so this is then actually help your hair grow longer and maintaining healthier hair another thing is draw your hair gently this is so important because again when your hair is wet it is so easy to break it is just crazy like wet hair breaks like ten times easier than dry hair everywhere so if you're drying your hair wear a tailor and be so gentle like you switch a light hand don't be like rough like I used to do this like years ago like I saw rough and some people are what that is like one of the

worst things you can do especially if you're trying to either grow your hair out or just get your hair in a more healthier place do not do that then deep conditioning so I do actually not rarely use a hair mask yeah so I'm not got the patience and wait and like you know whatever amount along and I know like a lot of people are like oh yeah I just put my hair master an entire okay and then I rinse out whatever after a few hours but I just hate that feeling of like a load of product in my hair I don't know what it is it makes me feel disgusting and dirty and I just hate like the moisture overall I don't know why it I just don't like it so I opted for this baby which is milkshake whipped cream leave-in bold and it is rig no rinse conditioning and productive creamy foam for all hair types what males proteins are in character sugary ice to wear by this now I've only I actually haven't been using it that long only like a few months oh but I absolutely find this so amazing I use this like probably like every second time or depends how often I wash my hair like to know if I wash it once or twice in a week bye losers Club

you majority times I wash my hair and it is like a really quick alternative for you know a hair mask you know what does that make any sense and my hair always smells feels and looks amazing when I put this in oh my god is insane and smells like milkshakes and I just want to eat my hair and oh yeah I think this soap is so good if you're like me and you just have no patience are you feel like a big gross monster when you've got like all product in your head yeah but I actually do want to try and get into the habit of actually doing proper her mouth like homemade ones like you know I mean we all avoid and egg and stuff like that because they're so good for your hair follow my I am social media like my snapchats off and if I get up on that bandwagon of in you guys waiting so another thing that I always always always do and I've always pretty much done is Moroccan oil so this is just Moroccan oil yes yes that's it it's just no skin oils so your Moroccan oil oregano oil this is I reckon all is pretty much and so it is so so good for hair this is like literally gone I think those like maybe four popes with some rest in it but I'll only always use it

after I have a shower because this stuff is amazing for your hair and I swear by Dave statics contributes to the fact that is super long hair and I was pretty much have had pretty good healthy hair and just looking the smallest amount go such a long way like if this bottle would like for Euro but oh my god like it lasted me over a year and I'm really sad if I do well but what can you do again for brushing your hair I would recommend both of our hair I would recommend using a wide tuted brush that is like one of these I'm so sorry Sarah literally hairs all over but I can't get some on oh well it's just a bit hair like do not use anything for so a brush that is like space you know what I'm glad the brushes I'm going to put down now because then hair is annoying me yes members are actually so much better to use because they actually cause a lot lot lot less breakage that any order cause the hair brushes do I will always try to stick to that kind of a brush unless I have I'm not I had a hair on me and I'll have to grab my tangle teezer out bought a I don't have not hair I tried to stick that one but you know some Endicott held

the book and then foreign my he protected I okay this is another thing I would say to steer clear of all heat kills as much as possible I know this is like the biggest one that's preached and raisins or whatever but like I swear are you so literally on my hair I don't blow down my hair after I shower I land right naturally I either put it in class or I will just leave it down and let air dry every time and and I very rarely use teachers on my hair if even once a week that is it it's even once a week no more very rarely unless it's for a reason I've had a special occasion you know what I mean and what I'm the day-to-day basis like once a week would be the most I whatever you see on my hair and even then when I am using it I would try not to overdo it like I will try to keep to the minimum maybe I need to use if that makes sense when I give you pee on my hair I use the Schwarz copper and got to be guardian angel to 220 degrees Celsius heat protection blow drying and flat iron and this stuff is super duper good I would also recommend that you make sure your his protectant has got a really high and heat protection number if that makes sense I guess is 220 and

like unlimited he actually goes at this above 220 heat I would say to up for the highest heat protection in the protec key protectant as you can and then another king last but not least I would say is really important as well if you actually trim your hair regularly and this is not something that I stick to hands oh I do not get my hair cut very regular at all but saying that I did get a coat very regular when I was growing my hair out like I have always had pretty long hair but I remember like a few years ago I did coils like pretty sure like maybe about here so it took like a while first product to you like about the excellent you know I mean cause I start haircut off but I was always getting regular trims and regular trims is like key if you're trying to write your hair like it is so important because you're getting rid of all the dead hair and all the split ends and you're allowing way for your your starter hair to keep growing because you're getting ready to split end like your hair can't grow any more if the split end looks what move it and that's John the hair will not grow it will break and then you will have

like a Strad hair that I was like okay here but if you were constantly getting rid of the flattened and the dead hair you're alone wait for new hair to come true so it's so important so guys and that was my hair care routine I hope you guys really learned something from this or thought like some inspiration or whatever may have been and please leave me any video requests you guys have down below but it's an all in consideration and I will see you guys in here's a video at 5 p.m. I love you all so so much and I'll see you later alright