14 January 2019

Hair, Skin, and Makeup Products I love !!!❤️❤️❤️

hey guys what's up I just thought I

would make a video for you guys really quick I made one um earlier and then my phone just like my stuff so I figured now I'm trying to make a live and see if it goes any better so I'm gonna say you guys up here alright so I kind of was halfway through the video so all my stuff is already out but I'm just gonna try to go through it really quick the first thing that I wanted to share with you guys is this deodorant it is the secret clinical strength in the clear clean the only thing that I don't like about it is I've noticed with a lot of deodorants except for Tom's brand they irritate my skin but I haven't been able to find one that is able to keep my skin from getting irritated that also skin will like stick with me throughout the day because the Thomas doesn't make me itch or anything but it kept like I had feel like I had to keep reapplying it so I eventually just stopped using that one and just like took the irritation over the inconvenience of maybe like stinking so if you guys have any any suggestions on that because I work in the medical field so I'm always around people like pretty up close and I just don't want to smell

like I don't have deodorant so if you guys know of one that's kind of like a longer lasting deodorant that can get me through a 12-hour shift by the help me stinking that also doesn't irritate my skin that would be awesome so that's what I use for that I'm gonna have this body wash from Bath Body Works I love using this in the shower usually I use these more like or well my thing you have like you know the stuff that's like stronger scents that kind of stick with you a little bit longer I usually use these for the daytime like whenever I take a shower during the day that way I can just smell really good and fresh or work and just like out and about and then I have this other one the Dove one that I use if I take a shower at night it's just the pear and aloe vera scent it's kind of like a softer subtle or clean smell and so I like that for nighttime so I'm not just super fruity like when I'm trying to go to sleep I don't know I just feel like it's kind of like wasting the smell because I'm just gonna go to sleep nobody else is really gonna smell it so anyway I just I love that one for that it's almost gone I probably have like this much left and

you guys are probably seen most of these and my skincare routine so I'm just gonna put them all together for the sake of time so this isn't a Mario Badescu rose water I really like this sorry the lighting is like super bright okay there we go so you guys can see rosewater I really love this stuff I will definitely buy it again when I run out because I've seen a lot of people use it and I finally got to try it and it's amazing just like everybody said it was and I literally don't even have to use moisturizer sometimes like I just spray it on here and my skin is already so soft after that but then I do have this CeraVe moisturizer which I really really love that too which I got at Target and then which is also my skincare routine video if you want to watch more about that product and then the up-and-up which is the version of the Cetaphil cleanser that I really really liked that too and then my shampoo my shampoo I just recently started using this this Paul Mitchell lemon sage thickening shampoo I love this stuff if you have fine or thin hair like I definitely recommend this it gives your hair such a good smell and

it's like thickening and it gives it such volume and body and I literally have zero tangles when I use this I don't know what it is but even says on the back like that it doesn't cause any tangles so it's just amazing it's for a straight or curly hair it's like it's just the bomb like you have to try it if you have fine or thin hair because it's just amazing and then because I like to shampoo so much I just got the little one to try it out but it was amazing so I'll definitely buy the leader next time but then I wanted to get the conditioner too so I ran out of my conditioner that I had so I got this conditioner and old how the cell right now I think it's until the 26th of January where you can get these for like 1750 and if you have your old two coupon you can get 350 off so it's even less than that and then if you guys have Ulta points which I think I had like 300 Ulta points which was like nine dollars off so I use that and I got this for like eight dollars and it's usually 40 so like it's already on sale for like literally less than half the price but if you have any of those coupons or points to use I would definitely use it on these because

they're so good and such a good deal for a lot of shampoo and conditioner and that'll last you a while alright so then I got that this is my makeup remover it's the Garnier mellow seller and I think there's also my skincare routine and then these pellets are from Target it's at the same time when I got my skincare stuff I got one of these with my gift card the temptress one and I really really liked it the only thing I would say about these is like definitely do your eyeshadow before you do your face makeup because it does have some Fallout and you know you kind of like need to like do your eye makeup and then like wipe your face off to make sure you get some of that glitter that kind of falls out and then put on your face makeup afterwards so you don't have like the glitter like spread everywhere but I just for the price they're only $5.99 and they're so good and then like I ended up getting this other one the metallics one and I guess they had a sale on these after Christmas where they were like half the price or something like that so I got this for like 250 or 280 and I got one for me and a co-worker

because I wore the other one to work and she just thought my eyeshadow looks so good so I wanted to get her one too but I definitely recommend these because they're worth $6 and then again I'm for 280 was even better but I would pay full price for them because they're so good like I said the only bad thing about them is to fall out so just trying to make sure you do their eye makeup first and then do your face makeup so you don't have like the glitter like stuck on your like already done face you know cuz you'll will have to go back and kind of like remove it and then like kind of like put face makeup on and stuff so yeah that's the only thing about them that I would say it was like kind of not good but they are really awesome they're really pigmented I use a eye primer so I don't know if like that helps or not but I know I put him on with eye primer and it still seems like they're pretty pigmented for like $6 eyeshadow palettes so I definitely recommend these they're awesome and they're the profusion cosmetics I don't know if I said that already or not but that's what they're called so alright and then just have a couple more things

here I have these mermaid makeup brushes I got these off Amazon I think it was not this Christmas the last Christmas because I had just gotten married and my in-laws got me an Amazon gift card and so I used it to get these and I still haven't went through all the brushes because they were like super inexpensive I think I paid maybe like 20 bucks for for two sets of them and and yeah so they were just like really inexpensive and I've only used one pack so this is like a full pack that I haven't really used that much yet so I just wanted to show you guys those they have cute little mermaid tails and it has like a cute little face brush mermaid tail and then this is a bronzer from Ulta it is the revolution London golden days bronzer so I just use that as a bronzer I really like it and then I used to do NT a while back but I don't do it anymore but I have this bag from Etsy wild and free it used to it's just like what they send you your makeup in like basically if you don't know what that is it's just where you subscribe and they send you like makeup in the mail and they send you these little baggies with a makeup in it and I just

kept it to like put all my stuff in so I have like a little kabuki brush this is from ELF I've had it for a really long time and then I have these mermaid brushes that I actually have used that I have in here these are like a blending brush and then I'm applying brush and stuff so I always have them in here cuz I use them pretty much every time I do my makeup and yeah this one's just like a flat eyeshadow brush in YX that's the point I just got this a couple of weeks ago at the at Target because I needed eyeliner pen but I like these pens like where they're like a really fine point I just really really love those if it makes it easier to do your eyeliner like on the top and then I have this mascara it's the it cosmetics superhero mascara I'm almost out of it though I need to get a new mascara this is my favorite red lipstick I don't use it very much but it's just LA Colors matte lipstick in the scarlet I just love this red it's like the best ride ever and then this is my new primer that I've been using it's the covergirl primer I primer so that's what I use what that does makeup how's that I got

from Target so I think that this helps them stand out more but I know that I've tried on without this and they still look pretty pigmented but I would try to recommend getting a primer if you don't use one because it just helps it stick better and like it lasts longer and it won't like fade throughout the day I'll just look the same as when it as when you put it on the morning so yeah that's the one that I use and that's basically it so thank you guys for watching my video and I will see you in the next one and now I just have to find how to end the video because I always forget and then it's like super awkward